Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha…. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana… (Rikara ff) Part 20

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Part 20

Morning… Annika calls Gauri.. Gauri picks the call..
An: Gauri..
Ga: Yes Di..
An: Sorry yaar for yesterday’s incident.. I know its not ur fault but everyone scolded u.. Sorry Gauri..
G: Are Di.. Why r u talking like this… Its OK.. I didn’t mind at all.. Plz don’t say sorry like this..
A: Thank god.. U forgave me… So u r coming na???
G: Where???
A: In Oberoi mansion…
G: Oh.. Yes Di I am coming.. Give me 15 minutes.. I will be there..
A: OK… See u soon then.. Bye…
G: bye..
Gauri disconnects the call & goes to get ready…

Annika keep the phn aside & thinks something.. Shivaye comes..
Sh: What happened???
A: Nothing..
Sh: Annika… Just tell me..
A: Shivaye I know that Gauri didn’t do anything so the point is someone is behind all this things… Shivaye I am scared for our baby.. If anything happens to baby.. All is not accident..
Sh: I know Annika.. I am thinking the same.. But don’t worry till I am with u & baby no one can harm u both.. OK??? So just relax.. I will find out that person..
Annika nodes.. Shivaye smiles & hugs her… Outside the room, OmRu & Saumya see this…
Ru: Bhabi us really worried na O???
Om: Yes.. Not only bhabi.. We all r worried for the baby…
Sa: Yes bhaiya.. I hope Annika Bhabi will be alright soon bcz bade bhaiya is there for her…
Om: But guys remember.. We have to more careful about Bhabi.. She is in danger.. OK???
Rumya nodes…
Sa: Let’s go.. Meet them..
Omru: Yes..
They goes in..

Shivika see them..
All greets Shivika..
Ru: So Bhabi.. How is my champ…
A: Absolutely fine..
Saumya screams: Bhabi…
A: What???
Sa: Its princess.. Not champ..
Ru: Shut up sumo.. It will be Prince.. Shivaye bhaiya’s Prince..
Sa: No..
Shi: Hey.. Wait.. Rudy I want a cute little princess.. So I am in Saumya’s team..
They did high-five..
Ru: What?? This not fair bhaiya.. Bhabi???? He makes a cry baby face & goes to Annika..
An: Excuse me..
Sh: Excused..
An: OK so the point is I want a Prince.. Means I am on Rudra’s team..
They do high five…
Om smiles & see all this silently..
Sa: But in that case who will win?? Two teams have two members..
Sh: Yes.. Hey Om is left… Om u decide..
An: I know Om he will be with his Bhabi… Right Om???
Om looked at both team & smiled…
Om: I am in Baby’s team..
All looks confused..
Om: Yes.. I am baby’s team.. Baby.. Who ever u r.. A boy or girl.. Ur Om Chachu is always with u..
All smiled…
An: Aww… How sweet Om.. I know u will be the best Chachu in the world…
Ru: Bhabi????
An: Sorry sorry.. U will be the best Chachu.. Om will be 2nd best.. Happy??
Ru: Love u Bhabi…
He hugs Annika.. Shivaye hugs Saumya.. Om smiles & going to leave but Annika calls her and ask him to do a work for her.. Om nodes…

Gauri was hurriedly get ready & trying to fix her duppata(scarf) but failed bcz she is doing it in hurry…
G: Oho Gauri.. Bol to diya Di ko ki bas 15 minute me ajayenge.. But now??? Already 10 minutes has gone.. Help me god… She looks at mirror & try again.. She see Om in the mirror.. She sees that Om is behind her… She was shocked & asked, Omkara? U r here???
Om comes close to her & ask her to stop talking… Gauri looks at her through mirror.. He takes her duppata & goes to fix it.. His hands touch her back and she shivers & close her eyes… After that she opens her eyes & found its a imagination.. She see her duppata in her hands… She scold herself for this stupid imagination of Om & fixed her duppata & leaves hurriedly..

She came near her house lane & trying to stop taxies… One taxi comes & stop near her… She was going to enter it when she saw Om on backseat of the taxi.. She gets shocked.. Om smiles at her & ask her to come… Driver ask is she wants to go or not… Gauri was lost & says no.. Driver yells at her.. Gauri saw again that taxi was empty… She was irritated by this imagination.. She ask taxi to go.. Taxi goes.. She thought to go by bus it will be safe… She goes to bus stand & waits for the bus.. Om comes in car & stops in front of her.. She looks at him & turns her face and while closing her eyes tightly says, Gauri it just ur imagination.. Omkara is not here.. U will open ur eyes & found no one here.. So open ur eyes.. 1… 2.. & 3…
Om calls Gauri..
Gauri opens her eyes & see Om in front of her.. She get back two steps at a jerk..
G: U…U???
O: R u OK? I am calling u.. I ask u to get into the car & u turn ur face & talking something… What happened???
G: wo… Wo… Nothing.. Actually I didn’t saw u…
O: Ooo.. Its OK.. Common let’s go..
G: Where???
O: Oberoi mansion??? Or kaha??
G: Yes yes.. But why did u came?? I am coming by bus…
O: Yes.. I know but Annika Bhabi ask me to pick u up so I came.. Any problem??? Look I am so far from ur house..
G: Yes I know.. Its OK.. Fine.. Let’s go then..
They get into the car & leaves…

In car…
O: So???
G: What???
O: Nothing..
G: How is Annika Di???
O: OK.. But she is little tensed about the incidents..
G: Hmm.. Its normal.. Di is tensed about the baby…
O: Yaa.. I know everyone is tensed about the baby… Gauri..
G: Ha…
O: I am sure that u didn’t mix something in Bhabi’s food but the fact is then who did this???
G: Yes Om I am thinking about the same.. I think these things which r going on around Bhabi these all r not accidents.. Someone is behind this all..
O: Really??? Then we should find out & I think the culprit is in our house.. May be any servant???
G: Hmm.. May be…
Gauri thinks about the incidents & found Ragini.. Gauri says in her mind, Is that a coincidence that when Di’s accidents r happened Ragini is always near Di and after she came this things r happening.. Mujhe us Ragini par nazar rakhni paregi…
Om ask the matter.. Gauri didn’t say anything to her…

They reach OM…

Gauri & Om comes to Shivika’s room… Shivaye was on call & Annika was working on her laptop.. Gauri comes to Annika… Annika hugs her happily & says, Sorry… Gauri makes a fake angry face… Shivaye comes to them & says sorry to Gauri …
G: Its alright bhaiya.. I know u r tensed about Di… That’s why.. Its completely alright..
Sh: Oh thank god.. By the way Om is right about u… U r really very sweet…
Shivika smiles.. Gauri looks at Om..

Precap: Gauri sees Ragini & get scared…
Gauri goes to Om…

That’s all my friends… Thanks for reading have a good day….??

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