Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay amar and Bhushan are in police station. Ajay says sanjana is innocent. she has not done anything. Please take her out. Inspector says she is the culprit for now. If you wanna get her out talk about a bail. Amar says the courts are closed. Ajay says let me go in i wanna meet my wife. The cops stop him. Ajay says you can’t stop me. The constable hit ajay with a stick on his feet. Sanjana says ajay go home please. Bhushan says ajay before we do something that worsen the situation lets go home. Ajay says no one can stop me from meeting my wife. Inspector says you love your wife so much? Go meet her. Ajay comes to sanjana. Ajay says I can’t see you like this Sanjana, i love you. sanjana says i can’t see you like this either. I wanna tell you something

ajju is alive. I saw him at the festival I don’t know where he went.

Mishri says to anju i am really happy today. I have got such good in laws and a husband like you. I am very happy for starting this new life, Sanjana is behind my happiness. Ajju is sitting on bed instead of anju. Ajju says sanjana bhabhi? Mishri sees him and screams. she says ajju? He says yes i am alive. Mishri says i killed you. He says you can’t kill me until i am done with my revenge. And you sanjana bhabhi is in jail. He says you killed me but I was just fainted. The deadbody in bag was not mine. I was scaring you as a ghost. You sanjana bhabhi and ajay are ruined. Now you sanjana bhabhi will live in jail all her life. Your brother will ruin his life. Mishri says in heart i will call ajay that ajju is alive. she tries to go out, ajju grasps her. He says dont be smart with me. You can’t save your sanjana and ajay. She became ajay’s after i went out. Why she betrayed me. Mishri says ajju bhaiya please leave my hand. He says I am not your brother anymore. I am your husband. Mishri says anju where are you? He says anju wont come. I told him everything. For everyone you are Mrs. Anju but inside here you are Mrs. Ajju. mishri says you are devil. I used to bind you rakhi every year. Ajju says ajay should know what betrayal feels like. Sanjana.. Mishir says dont take her name. You didn’t learn anything from her. He comes near. Mishri says dont dare touching me. She says you people ruined my life. You tried to kill me and i shouldn’t do anything. But he is right. I will show you what devil is like.

ajju comes to washroom, anuj is there. Anuj comes in and says you are in this house and with my wife. Ajju says what wife? Anju says you locked me. I wont let you do anything. Ajju says she is a stranger for you. He tries to go out. Ajju plays a recording. It is anuj’s gf. Ajju says i will upload this on internet if you try to meet or tell mishri anything.

They come home. Vinati asks ajay what happened in police station? Ajay goes to his room. Shaina says what happened to ajay. Why is he running in like this. Bhushan says its weekend so sanjana cant be bailed out. Elaichi says let me go to him. Dadi says leave him alone. Ajay packs shaina’s stuff. She says what are you doing? Ajay says who are you? and who asked you to come here. She says i am shaina ajju’s sister. Ajay says what are his parents name. Dial their number. she says i wont do anything. Ajay says i will call them. Shaina says i am not ajju’s sister. Ajay grasps her and takes her out. Kirlok says how are you behaving with her ajay. Ajay says girls like her should be treated this way. She is a liar.

Precap-ajay says she is not ajju’s sister. Shaina says I am a thief. Shreya is the real culprit. she brought me here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. well done, wish shreya gets punished and they show story of mishri,sanjana,ajay and anuj….keep this shreaya away for few days..let her suffer

  2. Woww. Ajay good job . N once again shreya ll b exposed dont know this time what the family ll do to her? Im happy to see her punish

  3. Omg…great episode.. Shreya will b exposed again… This time I pray to god tht she gets thrown out of the house & bhudshan shud divorce tht evil b****…cz she’s nt worthy of being around humans… All she does is think & do evil…may her evil,disgusting disgraceful soul go to blo*dy hell…readers & writers don’t take me to b mean,harsh,evil & insensitive becz I’m nt…everything tht I said is wht shreya deserves for trying to break a wonderful family repeatedly.

  4. I think precap is jst a dreams of shreya

  5. Dhanna Sarjoo

    With Indian series u never know.. maybe it is just a dream.. or that shreya will make up soms cock story again..

  6. Ohh this episode is compensate of yesterdayepisode. super!! I can wait next episode

  7. No …..shaina tells the truth but then says that she was forced by ajay….and than bhushan won’t help ajay

  8. The precap better be real and not any dream sequence enno!!!

  9. One of the most stupid things I ever see. The groom gets married and went back home with his face cover these people really feel we are so stupid . I stop watching this show.

  10. Actually shreya is the real culprit wit big big eyes acting dat she is blind I juz hopd she shld b kickd out of the house 4 evr so dat there ll b peace in d family lyk b4 all the filthy things sherya is doing

  11. In serials it is only dream and shows inromo

  12. I think t wil b adream,truth cant b known so early..
    this is the only zee tv show i watch,better b real nkt

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