Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha.. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana.. (Rikara ff)— part 5

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Part 5

Gauri & Jiya is behind a tree… Goons r continually threatens the little girl and all peoples… Gauri thinks something & explains Jiya… Jiya goes & break somethings in a shop.. Two goons goes to see… Jiya returnes hiding.. Another goon who is caught the little girl frees her & checked everything… Gauri goes and holds the girl.. They silently moves from there suddenly goon comes & sees her taking the girl.. They shouts & pointed gun towards them.. Gauri hold the girl & covers her her… A gunshot sound.. All r shocked…
Gauri opens her eyes & saw that nothing happend to her nor that girl… She saw the goons hand is bleeding.. All saw that it was ACP Randhawa who shots the goon… All get relax… A another goon hurts Ranveer from back… Ranveer fights with them… Police comes & catches all gonns..
Ranveer comes to Gauri…
Ranveer: ” R u OK???”
Gauri nodes..
Ranveer: ” Really u r a very brave girl.. I must say… Bcz of u this little girl’s life is saved… She is a big business man’s daughter.. These goons cames for revenge.. Thanks a lot..”
Jiya comes..
Gauri: ” Its alright.. As a citizen its our duty to help u…”
Ranveer: ” Well.. Really nice to meet Miss???”
Gauri: ” Gauri.. Gauri Sharma…”
Ranveer: ” O.. I am ACP Ranveer sing Randhawa…”
Jiya: ” Nice to meet u sir…”
Jiya & Gauri shake hands.. Gauri noticed that Ranveer’s hand was bleeding..
Gauri: ” Oh my god.. Ur hand is bleeding.. Wait..” She takes a handkerchief from her bag and tied his hand for stop bleeding… Ranveer smiles…
Gauri: ” What happened??”
Ranveer: ” Today is Raksha bandhan and my wrist was empty.. I am feeling really very bad and look u tied something in my wrist..”
Gauri: ” Of course bcz u also save my life as a brother..”
They smiled.. They three have a small chi chat…
Ranveer: ” So from today u r my sister & I am ur brother.. Any problem just call me OK???”
Jiya: ” Now the problem is she needs a job…”
Gauri: ” Jiya??? Nothing bhaiya.. She is just..”
Ranveer: ” U r calling me bhaiya right?? Then??? Jiya tell me..”
Jiya: ” Actually bhaiya she lost her job today.. She needs a job to support her family.. Can u help her??? ”
Ranveer: ” Well.. Don’t worry.. Send me ur details Gauri.. I will search a job for u OK???”
Gauri & Jiya smiles.. They bid good bye to each other and goes..

Gauri comes her home.. Gives medicine to her Chacha & goes to her room…
She goes to freshen up..

Om in his room.. Sitting in front of window & drinking his coffee..
Om in his mind, ” Oh god.. What a day.. Its a Raksha Bandhan but before that.. That girl.. She is really a stupid.. Well I am a stupid as well… Without knowing her I started accusing her.. That’s wrong.. She didn’t tell sorry to me directly.. Battamez ladki..”

Gauri’s room… She is talking to a Krishna idol…
Gauri: ” Why he also didn’t say sorry to me directly.. Ghamandi(Arrogant)… But why I am only thinking about her… So much happend in a one day.. Really and I am thinking about that stupid… Kanha ji.. At first he looks so clam but when he opens his mouth feels like lava balls r coming towards me… Like his name Omkara as tandav Shiv… Huh..”
She goes and sleeps…
Gauri says Angrily, ” Omkara sing Oberoi…”

Om(Angrily): ” Gauri Sharma…”
He sleeps…

Ranveer comes Oberoi mansion… Prinku comes to him..
Ranveer: ” U r still awake for me???”
Prinku: ” No not for u.. For Dudhwale bhaiya.. He comes so early morning na???”
Ranveer: ” Prinku???”
Prinku: ” So u r asking silly question.. Or whom I can wait???”
Ranveer: ” Sorry..”
They laugh..
Prinku sees his hand..
Prinku: ” What happened???”
Ranveer: ” Just a small cut.. Don’t worry Gauri tied it..”
Prinku: ” Gauri???”
Ranveer: ” Oh.. A long story.. Come I will tell u…”
They goes…

Shivika’s room…
Shivaye hugs Annika…
Shivaye: ” Don’t worry.. I will find a good secretary for u… OK????”

Ranveer knocks.. Shivaye goes & opens the door…
Shivaye: ” Yes Ranveer everything is alright???”
Ranveer: ” Sorry for disturbing u Shivaye.. But I think I can help u..”
Shivaye: ” What do mean???”
Ranveer: ” Actually I met a girl today.. Very good & honest… Her name is Gauri Sharma.. I think she can do that job.. I will mail u details if u want??”
Shivaye: ” OK Ranveer if u suggest then send me the details.. Annika & I will check it…”
Ranveer: ” Great then Good night…”
Shivaye: ” Good night…”
Ranveer goes..

Precap: ” Gauri in Oberoi mansion…”

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