Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha.. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana.. (Rikara ff)— part 3

Hey friends… Kiya here… Friends I am really confused bcz of the current track bcz in IB precap is different & DBO’s precap is different then how will the sangam occurs??? Don’t know… But I still exited to watch Annika & Gauri in one frame…
OK now start the ff….

Part 3

Om enters cafe… A girl in sitting in a corner wearing a white dress (Ayesha).. But when Om looks at there a waiter came in front of her so Om didn’t see her… He only could see Gauri wearing a white dress… He memorised by her beauty but suddenly he shook Hus head and said to himself, ” Om what r u doing she ditched ur friend… She is a cheap girl.. Focus…”
He goes to her…

Outside the cafe…
Jiya is crying badly… Parth saw her & feels bad… He goes to her…
Parth: ” Excuse me…”
Jiya looks at him..
Parth: ” Look.. Don’t take me wrong… U r crying so much that ur eyes r swollen plz take it.. I feel really very bad…”
He forwards a handkerchief to her… She was feeling good by this consent from a stranger.. She takes it..
Parth: ” OK then take care.. Bye..”
Parth starts leaving Jiya stops him..

Inside the cafe…
Om: ” So.. U r the one??”
Gauri(in her mind): Is he Varun??? Look at him… His face says that he can’t hurt anyone… Oh stop it Gauri he is Varun.. Look how he is talking with u??
Om: ” Hello.. I am talking with u…”
Gauri: ” Yes.. What u think urself??? How dare u???”
Om: ” Really??? Fault is ur and u treating me like that???”
Gauri: ” My fault???”
Om: ” Yes.. Bcz of u cheap girls innocent boys have to suffer…”
Gauri: ” What I am cheap??? And u r talking about suffer?? Bcz if u boys we girls hurt always…”
Om: ” Hurt?? This word didn’t suit u…”
They argue…..

Outside the cafe…
Jiya & Parth sits together and drinks coffee…
Jiya: ” My friend Gauri is waiting for my ex boyfriend..”
Parth: ” Yaa.. My friend Omkara also went for same reason.. Our story is almost same..”
Jiya: ” Yaa…”
Jiya’s phone beeped.. She saw it…
Jiya: ” Wow.. Varun is not coming.. He is not interested to meet me…”
Parth: ” Actually he don’t deserve u..”
While talking Parth see Ayesha who is leaving with her boyfriend..
Parth: ” How same less girl.. See..”
Jiya sees Ayesha…
Jiya: ” She too didn’t deserve u at all…”
Parth: ” Friends???” He forwarded his hand…
Jiya: ” Friends..” They shake hands…

Parth: ” Wait if Ayesha is here then where is Om???”
Jiya: ” Let’s go in.. I think I should inform Gauri about Varun..”
They goes…

Rikara was still fighting like a kids.. Everyone sees them…
Suddenly Gauri lost her temper and takes a glass full of juice and throw it on him…
Meanwhile Parth & Jiya comes there and shocked to see this.. Om is also very shocked..
Om: ” U????”
Parth: ” Om…”
Jiya: ” Gauri….”
Gauri: ” Om?????”
Om: ” Gauri??? She is Ayesha????”
Gauri: ” She is Varun.. Right???”
Jiya: ” No.. Wrong… He is not Varun.. Varun is not coming..”
Parth: ” Yaa.. And Om she is not Ayesha.. Ayesha left some time before yaar..”
Jiya: ” Thank God.. Me & Parth came otherwise u r ready to kill each other…”
Parth: ” By the way.. Jiya he is my friend Omkara & Om she is Jiya…”
Jiya: ” Hy Om.. Sorry for my silly friends silly mistake.. Sorry..”]

Om: ” Its OK.. Its my mistake too so sorry..”
Jiya: ” Parth she is Gauri & Gauri he is parth..”
Gauri: ” Hello and Sorry… But how u guys know each other???”
Parth: ” Well.. It’s a long story… We will tell u guys later.. But now we have to leave.. Om has some work..”
Jiya: ” OK then bye.. See u later..”
Om & Gauri look at each other and Om & Parth leaves…

Precap: Raksha bandhan in Oberoi mansion…

Thats all friends… Thanks for reading have a good day…

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  1. Shraddha-DBO

    Nice track yaar, waiting to see rikara story?

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr…

  2. Very nice

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr…


    Main darr gayi thi.show ki tarah mujhe laga is ff main bhi gaurikara ki beech MU hoga.thank you so much for not create any MU between GauriKara
    waiting for a different love story. ???

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr… And I didn’t like the misunderstanding track at all…

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Rasika…

  4. Niriha

    Awesome….eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Niriha.. Keep reading..

  5. Yashu

    Awesome I just read all the 3 episodes of dis ff…..loved it….rikara scene ??…..waiting 4 nxt……

    1. Kiya

      Thank u so much Yashu..

  6. Awesome dear… It’s​ so interesting…. I am waiting for the next episode

    1. Kiya

      Thanks Dr..

  7. Verna

    Wow.. Om Gauri nok jhok.was good.. I loved it 🙂

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