Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha.. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana.. (Rikara ff)— part 4

Hey fends.. Kiya here…. Really friends I want to kill myself bcz I can’t tolarate this anymore… U all know that mahasangam of Oberoi is started.. But the fact after so many things when it comes to be Oberoi’s Kul-Gotra puja guess what??? Om says to Gauri that if u want to die by drinking poison then die but ur name will not come in our family’s Kul-gotra…I saw it news.. What u think is this our Om???
Fine now start my ff…

Part 4

Gauri & Jiya r leaving the cafe.. Gauri gets a massage on her phone.. She sees it and get shocked…
Jiya: ” What happened Gauri??? U looks very tensed???”
Gauri: ” Jiya I forgot.. How could I forgot yaar???”
Jiya: ” What???”
Gauri: ” Today I have to submit a important file to boss but I missed it.. Its boss’s massage.. He fired me…”
Jiya: ” Oh my God its all happened bcz of me yaar.. Sorry..”
Gauri: ” No year.. I have to remember it.. But now what to do?? I didn’t get my salary yaar…. I have to brought Chacha’s medicines…”
Jiya: ” Don’t worry.. Let’s go with me I will give u money to buy medicine..”
Gauri: ” But Jiya..”
Jiya: ” No yaar…. Ur Chacha is my Chacha so…”
Gauri: ” OK but I will pay back it.. OK???”
Jiya: ” OK baba…”
They goes..

In car…
Om: ” She is wearing white dress.. How could I know that she is not Ayesha???”
Parth: ” Yaa.. But sometimes be careful yaar… U r talking with a girl.. So..”
Om: ” Sorry.. Now stop this embarrassing topic.. I have to bring something for Prinku..”
Parth: ” Why?? U always make it own…”
Om: ” Yaa.. My gift is ready.. Actually u know Rudy..”
Parth: ” Yaa.. I know him…”
They laugh..

In Oberoi mansion…

Janvi, Pinky, Dadi, Annika, Saumya, Tej, Shakti, Shivaye & Rudra r waiting for PreVeer..
Dadi: ” All arangments r done Janvi???”
Janvi: ” Yes mummy ji.. Don’t worry all done..”
Pinky: ” Yes mummy ji.. Shivaye.. Where is our Omkara???”
Shivaye: ” Actually mom WO Rudra ka…”
Rudra: ” Bhaiya says that I will tell u where is O.. O have a important work.. He is coming don’t worry.. I call him..”
Shivika & Saumya laugh silently.. Rudra makes a puppy face to them…

PreVeer comes…
All greets them.. Prinku goes to Shivaye & Rudra and hug them.. After that she hugged Annika, Saumya and everyone..

Prinku: ” How r u all???”
Shivaye: ” We r fine.. How was ur London trip..”
Prinku: ” Its amazing.. But where is Om bhaiya???”
Rudra: ” Actually..”
A voice from behind, ” Here is ur Om bhaiya..”
All smiled & see Om..
Prinku hug him..
Prinku: ” Where r u??”
Om: ” Actually..”
He looks Rudra..
Rudra thinks, ” This Sach ka boyfriend sure tell everything to prinku.. Stop him Rudy boy..”
Rudra: ” Prinku.. Just where was he??? Just focus on now.. Let’s start Raksha bandhan yaar…”
Prinku: ” OK.. OK..”
All brothers get ready.. Prinku tied all three brothers.. All ceremonies got over.. They had a good family time..

Shivaye is on call..
Shivaye: ” Khanna.. Do what ever u want but search a loyal & hardworking & honest girl for this job.. OK???”
Ranveer comes to him.. He disconnects the call…
Shivaye: ” How r u Ranveer??? All r busy with Prinku..”
Ranveer: ” Yaa I am OK Shivaye.. But u looked tensed..”
Shivaye: ” Yes.. Actually Ranveer.. Annika is going to start a business.. May be a event planner business.. She needs a secretary cum manager for her work so I want a loyal, honest & hardworking girl for her.. So..”
Ranveer: ” I see.. It’s OK Shivaye don’t worry u will get..”
Ranveer gets a call and leaves…

Ranveer call Prinku.. Prinku comes..
Ranveer: ” Priyanka I have to leave now..”
Prinku: ” But why?? Any emergency???”
Ranveer: ” Yes in market some goon attacks everyone.. I think its same group of gang who we were searching for many months… I have to go.. Its my responsibility..”
Prinku: ” OK.. OK.. Don’t worry.. I will stay here till u comes… Come soon and take care.. Bye..”
Ranveer: ” U understands me very well.. I love u.. Bye..”
Ranveer kisses on prinku’s forehead and leaves.. Prinku smiles..

In market…
Gauri & Jiya sees the crowd and shouting people..
Gauri: ” Oh God..”
Everyone searches place to hide.. Gauri & Jiya goes behind a tree & hides.. All goons r shouting and scars people..
A little girl can’t found her parents and cries.. A goon sees her & catch her.. The girl cries..
Goon: ” Mr. Xyz.. Come out or I will kill this girl..” He points a gun on the girl’s head.. The girl cries.. Gauri & Jiya r shocked..

Precap: Gauri holds the little girl to save her.. A gunshot… All shocked..

That’s all friends.. Plz support my this ff too.. Have a good day… Thanks…

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