Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Shreya says wow your faces are glowing. Vinati says i am going to bring the stuff.
Vinati says mami ji come her.e Ayush says did you place the neck piece here. Elaichi says you must have placed it somewhere else. Ajay says it can’t be stolen. Kirlok says avni should get ready. Shreya says losing of gold is not a good symbol. Bhushan says i was scared of this. I dont know how long are you gonna face this. why dont you exile ajay from this house. Ajay says you don’t have to worry i am leaving this house with sanjina, right now.

Shreya’s mom reaches the jeweler. The jeweler is checking them. she says to shopkeeper, i have called cops because this is a stolen locket. Shopkeper says please we didn’t know it was stolen please dont call cops.

Shreya’s mom says please sanjina dont tell anyone about shreya. sanjina says there is only one way to save her, come with me and do as i ask.

Ajay is looking for sanjina so they can leave. dadi says what is wrong with your senses? haven’t we taught you anything? You dont want to stay with your people and run away. Ajay says i cant see you all in trouble. Kirlok and elaichi come to stop him as well. Bhushan says let him go, he is a curse for us. Kirlok says no one will go from here. AJay says please dont make it difficult for me. I don’t want to be a curse on avni as well. Elaichi says what the hell is this curse and all, we never said this to you. No such thing exists. Ajay says i met that baba, Shreya’s mom comes in and says that baba is a liar. shreya says what are you saying? When i and sanjina reached there, cops were arresting him. kirlok says where sanjina came n picture. sanjina says when that baba came home i realized nothing is normal. He has done this before. They fool people and take money from them. Shreya’s mom says sanina met me in market, we went to that baba and found this on a tree. She shows them the neck piece. She says vinati put it up on friendsbook so i realized someone else is working with them. Shreya says that all he said was a lie, thank you mummy. THank you sanjina you opened the eyes. Thank God we found the locket.

Elaichi says to bhushan lets go we have to prepare a lot. Shreya takes her mom in and says what is all this? Her mom says what can i tell you. Sanjina says i am here to tell. Sanjina says someone thought she is so smart her plan will never fail. but i reached the shop. If i show the proof to family they will kick you out. Sanjin says what proof? Sanjina says didn’t you tell her aunty? Sanjina says someone was walking without crutches and gave neck piece to her mom. She asked her mom to sell it. Sanjina says did this happen today or not? Sanjina says i wanted to call everyone there but i didn’t do it because everyone is happy about avni. For me happiness of my family is of utmost importance. I dont know why are you trying to do this. I forgot to tell you i recorded whatever you said to your mom and made CD of it. I will show it to whole family then you will be kicked out. And yes.. she takes the crutches and says its not needed anymore.

Precap-ajay sees a guy shoving away a random bike on road in anger. When ajay stops him he says is this your bike? He is avni’s fiancee. Ajay says to ayush maybe that guy isn’t right for avni.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sanju dad will be re enter in this show…

  2. Update fast

  3. Oooo… Boring epi…

  4. Very nice, at least Sanjana won once. I’m sure tomorrow we’re back to Shreya being a b*t*h again.

  5. Ajay and sanjana will be remarried again by all rituals …sanjana’s dad woll re enter wid a change of heart and he will accept ajay as his son- in – law

  6. sanjana u rock da show always!!!

  7. amelia maharajh

    learn to speak propper english first – this update is absolute crap

  8. Superb..episode i think there will be something wrong about avni’s fiancee and sanjana will expose it to family

    1. There is something wrong. But, what worries me is that Avni doesn’t look like she has self confidence or self esteem. If they go ahead with this union she won’t be able to stand up for herself.

  9. I thought bhushan would accept sanjana and ajay after his realisation but not happened like that

    1. Maybe he will accept them after this, Ajay proving that Avni’s fiancé is not a good person. He has nothing really against Sanjana, now it’ll be Ajay proving he has the interest of the family.

    2. Diya it’s nice to finally find someone who wants to talk about this show on this forum, it’s all been personal stuff and I see Tellyupdates is going to change that as from Sunday.

      1. Thank u @AmandaS

  10. Actually sanjana warned them that arranging engagement for first meet is akward so i guessed she will prove

    1. I don’t understand how an engagement can be set up before the 2 people have even met. At least there should be that 1st meeting to see whether they even like each other or at least see each other.

  11. Sry to say but in previous episodes bhushan named sanjana as outsider and she should not enter in family issues .i agree with ur point too so bhushan will accept both

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