Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Sanjina is about to fall, ajay holds her. Sanjina says all the women are fasting i have to. He says but you.. she says don’t say anything. I cant do it, i can’t stay hungry. He says i know i met you two years ago, you used to eat burgers on this day. how did you agree to fast for me? she says i am doing this for family. He says as you say. I can fast, what if you can’t stay hungry. She says i have an idea but you have to help me. she says put some food in the room and i will eat it. he says why would i help you? she says because you and i.. he says what? she says they want me to fast because they think i am your wife. He says so as an imaginary husband i have to help you but i wont. she says why? he says because if you dont eat one day, you will lose weight

that is good for you. DAdi comes there.
dadi says its late go sleep, sanjina says good night.

Shreya goes out in night in the temple. She puts her crutches aside. Elaichi is out of her room as well, she turns on the light.
Shreya hides, elaichi is coming in her direction. She turns back. SAmar comes and says please dadi give me water. Elaichi says it was you. She takes his bottle and leaves.

Next morning sanjina wakes up and says i have to fast today. She sees ajay’s arm on her. She places it aside. She says ajay put your hand aside, He says let me sleep. sanjina says ajay wake up. He pulls her in sleep. he wakes upm she says you held my hand. He says i will place more pillows tomorrow.
Vinati wakes amar, he says please let me sleep. Vinati looks at the mirror its broken . she asks amar? he says i don’t know how it happend. she says its not good. He says please there is nothing like that. she says but i was fine. Amar says samar must have done this don’t worry.

Shreya says sanjina why are you standing there? come sit here. She nods at elaichi. sanjina sits next to her. She nudges her. Dadi and elaichi are busy in work, shreya says this house will remember this fast forver. Elachi asks says where is vinati? Vinati says i am coming. Shreya says why is there curtain on the temple? elaichi says the idol is hidden before the pooja. pandit ji comes they all go for pooja. Mishri comes and helps shreya in walking. When pandit ji open the curtain the idols are on the floor, everyone is dazed. Elachi says what happened. Elaichi says i placed the garlands everything was okay by then. Vinati says will this be a curse on us?

kirlok asks amar to take the order on him. elaichi says will it create some problem? Amar and kirlok sees the idol fallen. they are dazed as well. Vinati says to aamr please dont go today. he says relax, why are you so worried. He says don’t tell anyone about the mirror thing they will get worried. i have to deliver and order. Vinati says its pooja today please dont go. Shreya says to sanjina vinati is scared, are you too?

Precap-Vinati collides with shreya, he saari goes white. She says my red saari turned white this is not a good sign.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This Shreya is pure evil and she’s getting away with everything. It’s like I’m watching Samrat from DAK all over again. All this just to get attention. Very lame.

  2. cant the show go smoothly……why are they showing this kind of bull shit? its jst bcoming like SSK….. why can’t the writers apply their brains? and they are nt even sparing the god…..and can’t the writers b practical in today’s world who will believe this crap. plz…..let this show go smoothly na

  3. enough of this shreya’s nonsense !!!!!

  4. it has become boring now…rather improvise the character or change focus to ajay-sanjana

    1. i think focusing on ajay n sanjana will b gud as i watch dis show only fr chandni

  5. Shreya will do all the bad things and in the end they will forgive her…same shit all over again….

  6. Sab bakwas…not even sparing god…

  7. This isn’t interesting anymore, is high time shreya’s plan to be back firing on her,but all I can see is she’s winning, this is bullshit

  8. Zee, pls change this witch thing in all your serials, we r loosing interest,

  9. I agree with everyone. This witch stuff is turning me OFF.

  10. Need to see something diffrnt…

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