Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Elaichi opens the envelop, they are divorce papers. Everyone is dazed. Shaina says all i know is that ajay is not married anymore. And i will prove that in court. So I am getting my love. Loving is not a sin. Sanjana says relations of heart do not need these papers. They can’t separate us. Kirlok says just go from here right now. We want to talk to ajay. Shaina says i and ajay are one now. Kirlok says ajay say something. Bhushan says he wont say anything like always. Sanjana says ajay come with me. Shaina says where are you going? I have to show you your real place. Shaina throws out sanjana’s stuff out of her room. shaina says find another room for yourself. Only i have right on ajay, his life and his room. Sanjana says what is she saying ajay? Shaina says

yes answer her and tell her. Wont you be with your wife to be. Tell her that you love me not her. Also tell her that we are getting married. Ajay says shaina is right sanjana. Everyone is bewildered. Shaina says is there something else to listen? Now go from here.
Sanjana picks her stuff in tears. vinati and Mishri help her. Elaichi takes her to the other room.

Ajay says i am sorry sanjana but you cant see what i am doing. Everything will be clear soon. Mishri asks ajay why are you doing this? Ajju is alive and now he is ruining your life. Why are you not doing anything? People die for their love. How can you kick out a wife like her. She did so much for you. Come and apologize. Ajay goes in his room and locks it.

bhushan wonders sanjana blaming shreya. He says shreya is back like what she was? Part of him wants to believe shreya and the other part doesn’t. Shreya comes in and says i have to win bhushan’s love again. She pretends like she has tripped. Bhushan helps her. She says you trust sanjana right? He says i want to trust you but sanjana never lies. She says exactly then why is she blaming me? Maybe because of my past. But trust me after losing you i can’t imagine it again.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanjana does the pooja. She says its my first day of this war. Show me the right path and give me strength. Dadi comes and says if you dont even ask God, he would have been with you. I am with you. Sanjana says you have always been with me. But we have to do so much this time. I have to find ajju and expose shreya and save my marriage. Dadi says ajay is lost and you can bring him back. Vinati comes and says I am with you. Dadi says come. Vinati says you have always been a friend. i will always be your friend. Truth will win. We will win. They vow together. Sajana says where is ajju? We have to find him. Sanjana’s phone rings. Its agarwal, he says ajju had left that hotel. No one knows where he is. Sanjana says where can he go and how can we find him. Sanjana says there must be someone who know where he is. I have only 6 days. Agarwal says i am trying my best. Dadi says don’t worry sanjana. Shreya looks at them and says you cant do anything sanjana. you will never find ajju because after 6 days he will be sent far away and no one will know. Losing husband on one side and jail on the other.

Precap-Shaina comes closer to ajay. He says go away. We are not married. Shaina says so what. sanjana comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Good that it’s ending soon.. It is no more the way it was earlier… So much negativity. Shreya you as a character idk you can never change.. That’s really bad.. What will you get by doing this. Nothing just humiliation once everyone gets to know the truth. I hate watching this serial.. Infact I don’t even watch it.. Just read updates.. But even they are not worth the time.. Hats off zee tv you portrait something in the start but end up with a great mess..

  2. Flip shaina she was a b*t*h in jodha akbar now she’s still a b*t*h her

  3. long….live… the queen….shaina

  4. long live my goddess shreya…

  5. ha…ha…haaaaaah I love happy endings. my full name is shaleen short for shals. now im banned from commenting. just for being honest.

  6. oh yes and woman like us shreya and shaina we dont need parfume. our natural scent is like that. irresistable. but something about sanjana stinks and I can smell it from here. or mabe its every one low class and inferior thats jealous of me.

    1. Oh look, the tranny is back… There is something called AIDS waiting for you and your open legs. Just out of curiosity; which red light district do you run your trade from??? Of course you don’t need perfume men can smell a free meat for miles. Must be nice being used like kleenex by man and beast… you strike me as one who would lay with a dog.

    2. are u crazy shals i will rather say long live queen sanjana

  7. Forgot to put my own comment soaps are only good the first 3 weeks then they go to shit. Hell the chick that played Avni left because the writers lost the plot. The story was supposed to focus on all the family members now it’s all about AjNa. Aayush isn’t even around anymore. I am enjoying him in Ek hasina thi though.

  8. Shais did u read my comment about u yesterday?pls do. I didn’t insult u but rathet adviced u, u need 2 change, u are sounding like. An ommoral woman.

  9. This was my favorite show,; now the writers are writing rubbish. They are going to kill this show. Get rid of shaina; can’t stand her, find Ajju, and get rid of Shreya and her lies. I hate it when she says evil will win over good; that should NEVER be said even in a tv show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. And u know what I can’t swallow about this show shreya does not have good reason to do what she does and now ajay is doing the same it turns the show so un logical

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