Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 21st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay eats the sweet dish. she says you looked so funny while eating. she says oh i think i forgot those papers home. He says i want sign. she says i wont leave you that easily. He says i really hate you. She says okay, no love then be it hatred. Sanjana says at least i will stay in your life. Ajay sits in his car and leaves.

shreya and elaichi are buying vegetables. shreya says papa is really happy going to the shop. We shouldn’t take his happiness from him. Elaichi collides with sanjana. Sanjana touches her feet. She says mami ji how is everyone in the house? Elaichi says everyone is happy, like we were before you. And i have two daughter in laws that handle the house. She asks shreya to leave. Sanjana says i trust myself i will win your hearts.


asks elaichi says what are you thinking? She says nothing much. How was your day? He says it was good and next days ahead will be even better. I have decided to retire. She says why? He says i thought you will be happy to know this. Its about time, everyone has grown up. So i thought sit home and enjoy rest of the life with you. Elaichi says when did you start concealing things from me? He says what did i conceal? She says some customer didn’t want to talk amar but you. He says are you spying on me? She says i get to know. he says yes that is why i have decided this. Elaichi says how can you decide on basis of this. Kirlok says till i am there no one is going to bond with the boys, they should get a chance. Elaichi says this shop is your dream i think you should reconsider. He says i have decided and i have even decided the new MD. It will be amar. Shreya is overhearing. Elaichi recalls what shreya said.

Shreya’s mom checks the jewelry she says you didn’t give up shreya? Shreya calls her. Shreya says how can they do this to their child? Mom asks what happened? Shreya says i wanted bhsuhan to get papa’s chair. He gave everything to amar. He gave it to and outsider. Why can’t bhushan handle this? her mom says clam down. I am here for you. Sleep we will decide something tomorrow.

Next morning ajay says the website will be ready by the evening. Kirlok says we will show it in the party. I have to tell you all a news. you will all be glad to know it. Mishri says i can’t wait. Kirlok asks bhushan to invite everyone. He says there should be no shortcomings. Ajay says i am leaving. Vinati goes to the kitchen. Dadi asks kirlok did you tell elaichi? He says yes about retirement. She says about the other thing? He says no i will tell her with everyone. She says what if elaichi doesn’t agree? He says i know her very well.

Precap-Shreya’s mom says i have a great plan. Shreya says to bhushan why you underestimate yourself. Papa will make you MD very soon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am so tired of this nonsense soap….lord knows it…the bs just wouldn’t come to an end….stupid ppl winning & stupid ppl getting fooled…every body just darn stupid…forgive me for being rude but this darn soap is frustrating… Will we see anything good&pleasing soon?cause stop watching tumhi ho bandu is seriously comin under consideration…

    1. I agree. its frustrating. They just need to expose Shreya in a harsh way. its too long drawn out.

  2. i think this serial will be different from other serial..but there s nothing…i watching this serial bcoz of ajay and sanju..

  3. From the beginning every serial from zeetv is good but after sometime or some episodes it will suck u

  4. I really hate shreya only watching because of ajay and sanjana and if they split I will quit this show all together. Bhushan is soo dumb! Smh

  5. I also watch only for ajay and sanjana.they are supercute.they Shd give them more Airtime and less to bushan and Shreya.I think amar and vinati are cute too.Their small family Shd also get some space.The Shreya part is just bringing the whole serial down.Wish a whole episode could be just with Shreya trying to win ajay back. That is extremely interesting. as for this supposedly close family,it was so easy to turn them against each other.I’m a bit bored with the bad daughter in law turning everyone against each other.A fresh angle would’ve been the family confronting each other with Shreyas accusations and Shreya being exposed.Now that would’ve been interesting.Anyway once again let’s hope for s whole episode with just ajay and sanjana.

  6. I’m wondering to know when will shreya b expose? These ppl keeps prolonging these series…

  7. Shreya looks so fake and ugly all time and she’s winning,cannot accept it. That Bhushan guy looks so much in pain as if he needs a laxative badly. Both sooo constipated in their heads.

  8. I too watch this serial because of Ajay and Sanajana. Don’t seperate them. I want to see the romance between Ajay and Sanjana. Please expose Shreya as early as possible. It is too boring to watch her stupid politics

  9. I like this serial very much

  10. kuch naya try karo. shreya ka such jaldi samne ana chhaye because it’s so boring to watch her painful plans

  11. repeat telecast

  12. I also watch only for AjNa and Ayush

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