Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha…. Tumhe Jo Maine Jana… (Rikara ff) Part 13


Hey friends.. Sorry sorry sorry.. I know I am too tooo tooooo late but what to do I am really busy going now days.. Sorry again & thanks to my readers who loves my ff… Thanks readers.. Now let’s move to next part… Who missed my previous part get it here…


Part 13

Gauri hugs Om tightly & closes her eyes.. Om was shocked.. He clam down himself & think how to react.. Being happy or angry at that moment??? He thinks about this and suddenly again a big thunder sound come & Gauri tighten her grip.. She is hugging Om more tightly.. Om hugs her back & consoles her.. Gauri opens her eyes & realise her state & break the hug.. They r too much embarrassed for just happened now…
Om: ” R u OK???”
Gauri nodes…
Om: ” OK then sleep now..”
He goes to couch and lay down.. Gauri see him & lay down on bed.. Gauri thinks about their moments and see him.. Om closes his eyes and thinks Gauri and looked at her.. Gauri close her eyes.. Om sees her & smiles.. They sleep..

Morning.. Oberoi mansion..
Rudy was on a call.. He roams in hall.. Saumya comes.. Rudra smiles at her.. Saumya smiles back.. He cuts the call..
Rudra: ” Sumo..”
Saumya: ” Rudra ur project is complete.. Submit it tomorrow.. OK??”
Rudra: ” Thanks Sumo.. U know what u r the best.. Love u..”
Saumya: ” Love u too..”
They smiles..
A man comes..
Man: ” Rudra sir..”
Rumya look at him..
Rudra: ” Yes..”
Man: ” Sir this is a medical report.. Its for Annika mam.. can u give her plz??”
Saumya: ” OK.. OK.. We will give her..”
Rudra takes it.. Man goes..
Saumya: ” Don’t know what happened to Annika bhabi.. I hope she is alright..”
Rudra: ” Yaa right.. Wait the reports r in my hands then why don’t we read this..”
Saumya: ” No Rudra its bad manners..”
Rudra: ” Plz Sumo.. For bhabi..”
He makes a puppy face.. Saumya takes it & open it.. She was shocked to see..

Om was ready.. He calls out Gauri..
Om: ” Gauri.. R u ready?? We have to leave..”
Gauri comes..
Gauri: ” Yaa I am ready..”
Om sees her.. She is arranging her wet hairs.. Om was lost in her.. She is looking so beautiful.. Om jerks himself..
Om thinks, ” What r u doing Om?? Get back to real world.. Forget her like a dream..”
Gauri: ” Omkara did u say something???”
Om: ” WO.. No.. Nothing..”
Gauri smiles..
Om thinks, ” Stop giving this smile.. Its distracting..”
Gauri: ” Let’s go..”
Om: ” Yaa..”
They about to leave.. Om’s phone rang.. He picks it..
Om: ” Yes Rudra..”
Rudy: ” O.. O.. O..”
Om: ” What Rudra?? Tell..”
R: O.. U r going to be O Chachu..
Om: ” What???”
R: ” Yes.. O.. Annika bhabi is pregnant.. Bhaiya is going to become papa..”
O: ” really???”
Om’s eyes r filled with tears of happiness.. Gauri is watching him shockingly..
Om: ” Wait I will congratulate Shivaye..”
R: ” No.. No.. O.. Bhaiya don’t know anything.. Actually we have the reports.. O don’t tell bhaiya.. That’s why I have a plan..”
Om smiles & listen something..
O: ” OK.. I will be back in 1 hour.. Bye..”
R: ” OK.. Bye o..”
He cuts the phone and hugs Sumo..
Om cuts the phone.. Gauri was tensed seeing him crying..
Gauri: ” Omkara.. R u OK?? What happened???”
Om happily hugs Gauri.. Gauri was shocked but after that smiles.. She can feel Om’s emotion..
Gauri: ” Omkara.. What happened??”
Om breaks the hug..
Om: ” Gauri.. Gauri.. I going to became Chachu.. Annika bhabi is pregnant.. I am so happy.. To much happy..”
Gauri smiles.. She congratulate him.. He is too much happy.. Gauri first time saw Om this much happy.. His smiling face is glowing like a star.. Gauri thinks, ” His smile.. His smile feels like I can die for this smile.. Why this strange feelings?? Is this something?? No no.. Gauri what r h thinking?? Shut up..” She pats her head & smile..
Om: ” Let’s GI Gauri.. I can’t wait.. Rudy plans something.. I will tell about it one the way.. Common.. Fast..”
They goes..

Precap: Shivika comes & shocked to see…

That’s all my dears.. I know its too late update.. But I am trying to handle all ffs.. Sorry.. But don’t stop ur support for this ff.. Have a good day.. Thanks for reading.. Don’t forgot to comment..????

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