Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha…. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana… (Rikara ff) Part 19

Hi friends… Friends I changed my Name in Instagram so who wants to follow me there can search by name Shivika_Rikara_love_forever.. Its my account name.. Anyone of u who have account on Instagram can follow there.. OK now let’s move to my Rikara ff…
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Part 19

Gauri waits for Om outside of OM.. Om comes in car..
Gauri gets in Om’s car.. Om asks her to wear the sit belt.. Gauri tries but failed bcz she is thinking about the incident which just happened with her.. She tries again.. Om notice her & hold the sit belt.. Gauri looks at him.. Om gets up from his sit & helps her to wear the sit belt.. Gauri looks at him.. Om also looks at her.. They have a eye lock.. Sathiya plays.. Om says, Its done.. Gauri get back to sense & see her sit belt.. Om gets back to his sit.. Gauri tries to smile.. Om holds her hand.. Gauri shivers..
Om: Don’t worry Gauri.. I know u r upset with today’s incident.. But I am here na.. I will always be with u… I know u r not wrong.. So don’t think about that.. Everything will be alright.. OK???
Gauri nodes with teary eyes..
Om: Gauri r u OK???
Ga: Yes..
Om leaves her hand..
Om: Sorry..
G: Its OK & thanks..
Om smiles & starts the car..
Gauri turns her face & wipes her tears.. She looks at Om…
Om plays the radio.. Tum Jo aye zindagi me bat bangayi song plays (movie – Once upon a time in Mumbai)…
Gauri sees Om & smiles listening the song…
Om drives…
After sometime Om sees Gauri & thinks to change her mood.. He changes the radio channel.. Another channel plays & guess what in that channel love angel was talking.. Om notice it & smiles..
In radio, Love angel says, Hello my dear friends.. How r u all?? I am fine.. So today’s topic is Trust.. In every relationship u have to trust on ur partner.. If ur relationship starts with trust then ur relationship is very strong.. So friends tell love angle about ur trust in relationship & any relationship problems related trust.. I will try to solve them.. OK now a beautiful song for u all from ur love angle..
Tera hone laga hoon jabse mila hu.. (Movie – Ajab prem ki jazab kahani)…
Om: Gauri u know who is this Love angel???
G: No ..
O: Actually its our Saumya..
G: Really??
O: Yes.. When Saumya & Rudra didn’t know each other from that time Rudy listens love angle & calls her by name Amar prem..
G: Amar prem???
She laughs… Om was lost in her smiles.. Om continue talking & Gauri laughs listening Rudra’s works.. That song continues..

After sometime Om stops his car…
Om: So ur house lane is came..
G: Thanks for everything Omkara..
O: Its alright Gauri..
G: Bye …
Gauri gets out of the car.. Om also get out.. They bid bye to each other.. Suddenly it start raining.. Om runs to a shop’s shelter near the lane.. Then he notice that Gauri was outside & she us enjoining the every drop if water of rain.. He smiles.. Gauri feels the rain & see some children r dancing on the road.. She goes to them & dance with them.. Om calls her but she didn’t listen & signs him to come.. First he said no.. Then Gauri comes & drags him.. Om gives a fake angry look to her.. She says, Omkara.. Life is so small.. Who knows what is next?? So let’s enjoy every moment of life.. OK???
Om was amazed by her positive thoughts.. He smiles & starts dancing with her.. They dance like kids.. Gauri dance with children.. Om stops & sees her & smiles.. (Male Sathiya plays..)

Om comes home… He is full drenched.. He enters while shivering.. Rudra & Saumya notice him.. Om see them & stops…
R: So O r u enjoying the rain???
O: Yes…
R: Alone???
O: No.. Gauri..(pause)
R: Who???
O: No one..
Sa: R u sure bhaiya???
O: Yes Saumya.. Plz guys let me go..
He shivers & coughs…
Sa: OK OK bhaiya u go & change.
Om goes..
Ru: So O enjoyed rain with Gaourii…
Sa: Its Gauri Rudra…
R: I know… Let’s go we also enjoy the rain.. Common..
Sa: Rudra no..
R: Yes…
Rudra drags Saumya while singing ” Main nachu aj cham cham cham…”
Saumya laughs..

Om comes to his room.. Shivaye comes & shocked to see Om…
Sh: Om???
O: Yes..
Sh: What happened to u???
O: Nothing.. Just suddenly rain comes & this happen..
Sh: But u gone in car.. Right???
O: Yaa.. But it just.. Gauri..
Sh: Yes Gauri.. I came here to talk about her..
Om: Yes Shivaye tell..
Sh: Om u drop her safe na???
Om: Yes Shivaye.. Why??
Sh: Yaar I should apologize to her.. Actually today’s incident.. I know she is not like that… After she went Annika told me everything & I understand its not her mistake.. Meaninglessly I scolded her..
Om: Its OK Shivaye.. I know her.. Tomorrow u will talk to her & everything will be alright.. OK???
Shivaye nodes…
O: and take care of bhabi.. Now go.. She must be need u… Go..
Sh: Yaa.. U change.. I will send hot chocolate for u.. OK???
Om smiles.. Shivaye leaves…

Precap: Gauri notice something different in Ragini.. She doubt’s about her intentions..

That’s all friends.. Thanks for reading.. Don’t forget to leave comments.. Silent readers plz comment.. Ur comments r also important for me.. So plz… Have a good day…??

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