Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha…. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana… (Rikara ff) Part 18

Hi friends.. I know I am late again so sorry for that & let’s move to my ff..

Part 17

Part 18

Morning.. Doctor checks Annika & ask her to take care… Shivaye talks with doctor.. Gauri comes to OM.. She comes to Annika & greets her..
An: Gauri I feel so much hungry.. Shivaye is out so plz can u ask someone to give me something..
G: Di what r u saying.. Wait I will bring something for u.. OK??
Annika smiles & Gauri leaves..
Ragini sees this from outside & thinks, this is the right time..

In kitchen.. Gauri ask servants about Annika’s food.. Servant says she will serve it to try.. She starts arranging.. Om & Saumya comes.. Saumya says to Om that they will have Paratha today.. Om says OK fine as u wish.. Saumya smiles & notice Gauri.. They greet each other.. Om also greet her.. Gauri says good morning..
They have small chit chat.. While talking Saumya takes Paratha for them & they goes outside..
While talking Saumya & Om eats Paratha & forces Gauri to eat.. Meanwhile Ragini enters the kitchen & tell servants that pinky called them.. They leaves & Ragini hurriedly mix something in the food… Other side Gauri finally take two bites & goes to take Annika’s food.. Ragini sees her coming & hides.. Gauri takes the food trolley.. Om & Saumya ask if she need help.. Gauri says no & asked them to continue their breakfast.. She leaves.. Om sees her while going, Saumya notice it & smiles..

Gauri comes with the food.. Annika eat it..

After sometime Gauri was busy in some clients call.. Annika feels uneasy.. She calls Gauri & faints.. Gauri was still busy on phn so she didn’t notice Annika.. Shivaye comes OM for something & sees Annika is lying on the floor.. He shouts Annika.. Gauri was shocked, she cuts the call & runs to Annika..

Doctor came & check Annika..
Shivaye scolds Gauri for her carelessness.. Gauri feels guilty.. Doc comes out & says, she ate something wrong which is unhealthy for the baby.. But don’t worry I gave medicine to her.. Next time be careful..
Doc goes.. Pinky starts panicking that anyone does some black magic on Annika & their baby.. Janvi ask her to stop & asks servants, who gave the food to Annika.. A servant says Gauri.. Gauri was shocked.. Pinky starts scolding her.. She accuses Gauri badly.. Janvi also say her that she should be careful about Annika’s health.. Shivaye is also upset with her.. Pinky ask Shivaye to fire her today.. Gauri cries.. Ragini smirks & thinks, so now I can do my work peacefully.. But this time Om comes in front of her.. He says she didn’t do anything, She will be not fired.. Om supports Gauri & praise her bcz she saves Annika two times.. Dadi also support Om & Gauri.. Ragini gets angry..

Gauri was leaving.. Om comes..
O: Should I drop u???
G: Thanks..
O: For what???
G: For supporting me.. I really need this job.. Thanks a lot..
O: OK.. OK.. Now stop.. I know u didn’t do anything wrong.. U can’t harm anyone..
Gauri smiles seeing Om’s confidence on her.. Om smiles back..
O: Then let’s go..
G: OK.. But u will drop me before my house lane comes.. OK??
O: OK.. Let’s go..
They leaves…

Precap: Om Gauri dance in rain..

That’s all friends.. Sorry for this late & short update.. Don’t forget to give ur feedbacks..??

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  1. awesome
    update soon

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    Awesome…. expose the ragini soon…. Excited for the next part… post it soon…

  3. Lauren

    Amazinggggg loved it.. I think I have never commented before on ur dis but I read regularly… sry dii for not commenting on d previous ones….. post next asap..

    1. Lauren

      On ur dis ff but**

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    Awesome….expose ragini soon waiting for next part update soon

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    Awesome….loving it….waiting 4 nxt…..

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    Nice one dear

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    Yeah.. that’s my Om.. I loved that part when Om support her.. waiting for next part


    Uss naagini?precap??

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  10. Yvonne Codner

    Kiya..what a wonderful serial you have put out..I am so sorry that there has to be a fly-in-the-ointment (Ragini) everything was going splendidly, until she came into the picture..but I do hope that her evil behavior will be exposed fast. Thanks for my Sunday afternoon entertainment and I am looking forward to the next episode. 🙂

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