Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ajay and Bhushan emotional talk finally he has accepted the marriage and was about to the tie the thread on the tree but in come Shreya with a bad attitude telling him not to do it, she takes his thread and also the rest from the tree and tell the entire family about the contract marriage all are shock and she show them the proof at the moment Trilok is about to have a heart attack hence he holds his chest and cries in pain, all rush to him and he tell them it was the shock of this marriage…they take him to sit while Ajay comes and tries to explain but Bhushan does not allow him…Sanjana tries to talk but again Bhushan denies her, he then starts scolding Ajay while Amar comes and slaps Ajay couple times…Sanjana begs them to stop but they continue to hit him until Illachi tells them to stop, she ask Ajay what happened and he explains his story but Illachi still say they made a mockery of marriage , Sanjana begs everyone in the family to forgive Ajay as he is innocent but no one listens

Ayush stands by their side and also Avni agrees with Ajay while Bhushan says Avni is too young to understand the matter,he then tells them to leave the house while Sanajana begs the family to forgive Ajay…Bhushan leaves and Sanjana then says how someone in the house wants to separate the family

Illachi tells her to say who and she accuses Shreya same time Bhushan arrives to Sanjana and Ajay luggage,Sanjana says how Shreya knew about the wedding before his parents anniversary …all are shock

Precap Sanjana begs the family not to throw Ajay out the house how she will leave but he calls her to go while Trilok tell them to wait..Shares wonders if he will ruin her plan

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  1. Again sherya win actually this serials again a boring like sathiya and other. But this one worst at least In that serials they show how joint family live together but in this serial how to break the family . . Sherya again again win and one day she will succeed in her plan to make the family in two part .

  2. Dis serial is getting bored day by day

  3. Why India serial are becoming very boring if is not memory loss then evil ruling why pls I pay a lot of dollars to watch Hindi serials but all serials are to boring shreya should be expose pls

  4. I hope shreya get caught in her evil plan and thrown out of the house

  5. Shreya is an evil&lazy person who doesn’t know the true meaning of love&family…sanjana&Ajay both have a heart a gold… Shreya is just pretentious&malicious… Please expose her soon…the way Ajay&sanjana is being treated is hurting me terribly..i hope shreya won’t get let off easy with forgiveness when everyone finds out the truth…she should feel more pain than she is currently causing

  6. Why do all India films teach that evil overcomes good. No moral lessons. Wives giving out their husbands like gift cards. Relations plot with outsiders/ strangers against their loved ones. The culprits are never caught until 1 minute to the the final episode and are been forgiven like evil is a free gift everyone should possess. The rapist/molesters are not punished. Sometimes there is no follow up especially when some actors leave the drama. Poorly scripted.

  7. Nice website

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