Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bhushan comes and asks shreya why were you on the floor? what happened? She says ask me what didn’t happen. She says its a bad day maybe. Bhushan says tell me what happened? She says promise me you wont be mad? he says what is it? Shreya says it will ruin your mood. he says i don’t like things left incomplete. Shreya says because of that girl mummy papa had a spat. Bhsuhan says what? shreya says i was passing by and i heard that mummy was not agreeing with papa. Mummy said ajay should have left too. Papa said that he can’t kick out bua ji’s children they are his responsibility. Mummy started crying. Bhushan says this sanjana. Shreya says she ruined everything. I remember how you told me rules and rituals of this house. She spoiled it all. He says

its late, come sleep. She says i will come in a while. He says okay. Bhushan goes in, shreya smiles.

Next morning ajay wakes up and says sanjana please draw the curtains, he reads text from her. Did you sleep well? Is everyone okay? Kirlok comes in.
Agarwal asks sanjana what are you thinking? She says just that everyone must be on breakfast table and samar must be getting ready for school, he is mischievous. Everyone runs after him. And vinati bhabhi she makes such good food, we call her kitchen queen. She knows varities. If you ever eat her food you will become her fan. I forgot to tell mami there was no candle in temple. And nani ji is so cool. she reads fashion magazines. She gave me these bracelets. Agarwal says you miss your in laws? sanjana says papa, i am wife and daughter in law. kirlok says to ajay we have nothing to do with that girl now. You better forget her, i have talked lawyer we will get divorce papers soon?
Agarwal says do you wanna go there back? Maybe those relation were fake but the love was real. Whoever find real love, shouldn’t let it go. This is in your hands how to make those fake relations real for yourself.
Kirlok says ajay sign the papers, we should start this procedure soon. I know what you are going through i am not liking it either. I have always been against divorce but there is no other option. dont feel guilty she is not the right girl. She was trying to manipulate us all. Sign these papers and give them to sanjana.
Sanjana says i dont know if they will accept me or not. i dont know if ajay loves me or not. Agarwal says he really loves you. He has done so much for you. Maybe he is oblivion. you have to make him realize. He is a nice guy and you are still his wife. If he is with you his family will accept you. you should give it a try. Sanjana says thank you papa.

Vinati gets samar ready and gives him breakfast. Kirlok says amar take ajay with us to the shop. Let him work on the plan he has. Amar says have you seen the mistakes he has done? kirlok says we have to direct his mind to the right path. He can work, we should give him one chance. Bhushan says he wont learn this way. He did such a big mistake and you pardoned him in one day? Tell me truth if i did this would you have forgiven me? he has ruined our family name? Why no rules for him? kirlok say dont point at my decision. bhushan says you are getting me wrong. Kirlok says dont ever judge my decision. I wont change my decision. is anyone bringing ajay or should i call him? Vinati says i will. Bhushan goes back in his room. Shreya says i will talk to him.

Ajay is in his room, he looks at the divorce papers, the song ‘kon mera’ plays in background. He recalls how she helped him in jungle and when he was injured. How she held his hand when she was leaving.

Precap-Ajay gives sanjana a paper and says this is your answer. She is dazed to see divorce papers. she says i dont like these sort of jokes. He says this is not a joke.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. only one time they r retelecast the serial…pls sanju dnt give divorce to ajay..

  2. Awww poor Ajay… I don’t want this love story to end… Love the show tho..Sherya is unbelievable!! I wonder what Ajju will say when he gets back…..

  3. Can we find any serial which is not leaving us broke? I love sanjina and ajay tougher please stop this divorce issue gor us their separation is pain enough to deal with

  4. I’m saddened with this divorce but, I have hope that these will find each other and marry for real. This show should have their romance/ union and also Avni’s story with Rishabh. Something’s wrong with his character. Isick & toted of Shreya & Bhushan, I wish they can take leave of something so they’re not on screen. I like Ayush too. People get angry in families but after calming down, they think. Which is what this family tries to do when Bhushan is not enforcing his views on them.

    1. this family is supposed to be this wonderful United family who stand together,but at the end of the day the adoptive children are a bit too obligated,it’s like the message in this show is, we didn’t have to raise you but we did,so do as we say or get out of our family.Any way hope sanjana and ajay get together soon.

  5. hope this love story gos on n plz let it dont end
    ….stil wonder y tht b*t*h dont got catch no one catch her wen she do her crops

  6. Capital NONSENSE. Reevaluate your brains script writers. We know it’s fiction but be creative for once. Why are all Indian films d same storyline. Foolish unscripted delusional facts. Get your acts together

  7. Nice serial..gng awsome..

  8. Plz tell me the timings of this serial..

    1. Its 7 pm to 7:30 pm

  9. I like this serial nd i like shashi sumeet production…he will take over only joint family stories..

  10. Oh god. Wen will shreya’s bad intentions get caught… Sanju always challenges shreya but fails. And now a divorce… God knows wen something interesting happens

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