Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 16th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Agarwal says to ajay calm down. Agarwal says we need proofs to show ajju is alive. I went to police station, we have to get sanjana out. NGO are involved as well. Ajay says we cant do anything. agarwal says we need proofs. she will be sentenced if we can’t prove that ajju is alive. Ajay says i wont let anything happen to her no matter what.

Shreya wonders who told ajay all this? Shaina
Ajay is sitting and wondering what to do. he says how can i save her? there isn’t enough time. He imagines sanjana in front of him and hugs her. Ajay is in tears. He says i cant see sanjana like this. Shaina says i told you the way. Agree to me and save her. You can do this for her. She will be having hearing in two days and after that she will be in jail forever.

Ajay says shaina tell me ajju’s address i am ready to marry you. Shaina says what did you say? say it again. He says yes i will marry you. so i can prove shreya is behind all this. If you dont tell em ajju’s address sanjana will be jailed forever. She hugs him and says i will keep my promise. Will you? Ajay says okay i will.
Mishri finds express hotel’s card in drawer. She says he is there and then he will go to dubai. I have to stop him.

Shaina and ajay come in. Elaichi says what is she saying ajay? Dadi says ajay mami is asking something. Shaina says dadi maami give blessings to your new daughter in law. Everyone is dazed. Vinati says what are you saying. Go out from here.
Shaina says why don’t you tell everyone, i feel shy. Ajay says I and shaina have engaged. Everyone is dazed. bhushan says what the hell are you saying. Ajay says this is truth. We are marrying next week. Elaichi says are you out of your mind. This is not a good joke. We all know you can’t live without sanjana. Tell me what is all this? Kirlok says we are asking something from you. Shaina puts his hand on her head. She says now promise me that you did this actually.

Shreya says to shaina what new drama is this? Shaina says don’t worry I wont expose you and I got what I wanted.
ajay swears on Elaichi and says I promise i haven’t done anything wrong. Is it wrong to love someone. Elaichi slaps him. She says don’t teach me what is right and what is wrong. Go away from here.

Mishri says please help me God. I have to reach Sanjana bhabhi. She sees a car outside and sees Agarwal coming out of it. She says I have to talk to him. He is my last hope. She tries to talk to him but he doesn’t listen. She breaks the glass. Agarwal sees her.
Agarwal comes to court. Inspector says you came again? I told you not to come without a proof. Agarwal says i have a living proof. This is mishri. ajay’s sister. Mishri comes in. Agarwal says she is the one killed ajju and saw him alive. Mishri says he detained me in my own rood. I came from window. I am the real culprit. She is paying for what i did. I am here to give statement. Ajju tried to abuse me. He is responsible for a lot things. He is alive and in this city. Mishri writes her statement. Agarwal says i will get the bail papers ready in half an hour.

Precap-Agarwal says i have bailed sanjana out. Shaina says my reason to be here is ajay. We will marry in a weak. Sanjana hears it.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Karishma

    This soap started off as a nice family oriented serial, showing the bond and traditions of a family. I was really impressed in the beginning but they have now introduced a lot of negativity aka Shreya. I do not look at it anymore unless I read it and it seems interesting. I agree with how you all feel. Sad to see that it is going to end though.

  2. shals

    shreya is not just the prettiest and always well dressed her hair always nice n stylish sari, but a mastermind a goddess in the making! if more woman took after shreya this world would be a better place kasam! iiii see a woman that loves her hubba hubba so much that she will destroy a retarded family that uses him and nothing will stand in her way such a praiseworthy woman all she wants is to liberate her husband give him the BEST. and please don’T get jealous I know you all can only wish to be a woman of shreyas calibre towards your spouse the writers of the serial are gifted to motivating us woman towards the right path. I give it 5*****stars!

  3. Don’t u guys think since sanjana is out of jail on mishri’s account & nt on shaina’s account ajay should call off tht so called engagement? Cz da deal was for him to marry her & in return She’ll help him?well she didn’t do shit so ajay plz throw tht ugly eyes b**** out…. N shreya this is for u personally..sanjana is out to gt to witch *smirking*

  4. & int nobody wanna b like shreya…she isn’t setting a good example for woman nor is she a role model to the world of women…doing something to make your husband happy isn’t the problem..its nt a problem…but if u go abt hurting wht seems to b ur husbands happiness & strength (his family)hw stupid is tht?thts nt called a great woman thts called a senseless evil person….& we all kno she’s out for revenge..don’t gt me wrong..she’s pretty & dress well…but cum on,give sum1 da right ti destroy a wonderful family tht?hw hurtful & insensitive is tht? Wud u agree to sum1 hurting ur family like tht? Destroying them every step of the way? Thts complete bs..#nt hating.

  5. shals

    ah hem…pssst..princess diana…we all know you wish you had eyes like shaina please please don’T deprive ajay of a better life with shaina just cos it makes you sleep at night. you know your ajay like any man even YOUR own MAN! wants her secretly he just don’t know it yet. You all a bunch off jealous fellas! and sanjana got fat legs did you see her tree stump legs?! oh shhht be quiet it might offend the other trees reading this. and kathri? -do you see why why WHY your just like that stoopid family that shreya fools? you just answered it yourself by failing to understand my point if you’ve ever understood anything in your pethewala life. ta maaf I don’t expect anyone with low I.Q levels to not missplace their sides if you cant see that sanjana is actually evil especially to ajay, DON’t wonder why your pathewala life is a mess! if sanjana really loved ajay she wouldve simply just went with ajju! for the sake of sparing ajay and mishri and everyone else the crap they facing now she knows the ajju man!. duh? shaina type of woman is what you all wish you could be! such an unselfish woman worthy of praise. just be honest is it cuase shes got fair skin? shes not dark like you? oh go make fire with your tree stumps.

  6. shals

    revenge is some times deserved and a matter of perspective…after all said and done if shreya succeeds (I hope and pray she does) She and her husband will have everything! shreya is simply to amazing to want HeR side of the family to settle for second best! yeah she gives her husband the best and it all not some. foolish wives like you and sanjana will keep their husbands back in life cuase of your selfishness. shreya is the icon of a goddess that will bring her family up in life by loving her husband so much more than a retarded family he belongs too and please dont make like you dont want to see your mother in law on the streets you all enjoy lieing to yourself that that witch sanjana is an ideal duaghter inlaw keep lieing to yourselves and siding with REaL evil. shreya will win please god let her win.

  7. Concerned

    If we read the disturbing Comments made by Shals, We can see how irresponsible programming, affects impressionable people and gives out the wrong message.Hopefully people realise that this is not real and in real life people like Shreya and shaina do go to prison! this show has totally gone down the drain.Very Very disappointed!!!

    • idea

      best idea with shals is either laugh at the tops in sefl-entertainment (i.e. just stirring up trouble) or ignore it since lack of reaction will defeat the purpose of nasty personal attacks and senseless comments

  8. Wow.. This is interesting & I don’t mean the soap.!its said to c people actually thinks the way tht man writes.I didn’t think the world had such evil shallow minded people until I read the comments from shals.will clearly shows low thinking.that soap isn’t reality so wht ever happens will b due to a writers thinking..but if it was reality trust me,God is powerful & shreya,Shaina & aju would’ve been punished.no one is jealous of Shaina nor shreya.they not way above anyone to higher than either of us foot bottom..in case SHALS haven’t notice we all walk on the same ground just different countries cities & states..don’t come at me with crap cz im being realistic.maybe you need someone like shreya who will destroy your family & cause u pain.. Let’s c hw much u side with evil thinking…do u believe in god?if yes then maybe u should kno hw powerful god is.. So powerful that evil never wins even if it causes much damage.

  9. To hurt the ppl tht accepted u with open arms & to burn the bridges that u have to cross is ungrateful…women like u deserve to b without husbands & childless. Alone and away of humans..away from civilisation.. Cause u r the type tht causes much heartache & confusion in society… Because of women like u women r being maligned & abused & blackened.thts all I av to say.

  10. shals

    let me break this down to you on a INTELECTUAL LEVEL maier (look up the meaning of maier/maya)… you think average…thats why you ARE average!…are we not the masters of our own destiny? shreya isnt choosing to be average and the only difference between me and her is I succeeded! see the end result please its not about what your allowed to do and not do in life if the end result gets you to the top like it would shreya by hook or by crook. ive made peace with woman like you that profess to love their husbands but are willing to settle for a life second to the family. why? if you love wont you want the best? buy all means necessarily? my husband was average WAS WAS…we are now living like kings and queens we chose our destiny! so glad my daughters are learning from shreya how to get what they want in life thats how you survive and thats real love. low or shallow aaight? it got me were I wanted to be! say what you want to about meh ya’all ‘we walk the same ground blablabla but i’m wealthy living a life you wish you could then your average kind wana cuum get jealous of me cause I am gods greatest gift to mankind? I make average men super men all you can do is keep them at a low level thats why you are were you all are. BE realistic maya, in this day and age shreya shaina are like gods to be emulated my 9 kids will be just like them and meh. I thought like you once and it got me nowhere, me and shreya are so much alike she is the meaning of my life.

  11. shals

    excuse me MR. concerned…. people like shreya and shaina go to jail yes but we come out eventually. the choices you have in life is what your willing to risk it all for. I respect your viewpoint hah yes. people in soapys like shreya are determined to stop at nothing not even a jail to have a happy life. like me. and like shrien diwani… he got away with it all didn’t he? the writers of this soapies are simply the best cause they don’t glorify winners and demonize loosers they show us never to give up.and to see life from 2sides. I respect your concern. but concern wont take you from rags to riches.

  12. Maghaya

    Hey guys too intrstng abt evil??? U wil succeed bt in evry religion at de end evil wil loose so shals my dea if in real life z dat how u r n evn teach ur kids den my dea ur own kids wil teach how it felt wen u do evil thing to another person we r here to obey our god not to b rich by hurting one and another jst gv me de exaple who the richest man or woman got barried wid the money or luxuary things? If u blv in god den u wil understnd. Dis life means nthg dan the life after means alot whch dea wil b no evils except thoz hu r doin gud deeds….n u wnt get anythg by being evil instead u wil ruin ur own life n blame athas jst like shreya she ruin her on marriage den blame sanjana which she warns her many time…n the best husbnd hu wil appriate wat thea wife z those hu did gud deeds to thea family n all human kind bt worst husbnd wil appriate de wrong deed bcz dey are also evil inside em selfs bcz if wasnt ur family he wnt get dat hight to have an evil wife.

  13. Jane

    Nice one Maya the girl who sees that evil person as a role model is evil minded as well, remember evil is attracts evil while good attracts good. I believe Ajay will not marry dat evil he is pretending he can save sanjana and his sister and now dat my babe sanjana is out of the prison and the police where informed and they know the truth, lets see wat madam Kapoo will tell us next. If the good guy has gone bonkass lol.

  14. I don’t know yle some pipo are blind juxt like da so called shalls…..I Neva tot of being defending shreya mai b wen da serial was new BT not now coz all of ha evils are increasing day by day en is also affecting da whole family I don’t think so en I could have to b punished en for sanjana en ajay best couples en I juxt hope sanjana would undastand ajay & also hoping everything will end soon shreya aju & shaina will b punish

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