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Scene 1
bhushan says he went out with her and left chandu alone with the shop. Kirlok says is he right ajay? Bhushan says papa is asking about your contract wife. Ajay says she came to sign papers. Bhushan says show me the papers. Amar says you face tells that you are lying. how many times will you lie? Bhushan says this new ajay can only lie and no one is going to stop him. Papa are you seeing what he is doing? Kirlok says ajay where are those divorce papers? Amar takes it out from his bag. Amar says there are no sign. Kirlok says courier them to agarwal’s place tomorrow.

Next morning, Sanjana receives the divorce papers, she is dazed. Ajay is in the shop. Sanjana calls him and asks what are you upto? busy? She says i just need two minutes. Amar comes, ajay says

no i am not interested in this job. Sanjana says i like it when you lie for me like this. She says i am coming to meet you. i will bring your favorite sweet dish. He says please dont come here. She says tell me where can we meet? he says stop it. She says stop what cooking? He says we our deal is over please sign the divorce papers.

Shreya brings food. bhushan says is it for me only or for everyone? Shreya punches him. Amar gets a call. He says ramnath ji we will deliver your order. He says let me talk to kirlok, if he assures then I will believe you. Kirlok talks to ramnath. He says your order will be delivered. I and amar are same thing. Kirlok says he is an old customer.

Shreya comes home and says where are you vinati bhabhi? She says here in the kitchen.Shreya asks what is papa’s age? Vinati says around 60. Shreya says he looked tired in the shop. I think he should rest for some time. He should take retirement. Vinati says he wont ever do this. That shop is his life. Shreya says his sons are now grown ups they can handle it. Shreya says you should talk to mami ji about it. Vinait says we will talk together. Shreya says no you are elder than me. Vinati says okay i will. Shreya says go then i will do this.

Ajay is stuck in traffic, he goes to the next car and says move your car. Sanjana comes out of the car. He says what are you doin this? Go from here. She says i made you sweet dish. Constable asks them to show papers. Sanjana says i dont have any papers. My husband has all the papers. Ajay says she is lying. she says promise me you are not my husband? Ajay says she is but, the car is not mine. Sanjana says i wont give him car papes until you eat sweet dish. AJay eats it. Sanjana gives the papers to constable.

Vinati comes and sits with elaichi. She says mama ji goes to shop regularly. Elaichi says he never takes a break. Vinati says dont you think he should get retired? He is 60? He shouldn’t work that hard. He has had a heart attack. He should stay home and spend more time with you. Elaichi says he is goin there that is shop is successful. Vinati says he has 5 sons. He deserves some rest. He has done so much for us. You should talk to him. Elaichi says i will talk to him lets see what he says. Vinati says if you ask, he will listen.

Elaichi and shreya are buying the vegetables. Shreya says is there some special occasion in the house? Elaichi says i want to talk to kilrok about something important. Shreya says what is that? Elaichi says i want to talk about his retirement. Vinati suggested me that. Shreya says amar must have asked her. Elaichi says what you mean? shreya says a costumer called in shop, he just wanted to talk to papa ji. Amar didn’t like it. he said papa is here no one listens to amar. So maybe he asked vinati so he gets responsibility of the shop.

Ajay says sign the papers. she says i have signed the papers, i will give them once you eat the sweet dish.

Precap-kirlok says to elaichi i have decided to retire. She says you should reconsider. He says i have decided and our new MD will be Amar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s getting stupid by the day no one is seeing shreya for wat she is as yet !
    N bhusam is henpecked

  2. Shreya is so nasty

  3. I really hope kirlok&elaichi doesn’t doubt amar&vinati…cause vinati is a great wife,mother&daughter in law who adjusted to tht family easily&loves tht family alot…shreya needs to learn from her&b more like her..amar is so grateful towards his aunt&uncle..he looks up to his uncle&idolizes him…budshan needs to learn from amar&b more like him…if kirlok & elaichi doubt them&allow shreya to poison their minds against them, then the so call *love*tht these ppl claim to *love*the outsiders is nothing but a joke.. A task tht they felt obliged to do..

  4. I’m thinking these kids will be obliged to leave the house and shreya will succeed her plan of making the family fall a part and at the time this stupid bhushan get to know all these problems was created by his evil wife and there wasn’t any of his siblings ‘s fault it will be too late that he can’t undo the damage that has been done by his foolishness and his wretched wife

  5. Hhh maya she all ready doubt them u can see in the precap she is preventing trilok to retire while she suppose to encourage him to retire

  6. Why shreya’s actions can’t be noticed by anyone. Who needs such an evil daughter in law. Show her true colors to the elders of the family. We don’t need them showing that evil people always win. This is so unfair.

  7. Shreya is so over done, it’s downright annoying. She leaves no stone unturned to cause problems and everyone is wearing blinders. No man, this is too much. The less I say the better, everyone wants a husband who’s supportive but that’s stupidity and shows he’s true character that has been bubbling under all along and now it’s been unleashed.

  8. Sreya need to stop being a b*t*h. She want to get the house to her self. When are they gonna find out she is the one causing all the problems

  9. Stop this crap…fed up of watching the same story line serials…in all the serials only characters actors will be different but the story will be the.same…female villian and her evil doings and winning always…shreya is such a crap and already she.has damaged her image in this crap show…and bhushan is a nalayak…I hate these two…shreya and bhushan..

  10. Lets see what is next

  11. if Shreya gets exposed then this serial will get interested. i’m intrigued to know how they will face Sanjana once they realize the truth.. lets just wait and see what happens.

  12. I can understand it is a serial but i am really annoyed with Shreya’s wretched attitude. I thought that this serial would have remained clean, based on family values etc but it is revolving like all the others and highlights how evil always wins. I stopped looking at it. The serial started really nice and now…

  13. All the Serials Start off with a strong heroine and then they end up being watering pots. Please man.Also w8ing and w8ing for more ajay -sanjana scenes.They the only reason I wouldn’t want this series to end but the rest of this show is so boring it’s not even funny.

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