Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Sanjana leaves. Shaina tries to throw her cooking pan with a stick.It falls off the stoves. Sanjanja comes and catches it. Ajay says your hands are burnt. He makes her sit and brings burn heal. The song ‘kuch is tarha’ plays in background. Shaina is looking at them and is mad.
Shaina comes. Shreya tastes her biryani and says this is what you made? You are so stupid. This is almost burnt.
Ajay’s hand is burnt a bit too. She applies burn heal. He says I am fine. Sanjana says saty quite.

Sanjana comes to kitchen and says to Shaina is it burn? Oh I told you true love always wins. My husband will give me his true love back. Shaian says this small triumph can’t change the truth that Ajay is mine. If he doesn’t marry me you will

have to go back to jail. If he has to save you he has to marry me. Go serve your biryani.
Dadi says Shaina couldn’t even make biryani. Sanjana will be back to jail on 30th how will you do all that afterwards. Shreya says is pregnant. Everyone is dazed. Dadi says Sanjana told me. How could I conceal it. Everyone congratulates Shreya. Dadi says shaina how can we trust that will you be able to do our work. Shaina says I will do all the work. Sanjana says Shaina you couldn’t even make biryani how will you handle the kitchen.
Kirlok receives a letter. They are divorce papers. he is shocked. Dadi asks what is it? He throws them away. Ajay picks it up and reads it. Kirlok says Mishri’s divorce papers.
Kirlok says come with me mishri. There is something. I need to clear it. Sanjana says mamma ji wait a minute. Mishri didn’t get married to Anuj, she got married to Ajju. Everyone is bewildered. Sanjana says yes this is the truth. She tells them everything. Everyone is in tears. Mishri hugs kirlok.
Kirlok is crying outside. Sanjana goes to him and says give me 24 hours. I will save Mishri
‘s marriage too along with mine. Shreya says it will be fun now to Shaina. Kirlok nods at Sanjana. Sanjana gazes at Shreya and Shaina.
Everyone is doing the pooja. Shaina says in heart your daughter’s life is ruined as well. Pooja is not going to help anyway.

Scene 2
Dadi says very good sanjana. Sanjana says yes both families should sit and talk we might find a solution. Kirlok says very good. Elaichi says you are going through a lot and you still think about us so much. Sanjana says this is my family. Dadi says only you can bring them together. Sanjana syas anuj loves mishri. I will reunite them. Like I and ajay can never be parted. Dadi says you are such a nice girl. Only you can handle this house. Dadi says appreciating her for nothing wont help. Let her do something first.
Dadi says come with me kirlok. I have to talk to you. Sanjana says please save our marriages God. Sanjana collides with Ajay.

Precap-Angoori says bhabhi vinati has sent milk. Shaina mixes something in Sanjana’s milk and says after drinking it you wont be able to show your face to anyone.
Sanjana drinks it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. shaina what is wrong with you! ? your suppose to use the woman like sanjana and caroline for all that dirty work make them the maids and cleaners that they are live off their strength! shaina you are still the queen of hearts but still got a long road before goddess status like shreya… ai..we are alll not worthy of shreya

    1. You are not worthy of breathing air. Just stop… permanently.

  2. Boring episode: and bhushan is good for nothing can’t even understand the truth on his eyes blo*dy idiot

    1. Bushan has been a moron from the start, how can he not know his wife’s true colors after she tried to kill Dadi… In the real world that counts as attempted murder. Why don’t these Pethewale people use their brains… Ajay is the biggest let down….

      Well we have like 2 or 3 weeks till this goes off air. Hopefully Shreya doesn’t magically reform and gets a bullet like Damini did in Doli.

      1. Exactly!!! I won’t like it if Shreya reforms quickly and doesn’t get punished for all her mistakes. I hope Bushan divorces her and sends her to jail.

  3. hahaha I bumped into my mother inlaw (that I evicted from her own mansion) at the mall today she looked terrrible! haha cracked heels dirty feet broken sari I had to laff in her face just made me envision DADI if shaina will do that favour for us lol put sanjana AND dadi in jail and visit them to see their deteriorating conditions and take everything of sanjanas for free. let sanjana be the maid for ajay and shaina be for his pleasure!

    1. Tranny…. how is the dog forking going? You don’t have a mom in law stop lying. Things like you are meant to be used and discarded…. why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free….
      Can anyone smell something rotten? It’s coming from between Shals legs she forgot to bath after her last client bwahahahaha

      You will be old like Dadi one day, rolling around in filth with those dogs you love, no one will want you not even the actresses who play big fish eyes Shreya and red light district girl Shaina. These aren’t real people you sicko perve.

      Who else thinks this tranny Shals is a mental patient?

    2. krishali Sharma

      from many days I m readng ur cment n I think U r mentally ill so I sugest u AIIMS willl be better 4 U……………………

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  12. Mishri needs to get her life back in order and on track, she suffered the most for nothing.
    What does your bad philosophy have to do with such collateral damage? If it is the best way for woman shals.You should rather stay on your own far away from family and people.

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  21. Bunch of Directors commenting Bravo.

  22. Guys pls grow up for this is just a drama as u all know that Ajay is acting about this marriage to get to the root of this matter. he loves Sanjanna a lot he can’t Marry that good for nothing petty thief, and very soon he’ll expose those two goat head idiots who are trying to destroy other people’s joy. And know that there is no peace for the wicked. just leave that shal alone if she want to practice evil is up to her.

  23. Shals u r totally ill

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