Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Shaian says i can get sanjana out of this. but you will have to marry me. Ajay says i am not that stupid. She says just listen to me once. The day i saw you smiling, i fell for you. You have to lose something to get something. I will get sanjana out once you say yes. I wish you had met me earlier. Marry me. She says one more thing, there is one person in your house who wants to harm your sister and wife. Ajay says there is no one like that in my house. Shaina says your bhabhi is pretending to be blind. To seek revenge. Ajay says how many lies will you tell more. Stop it. Look at sanjana how selfless she is. I trust shreya bhabhi. She says I fall in love with your innocence. She says give me a chance i will bring ajju back. you don’t have much time and you can’t

have sanjana without my help. Now its up to you. Ajay says okay if you are proved wrong i will send you to jail for blaming shreya bhabhi.

Shreya calls someone and says listen to me carefully. She says keep pressurizing inspector.
Agarwal says to inspector sanjana is innocent. There had been no murder.Inspector says give me the proof and take your daughter from here. Agarwal says for that i need to take her from here. Inspector says you can submit bail papers tomorrow and take her from here. Some women come in. They say we are from women empowerment department. We want to know whats going on in ajju murder case. Inspector says this case will handled with laws. Don’t worry we will share everything with you. Inspector says everyone has eyes on this case. Agarwal says so sanjana can’t be out. Inspector says i can’t help you.

Shreya gets a cal from shaina. Shaina says can you come to van house? Shreya says no. Shaina says i will expose you. Shreya says oh shut. Suddenly she stops and says i will reach in an hour.
Shaina says where is your drama shreya bhabhi to ajay. ajay says maybe she is not coming because she didn’t do anything. shaina says i am not lying. You shreya bhabhi is behind all this. Shreya comes in, ajay hides. Ajay is dazed to see her. shreya is about to slap shaina. shaina stops her. Shreya says you will threaten me now? Don’t forget your worth last time. I gave you enough money. shaina says i need more. Shreya says that ajju he is roaming around roads. I send him to paradise house and he will go to dubai. Ajay tries to hear. Shreya says ajju shouldn’t be here in this city. And don’t dare calling me.
Shaina says to ajay did you see it? Ajay says i can’t believe this. Shiana say ajju will go to dubai forever. Ajay says what? Ajay says please tell me where he is. Shaina says i know where he is. I will only tell you when you agree to marry me. Ajay says are you out of your mind. shaina says this is my love. If you wanna know where ajju is then get ready to marry me. You can do this for sanjana. ajay says no i can’t. I should tell my family everything. If i expose shreya she will have to tell me where ajju is. And i wont need you. You can’t take me from my sanjana.

Vinati gives to everyone. ajay comes in and says i wanna tell you all something. Shreya comes and says i wanna tell you all something, i can see now. This is doctor rukesh. Ajay says he treated your brain? elaichi hugs her.dadi says how did all this happen? Shreya says i can see everything. Vinati says bhushan congrats. Doctor says her sight is back. Vinatib says i am so happy for you. Doctor says i have been treating you for one month you are lucky. Ajay says she is lying. She never underwent any treatment.
Kirlok says why would she lie? Ajay says she was never blind. Elaichi says how can you say that? Shreya says i know its not easy to win your trust. this is my fate now. I cant get your love and trust. I just request you all not to doubt me in this moment. Ajay says shaina showed me. kirlok says you trust her but not your bhabhi. does she have proof? You can’t accuse her like this. Elaichi says i know what you are going through. Everyone pays for what they do. You trusted wrong person. Agarwal comes in and says its not ajay’s mistake. Before blaming ajay and sanjana ask you shreya, where she had played games. Kirlok says no one knows her better than we do. dadi says ajay shreya has paid already don’t blame her. ajay goes out in anger. Shreya says in heart shaina told him everything.

Precap-Elaichi says tell me waht you wanna say? Shaina says your son will tell you. Elaichi says what is she saying. Ajay says i and shaina have engaged. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Come on ajay u cant do this to sanjana
    N I guess the writers should stop dragging this ajay incident. Just nt tat but ajay n Sanjana’s married life just started n u can do this ………I’ll rather like to shift to another serial than watching ajay n shaina being together

  2. Hate, hate hate this. Turning me off of my favourite show ?????

  3. Stupid soap…will this soap end up like satrangi sasural?this is dumb…I hope shreya gets expose be4 ajay cud marry Shaina… Jeeze writers I feel pity on u…u ppl cnt think anything gud.

  4. So after all Shreya did, they are trusting her over Ajay!?!?!? No wonder he had to turn to Shaina for help!!! Those family members too stupid yes!!!!

  5. I juz dont knw y all the family believs shreya blindly… or is she doing sum black magic in the family… really diz serial is getting worst day by day… .the culprit can win agn nd agn… serial should be a motivation fr the viewers also

  6. Shreya must get her revenge I am sure that family deserves it. any family so stupid deserves it. Shreya is godsent medicine for that backward family. and don’t lie please you all have some one in your family that you believe OVER and OVER till kingdom come. now you wana be all ‘oh why cant they just blablabla’… you just like that family! and shaina has got better eyes than sanjana, ajay must wine and dine shaina and make a nice clever family for my children to marry into.i wish all woman like sanjana who cheated their first boyfriends end up like her hahahaha rikkshaaaah

    1. princess sofia

      Wow,such a disgusting written statement

  7. This show is getting so annoying. Shreya gets away with everything??? it’s too much to handle now. She’s the devil in the family and they see right pass that. How much more must we bare? Now Ajay is getting married to someone else. And as for illachi she needs to slap her darling daughter in law shreya instead of sanjana. Shreya still didn’t get slapped for what she did and this is the second time illachi slapped sanjana but she holds that devil shreyas hand. Please change the track or close the show. Shreya gets away with everything. Good is always over evil but in this evil is always over good. Time for shreya to go out now!!!!

  8. Doesn’t matter if ajay get engaged with shaina or not what is important is that ajay is doing every thing to get sanjina out of jail then he will deal with all these bunch of criminals

  9. Seriously dey don’t believe der own son and belive on daughter in law who has cheated dem already once

  10. I watch this show from South Africa ..and I just cant believe how the writers make the characters out to be so stupid. Surely the characters can be potrayed with a bit of insight intelligence and common sense! Such a great story line but its just been turned into a far fetchedpoorly thought out waste of TVspace.

  11. They have come again. With. Evil winning all the times, I. Wonder how indians live there. Lives, they are living in bondage

  12. princess sofia

    Finally,u peeps r seeing wah m seeing,dis serial is just worst dan satrangi sasural or qubool hai,damn u writers v notin else to write,plz remnve diz serial just lyk d past,dnt bring insults on ur head,d only person dat can get dem out of dis mess is sanjana nd she is in jail,so pls get dis damn boring serial of d menu of soap operaz.

  13. Shame on writers what do they want to achieve indian serial is one way the villain wins why so boring why will the family be blind why making ajay marring change it or your serial will be rate zero

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