Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Bhushan says to ajay you are always wrong. Kirlok says he has accepted his mistake bhushan now stop it. Samar comes and says an uncle has come to meet us. Kirlok and family go to hall, they see its Agarwal. Sanjana is shocked to see him. Shreya says what new mess he wants to create today. Sanjana says papa why you came here? Agarwal says I needed too. I want to apologize you all. Agarwal says i know my mistake.
I want to apologize you all. I feel bad that i couldn’t send my daughter to your family with all the rituals. I want to get you married with all the rituals. sanjana says its not needed i have gotten married already. He says we live in a society. I have found the date as well. He said tomorrow will be a perfect day. His men bring in all the sweets.


says great make fun of us then bring sweets and think everything will evaporate. Now they think that we will go to their house for wedding. Kirlok says stop it bhushan. These issues should stay in the house. We will listen to what he has said. Bhushan says have you forgotten how he behaved. Kirlok says its a great nature of human to accpet his mistake and apologize. He want to solve everything. Now you all have grown up, i don’t want to impose my decision on you. I will be in ajay’s baraat. Rest of you can decide yourself. Elaichi says i will join too, dadi says me too. Bhushan says i am sorry papa but shreya and i wont come.
sajana says to ajay how can we do this? i dont know what to do. Till when will we lie to our families? Ajay says i can’t do this, i can’t tell them truth. I can’t hurt them again. He sees sanjana is not there anymore.

Dadi says its our own son’s wedding we have to get prepared for everything. Sanjana comes in and says i don’t think we should get married again. I know that this family hurt you all. I don’t want to see you all in pain. Elaichi says its not only about you and ajay. Its about families of both of you. You took decision without involving us. We couldn’t accept it, but it had hurt your family equally. If they want this wedding to happen with rituals, they we should do that to heal them.

Sanjana wonders what changed his dad’s mind. she says what should i do, i have to tell aju. Ajay comes and says where were you? She says i went to talk to mami ji. He says you told her everything? she says no i cant. Mammi ji and dadi are busy preparing for the wedding. Bhushan doesn’t want to come this house has divided.

Shreya is calling her mom. sanjina says what are you planning now? Shreya says what will you take to keep your nose out? Sanjana says peace of my family. Stop building these walls. Sajana shows her the video and says i will expose this if you don’t stop doing this. Sanjana says how was the trailer? You cant do anymore harm to my family. i wont sit back now. SAnjana says i will assign you some work and you will have to do it, or i will broadcast this video.

Precap-The wedding starts. Agarwal receives a packet from a man.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode sooner the truth of ajay and sanju’s relation revealed the better

  2. Eagerly waiting for tomorrow ‘s episode.agar ajay aur sanjana ke rishtey ke bare me sab ko patha chal gaya tho hum ajay aur sanjana ke lovely scenes miss Karenge

    1. But, I’m seriously hating Bhushan. It’s time to take Ajay & Sanjana’s relationship to the next step.

  3. Nice episode …I think the marriage will happen as ajay is the hero for San Jana

  4. Wy dragging Ajay snjana relation I think they will get married Indian serial main much bhi ho sukta hai

  5. Josephine ngu

    i can’t wait for ajay and sanjana married

  6. The evil in this drama can be tolerated as Sanjana’s character is not stupid. Have to wait and see how story developes.

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