Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Sanjana says i wont take time to show that CD to everyone. Now tell me will you help Samar? Dadi says Shreya is the tea ready? shreya says yes. She goes out and serves everyone the tea. Vinati says samar become superman, you have that dress already. Amar says politician? Samar says no its boring. Shreya says Samar i have an amazing idea, i will dress you. Dadi says Sanjana why haven’t yo left? Sanjana says Ajay is getting ready, we will leave shortly.

Ajay and Sanjana are on the way. Ajay says to sanjana where is your dad sending us? And he sent this car, it broke now. Sanjana says thank you for tolerating all this. he says i don’t need your thank you. Ajay tries to fix the car. Two men come ajay stops them. He wonders he has seen them somewhere, the

men says the car will take an hour. You should take some lift. We will fix the car and bring it there. Sanjana says ajay we are getting late. Ajay sees a jeep coming, he takes lift from them. There are so many kids in the jeep.

Sanjana’s sister comes to agarwal and says why you look worried? Agarwal says they have not reached the temple? She says how you know? Did you call them? Agarwal says pandit ji called me. She says everything will be on time don’t worry. sanjana says bye to the kids they reach the temple. The kids say to ajay, we let you sit with us, we need something in return. Ajay syas what? They say ice cream. Ajay buys them all ice cream. Sanajan says i want ice cream too. Ajay says yes sanjana kid you can have one too. She says what one will you take? he says i dont want to eat. i dont need it. sanjana says ice cream is not a need. sanjana buys orange for him.

Sanjana calls Shreya and says hi bhabhi how are you? did i disturb you? I thought you must be busy with Samar. Shreya says i dont have time to entertain you. Shreya says i was just asking you are you helping samar? Shreya says i am not bound to answer you. samar comes and says everyone liked the pain. Sanjana says oh i got the answer thank you.

Sanjana and Ajay reach the temple. A man and woman welcome them. Man says wife and husband do this pooja in separate. It binds you together forever. Ajay says i don’t want to do this pooja. Sanjana says but why? What happened? He takes sanjana to a side and says i dont want to do this. What for should we do this? What will ajju think? Sanjana says you are right. the woman comes and says you can’t leave this pooja. Sanjana says if he wont do the pooja I wont do it either. Sanjana says we will go to temple but wont do the pooja. Ajay says my family doesn’t believe in all this. The man says you can’t leave without pooja. Sanjana says where is that written? We are leaving. The woman asks man to call Agarwal for pooja. Agarwal says why did you let them go? he says i tried to stop them but they didn’t listen.

Agarwal calls his men and says harm the guy only my daughter should be safe. Kill that guy.

Precap-Shreya’s mom says get all the proofs from sajana.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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