Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha.. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana.. (Rikara ff)— part 6

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Part 6

Gauri wakes up…
Gauri: ” Good morning Gauri Sharma…”
She gets a call…
Gauri: ” Yes.. Good morning bhaiya.. What?? 9:00 am?? Its already 8:30.. OK OK I am coming.. Where?? Oberoi mansion.. OK..” She disconnected the call..
Gauri: ” Run gauri run.. U have to be in Oberoi mansion in 30 minutes..”
She rushes to washroom..

Other side… Om is in kitchen.. He is making coffee.. Shivaye comes…
Shivaye: ” Good morning..”
Om: ” Good morning Shivaye.. Coffee???”
Shivaye: ” No actually I have to make breakfast for Annika..”
Om: ” Really?? Annika bhabi woke up??? This early??”
Shivaye: ” Yes bcz a new girl is coming for her assistant job.. So she is so exited..”
They smiles…

Gauri comes to Oberoi mansion gate…
Gauri: ” Really?? I will be work here??? Ranveer bhaiya is really awesome.. He called me to work in this palace.. I hope my boss will as good as him…”
She enters..
Guard: ” Who r u??? Whom u want to meet???”
Gauri: ” Ranveer bhaiya.. I mean ACP Ranveer..”
Guard: ” OK.. Go with him..”
Gauri goes with a servant…

Saumya & Rudra were fighting…
Om comes..
Om: ” What happened?? Why u both r fighting like kids??”
Saumya: ” He started first..”
Rudra: ” No O.. U know na girls always starts fighting..”
Om: ” No.. Girls never start fighting.. And Saumya will never.. Of courses its ur fault.. Say sorry to her dumbo..”
Rudra makes a cry baby face..
Rudra: ” Sorry Sumo.. But still u look fat in that dress..”
Saumya gets angry and goes to hit him… Rudra hides behindbehind Om.. Saumya chases him and Rudra pushed Om… Om slips and falls on Gauri who is just entered the mansion..
Gauri falls on floor and Om falls on her.. They have a eye Lock.. Shivika comes and sees this.. PreVeer comes and smiles..
They totally lost in each other.. Suddenly two voices bring them to reality..
Shivaye: ” Om…”
Ranveer: ” Gauri…”
They gets up..
Gauri: ” Sorry..”
Om: ” Its OK..”
Gauri: ” Say Sorry… To me…”
Om: ” Why??”
Gauri: ” Bcz its ur fault… U fall over me..”
Om: ” Oh.. But its not my mistake..”
Gauri: ” So its mine???”
Rudra: ” Stop.. Say sorry O.. U told after few minitues that girls r always right…”
Rudra laughs…
Om: ” Fine.. Sorry.. But what r u doing here??”
Gauri: ” I had same question to u…”
Om: ” Its my house..”
Gauri: ” Urs???”
Ranveer: ” U guys know each other??”
Om: ” Yes..”
Gauri: ” No..”
All looks confused..
Gauri: ” Just like that..”
Ranveer: ” Oh fine.. Shivaye.. She is Gauri.. Gauri he us Shivaye.. And she is Shivaye’s wife Annika.. Annika is a event planner.. She wants u as assistant.. R u OK with it???”
Gauri: ” Yah sure.. Why not.. I can manage all things..”
Annika: ” Then its good.. We will start our work from today…”
Gauri nodes and goes with her.. Om sees her going.. All leaves for their work…

Precap: Jiya invites Parth & Om for her birthday party…

Sorry for this short update friends.. Love u all.. Keep supporting like this…

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