Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha…. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana… (Rikara ff) Part 17

Hi friends… Kiya here.. I hope u all r enjoining my this ff too.. That’s good but I request silent readers plz comment.. Bcz only ur appreciation is reward of my hard work for this ffs.. I hope u understand.. Sorry for any silly mistake in writing.. Who missed my previous part got it here..


Part 17

Gauri comes to Annika.. Annika ask her about the work.. Gauri is lost so she just nodes.. Annika observe her & ask her the problems.. But Gauri said its just work stress nothing else but in her mind she is thinking about Om & her Chachi…

Ragini goes to kitchen & meet Shivaye.. Shivaye was making breakfast for Annika..
Ra: Really I am impressed.. A businessman is making breakfast for his lovely wife.. Not bad..
Sh: No yaar its nothing like that.. It’s just a loving husband is making breakfast for her lovely wife..
They smiles & have a small chit chat.. Shivaye leaves with breakfast for Annika.. Ragini smiles & picks a oil bottle..

Shivaye comes to Annika with Breakfast & Gauri leaves so that they can spend sometime together.. She roams around when Om comes to her.. She was shocked to saw him suddenly.. He ask her about how is she?? She didn’t reply her & says that she have many work.. Gauri behaves awkward & ignore him.. Om feels bad bcz of her behavior..

Gauri goes to see Annika.. Shivaye was feeding her.. Gauri sees this & think about Om.. She smiles.. Saumya comes to her & also sees the same..
Sa: Cute na???
G: Yes..
Sa: I also feeds Rudra me sometimes.. Its good to care for each other in love..
G: Yes.. Its important to care for each other in love..
Sa: Gauri u also believe in love???
G: Yes I do & thinks about Om..
Sa: That’s great.. Do u love someone???
Gauri going to say something when Rudra comes & calls Saumya..
Sa: Now what’s it this??
Ru: I need ur help.. As u say I am trying to read but..
Sa: But??
Ru: But I can’t understand anything yaar.. Plz help..
He makes a crybaby face..
Saumya & Gauri laughs seeing him..
G: Rudy bhaiya u r just awesome..
Ru: Really?? I know that..
Sa: Yaa now let’s go & concentrate on books.. Common.. See u later Gauri..
They bids bye each other & Rumya leaves.. Gauri smiles..
Om sees this from far thinks that she is talking to everyone but she ignored him.. He feels very bad & became upset..

Ragini comes to stairs & fell some oil in that place.. She smirks..
Ra: Now Annika will come here.. But when she about to fall I hold her & falls to save her and then Shivaye will say, wow Ragini u didn’t think about urself to save Annika??? U r great.. OMG.. What a plan Ragini this way u become the Savior of Annika… And then ..
She hears some foot steps.. She hides..
Annika comes there while talking in her phn.. She comes near to the stairs.. Ragini looks on..
Dadi, Janvi & Pinky call her downstairs.. She replied & going downstairs.. Suddenly she slips & about to fall when Ragini comes to hold her but Gauri comes running upstairs & holds her…
All looks worried.. Annika was in shock…

Everyone enquirers about Annika… She said that she is alright nothing just bcz of Gauri.. Shivaye thanks her & takes Annika to her room.. Everyone thanks Gauri said it’s alright..
Ragini angrily goes from there..
Everyone leaves.. Om comes to Gauri..
O: Thanks …
G: Its alright..
O: R u angry with me???
G: No.. Why!??
O: Nothing..
Om going to leave with a said face but Gauri stops him..
G: Sorry actually I have some working stress that’s why I behaved that way.. Sorry again..
O: Its OK.. Don’t worry..
Om thinks in mind, I know Gauri u have not any working stress something else happened to u…
Om smiles & Gauri smiles back..

Ragini comes to her room angrily & hits a wall..
Ra: Oh.. Again that girl came in between.. Bcz of her again I can’t be Annika’s Savior.. But now I have to think something new & something big.. Very big.. I have to do somthing with this girl Gauri.. In any cost I have to gain Shivaye & Annika’s trust.. I have to..

Precap: Annika ate something & feels bad.. Everyone blames Gauri…

That’s all my readers.. I am trying to improve my this ff but plz silent readers do comments..?? I need ur comments yaar to cheer up myself.. Thanks fur reading.. Have a good day ..??

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