Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dadi asks who is doing this sanjana? Sanjana shreya bhabhi, she knew about our wedding before anniversary? Shreya says i knew but ajay promised me that he will tell himself. i didn’t know about contract marriage. Sanjana says then you called my dad and told him that I ma being tortured here. You put that money is ayush’s bag. Tell everyone ayush who packed your bag? Ayush says shreya. Shreya says how can you blame me? bhushan says you dont have to give justifications. DO you have any proof sanjjana? Sanjana says yes i have.Shreya says i have and you will know that she stole the necklace and that accident was a drama too. I am bringing it.

Sanjana looks for the Cd, its nowhere. She looks everywhere in the room. Sanjana comes downstairs and says i am sure you have

stolen it. bhushan says stop blaming shreya. how much will we face because of her. sanjana says i am not blamin her, i had that CD and ajay you know, i wont lie. I told you about her. Ajay says lets go from here. Sanjana says unless everyone knows the truth i wont go. Ajay says you dont have any proof lets go, sanjana says i will go from here you will stay here with your family. Sanjana says to kirlok please dont let ajay stay here its not his mistake. Ajay takes her hand and says sanjanan lats go. kirlok says stop, this was a contract marriage sanjana and ajay are not husband and wife. and ajay wont go from here but sanjana you will have to go. Sanjana says i accept it. Ajay says i wont let you go alone. sanjana says you cant do any more for me. I can’t let you go away from your family. She says please forgive me. Ajay says i will drop you. sanjana says i will go alone. Ajay at least can i bring you taxi? he picks her stuff and they go out.

Ajay and sanjana stand out, he says would you have tea? They sit in a dhaba. sanjana says sometimes, thank you is a small word. Whatever you have done for me, i dont know how will i return these favors. Ajay says i dont want anything. She says i troubled you. You were always with me. I am sorry. He says dont say that, wont you irritate me any more? Just call me and i will come. We will always be in each others life. Sanjana says the sadness on your face shows your are hurt. Can i ask you something? Why you feel bad? he says you are going alone at this time? She says why does it hurt you so much?

{recap-shreya says promise me you will fulfill your dreams. He says why do you love my dream?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is not Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi update…

    Msg from Team: Corrected

  2. What the hell is all this?i dnt understand this update…. R u sure this is the update for tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi mela?cause it is super confusing….if its nt gt rid of it fas & focus….

    Msg from Team: Corrected

  3. which is this serial its not tumhi ho badhu …..

    Msg from Team: Corrected

  4. Is this thumhiho written update.i think its not

    Msg from Team: Corrected

  5. evil shreya hate her for all this …..

  6. But the precap is not correct still.

  7. I hate shreya…
    I hate budshan..i kno tht it is just an act being played by shreya’s character bt damn it i c her face n actually hate her…she looks like she wud actually do tht in real life…hw can evil win over good?hw can you choose a dirty heart over a heart of gold? This serial is disappointing me,my family & my neighbours…do something!!!before we quit watching it

  8. At least Ajay will start realising his feelings for Sanjana. I love Ayush, I hope he becomes Ajay’s support.

  9. No its tumhi ho but it’s sanjina talking to ajay about his project plan of his dream in place of shreya

  10. Any one can explain me the precap

  11. To day’s episode is real nice I enjoyed reading it ajay will realise his feeling for sanju by being separate from her while sanjina all ready know

    1. I’m also hoping for that too.

  12. This was a stunning episode.I guess this is the peak of the show,and it’s all downhill from here.I hope not tho.sanjana and ajay are so perfect together and the chemistry between the two actors are awesome.

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