Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Rishp says this courrier is for sanjana bhabhi, some ajay shriwastav sent it. Vinati says thats ajju. Shreya says open it lets see what he sent. Ajay says i asked ajju to send me a t-shirt, this is for. He takes the parcel. Shreya wonders why ajay saved her? Shreya says sanjana why are you not eating? You should eat, you never know it can be your last dinner in this house. Shreya says no i mean jeju wont make the food daily, he will only cook for Avni.

Shreya says to elaichi sanjana looks ill, Elaichi says yes sanjana go rest. Sanjana says i have few work left. Elaichi says help yourself and rest. Shreya says i am really tired too mummy. Elaichi says you should rest too. Shreya says how will you do it alone. Shreya says okay if you are askin, but will you do it

alone? Elaichi says angori will help me.

Sanjana comes in room, ajay says your parcel is there. Shreya is looking in their room, expecting a fight. Sanjana takes out nighty from the parcel. Ajay says ask him not to send here. She says i dont know how he sent me this, he didn’t even respond to my texts. Ajay says he must be busy but he sent you this. Shreya wonders why are they talking so clamly. She sees ajay placing pillows between her and Sanjana.

Shreya calls her mom and tells her all this. her mom says let me think on this. Sanjana recalls ajay saying not to let ajju send the gift it can be risky. Sanjana says why did i ask ajay to be mad? He was completely okay? I would have been mad if someone has sent him a gift like this. She recalls her moments with ajay. She says do i love ajay?

Avni is thinking about rishap, vinati and mishri comes and cough. Vinati says someone is really in deep thoughts. mishri says you were missing rishap. Avni nods. Mishri says i have safe plan, lets go for shopping and meet rishpa from here. Avni says no i can’t lie to mamma mammi.
sanjana does the pooja. She says the way i feel with ajay i never felt it with ajju. I will tell ajju that whatever i had with him was just immaturity. The real love,i got to know it with ajay. Shreya says in heart is she fooling us all or stuck there?
Ajay gets dressed for interview. She wishes him luck. She asks why you dont join the business? he says there are already enough people to handle it. Sanjana says i should call ajju and ask him not to do this. Ajju doesn’t pick the call. She says what is he doing?
Ajay comes back in and asks where is his file? She gives him. Sanjana sees the presentation in his laptop he has made for pethywala shop.

Shreya goes to a man asks him that ajay and sanjana rented his house. she says can i have the key? i want to check if they left something there. He says some new tenants live here. He says there was a guy ajay shrewastav, he rented that house.

Precap-The man gives shreya the rental file. Sanjana’s sister says on call this marriage with ajay is just a contract, Shreya is on the other end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. omg shreya…do u hav any work in ur house….y u always around sanju’s life…its gud for sanju she feels her love for ajay..flash back scenes r nice..

  2. It’s so nice that sanjina realise her feeling for ajay and saying what she had with ajju was just immaturity hhhah

  3. I do not understand where is Ajju and how can sleep in room with a women who is not his wife if anyone knows pl write as I did not see beginning episodes

  4. Ajju is ajay’s friend.sanjana and ajju loved each other and her came to know aboutherlove so he fixed her marriage with someone later ajay brought sanjana from marriage to help ajju.Ajju makes ajay to sign marriage registration papers as he is 6 months young to become major
    Ajju went to abroad for some work and left sanjana with [email protected]

  5. This shreya is such a shit. Always poking nose in others life!!!!

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