Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Mishri says to sanjana you are paying for my fault. Sanjana says quite. Mishri says no. and you know that ajju, he married me. He fainted Anuj and married me. He locked me in my room and tried to come close to me. I ran from there and I will save you. Sanjana says nothing wrong will happen anymore to you. I will get you marry to anuj. I just need your support. Mishri says I support you.

Shaina says on call why can’t it happen? It is possible. Ajay asks whom are you talking to? She says there is some problem in sanjana’s bail. This issue has been up in media. But don’t worry I promised it and I will get her out. Everything will be okay. she says on call and says do it hurriedly. I don’t want any excuses. She says don’t worry Ajay,

I keep my promises. It will happen. Ajay says really? but how? She says you just care about whats happening. This happen, she is bailed out. Are you happy? Ajay stands up. Shaina hugs him from back. She says you are too cute. I am your wife to be. I kept my promise, I hope you will too. Ajay takes her hands off him and leaves.

Agarwal comes to Pethywala house. He says I couldn’t bail Sanjana out even after I tried everything. Bhushan says what are you saying. Elaichi says it looks like a nightmare. I dont know what we are paying for. Shaina comes in balcony and says don’t worry mammi ji. I am here. I will take away all your problems. Agarwal asks who is she mishri? Mishri says she is shaina. Shaina says get used to seeing me here. I will live here. Uncle, you want to ask me a lot of questions I know. You wanna know what am I doing here? She stands with Ajay and says he is the reason of me being here. We’re both getting married next week. Sanjana comes in and hears it. She says ajay.. Everyone is dazed. Agarwal says who bailed you out? Inspector says its not possible. Shaina says I have bailed her out. Kirlok says what you mean? She says when Mishri and uncle were police station. After that I went to police station. she said there, that she got a call from ajju’s number. She said that ajju is still alive, I think. Inspector says Mishri said the same. Shaina says there must be something, please re-investigate this case. If he is alive then there is no crime. I request you to bail Sanjana out until we figure about Ajju.

Shaina says congrats sanjana you are free now. Now you congratulate me. Because I and ajay, she holds ajay’s hands and says we are getting married in a week. Shaina shoves her and says what is all this ajay? What is she saying? Ajay stands quietly. Sanjana says why is she saying this? Sanjana says she is lying right? I know you love you. Why are you not responding. You love me right. Ajay says i love shaina and that is why I decided to marry her. Everyone is bewildered. He says I want to divorce you. Sanjana says no you are lying you can’t do this. You can’t leave me. My ajay loves me. I know you have a reason. Tell me we will sort it out. Is someone blackmailing you. He says no I am doing this with my will. Shaina says don’t.. Sanjana says i am not talking to you. Sanjana says is she blackmailing you? Or Shreya? Kirlok says why are you blaming Shreya. You always accuse her. I know she has made mistakes but she has atoned for them. But dont take her name with ajju and shaina. Sanjana says why shouldn’t I? She is behind all this. she brought ajju and shaina here. Trust me. I want peace in this house as much as you do. Elaichi says what are you saying? Bhushan says I wanna know what she has to say. Vinati says yes Sanjana say what you want, we will listen to it. Shreya says what you mean? I know i made mistakes, but you can’t blame me for someone else crime. Shreya says your drama has to end now. Shreya says what proof do you have? You proved it last time, prove it now as well.
Sanjana goes to temple she takes out sindur in her palm. She says i swear on this sindur that I will expose you. This diwali I will expose this drama shaina, you and ajju who is alive. Everyone forgave you last time but not this time. Everyone will kick you out of this house. I gave you one chance and thought you would change. Papa was right, your nature wont ever change. You tried to ruin my life, I wont leave you this tTime. I will audacious but I wont let you ruin this family. I am not scared of anything. I will save my marriage. There will be a mahabharat between you and me now. I shall win it to save my marriage. Shaina says i am the winner of this war at the end of the day. Soon I and ajay will be one. You can’t stop that from happening. Shiana will be daughter in law of this house. Dadi says be quite. dont say a single more word. Who are you? This is our house. Only that will happen in this house, what we want. Ajay is married and his wife is sanjana. So you are an outsider. Shaina says don’t be so mad. Shaina say wait a minute. She bring an envelop and says read it. Elaichi opens them they are divorce papers.

Precap-Shaina throws sanjana’s stuff out and says get out of this room. Shaina says tell him ajay that we are getting married. Ajay says what she is saying is right.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ajay is an idiot!!! WHy are the men in these shows so easily manipulated? They deserve the shit they create for themselves!

  2. OMG …This serial gng to be off air..kala tikka starts 2nd november mon – fri 7 pm…zee tv always doing lyk this …

    1. R u sure kowsi ji…OMG, it was one nice show and love sanju and ajay.. why d hell are they doing,wish no…sarojini drama is terrible,y cant they move that…wish sanju and ajay remain

      1. i saw promo in zee tv yaar…im also very upset with zee tv and prodouction house…

  3. I guess ajay should support sanjana rather than supporting shaina

  4. shaina prayed to god for ajay shreya prayed thank god no one catches her…..moral of the story? -god helps those who help themselves! hahaha keep waliking them tree stump legs off yours sanjana just go back to where you belong ‘jail’. everybody seems to be supporting legal murderers mishri is a legal murderer by law those evil woman with a capital ‘E’. yesteday even when shreya hit ta old lady she didnt hit to kill those ugly witches sanjana them got what suites them

    1. are you saying that Shreya is a good person?

  5. I told you all your men your so called ‘lovers’ will dropp you like a hot potato if they cross roads with goddesses like shreya and shaina (and me) cause thats what they desire luvly blue eyes not eyes the color of sh** like all yours.and fat legs and dark skin and uuuhhhggg yuck I leave the rest to you. fact of the matter you all day dream you could be so wonderful like shreya and shaina

  6. Lekin kowsi Tumhi ho badhu sakha tumhi is 6:30 every week day for Africa

  7. kasam I will name my next child….shreya

  8. Why ajay is doing this ? Is he want to use shaina to grab ajju or is he that fool to hurt sanju by saying he is doing what he does for her sake

  9. Shals is a tranny like Caitlyn Jenner, Shania and Shreya look like hijras. Zee soaps are dumb like Ekta no talent kapoor.

  10. Damn I’ve been reading comments from shals for while & omg she’s delusional..shals you’re disgusting.u have a dirty low thinking mind. I feel pity for u & your family. U root for evil? Where is the humanity in u?I kno you’ll probably come at me with a buddle of senseless crap but I should tell u to rot in hell in advance.. You were implying that to gt ahead in life one should do what shreya is doing & obviouly what u did?I guarantee u that’s a lot of bull.guess what?I went to school & got myself educated then I worked my ass off to get where I am together .I made a name for myself through good intentions & even tho I knew I’m a queen I was still giving the title..cause everything I do comes from good..I’m wealthy & I have lovely kids and a wonderful husband… You cheated your way to the top and took others happiness..just like shreya and Shaina is doing.. You feel good about what you’re doing but later you will repent..if u don’t then you better ask god to show you the way to hell cause I kno when he’s ready to judge u,u won’t have answers to his questions.. Women like you makes God’s greatest creation look like shit because of your ignorance.. You’ll suffer so much in the end that the women you are praising today won’t be there to help you.those that you did good for will spit on you and those u conspire to hurt and destroy will be the only ones there to give u a hand..you’ll probably say I have average thinking bout trust me you’re they one with average thinking.they say*do good and good shall follow you*do bad,you will pay for it…shreya will,Shaina will and so will u.ohh and before you think abt my eyes and hair and skin colour you should know that my eyes are green,I’m extremely light skin..so wht can u say abt me?because I have a good heart,husband & job & I’m wealthy.. I think u should go to hell before god comes..cause you already know that’s where you’re heading.. Peace out 🙂

  11. This comment is deleted for inappropriate language towards other users.

  12. I stopped watching this show because they writers are not giving Shreya to learn her lesson. They let her keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Like the show is getting so negative. When they introduced the show it was shown to be mostly positive and in interviews they said that this show won’t have a lot of negativity. But the negativity is going over board. I don’t understand how in this show all the good people end up in bad situation. Also its funny how the family members trust others in 5 seconds rather than their family who they have known each other since birth. RIDICULOUS

  13. Ajay must have a strong reason for his doings. I am sure the truth will prevail.

  14. Seriously this is really pissing me

  15. I love this show because of ajay and sanjana but that stupid shreya and shaina are really ruining everything. Just want to we ajay and sanjana romantic scenes

  16. I want 2 say something 2 shals, now I believe that. What they show in these serials abt evil winning is how indians are.she set the woman ablave in d. Store. And god saved her,she pretended 2. Be blind,she is so. Decietful and u shals is. In. Support of her.shainer wants 2 snatch someones hubby and u are hailing her 4 her wonderful eyes, don’t think u know the definition of love, love. Sees beyond the. Physical,it is only lust,infatuation and. Obsession that looks at the physical beauty,and this is the kind that will. Dump u like rotten pawpaw after exploiting ur so called physical charms,it only ur true love that can stay with u forever.so my good friend, change ur thinking,this life is nothing.

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