Tumhari Pakhi 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pakhi bringing lunch for Anshuman to his office. Anshuman says nothing changed, you brought the food like before. Anshuman says he is working for family but will spend time with them. She asks him to make Aryaman become responsible. He says fine, I will ask him to come from tomororow. Music plays………….She says I want some money. He says everything is yours. She says Maha ji told she lost her 2 tola chain, so I want to buy for her. He asks did Aryaman steal it. She says no, maybe she forgot. He says I understood what you meant, he will come to office and forget his bad past. They have a laugh. Saiyyan…………plays……….. He holds her hand and asks for a sweet kiss. She pushes him and asks him to have food.

Aryaman sees Ayaan playing in the lawn and sees

the cameras. He sees the security guards. He comes to Ayaan and says lets go out. Ayaan says dad won’t allow. Aryaman says you are grown up now, little kids play with ball. He takes him and stops seeing Pakhi come. Pakhi asks where are you going. Aryaman says I m taking him out, do you have any problem. She says no. He asks do you have cycle. She says yes, and asks Sukhi to bring Anshuman and Ayaan’s cycles. Aryaman and Ayaan go out for cycling.

Lavanya asks Girish not to do much work. She hires the driver Sandeep, Aryaman’s brother. She asks him to drive well and carefully. Girish leaves with him. Ayaan enjoys. Aryaman brings him far and calls Sandeep asking him to come to some point on time and kidnap Ayaan, as he is bringing them. He looks at Ayaan. Lavanya is there and talks to Anuja. She says I m fine. Anuja asks is she annoyed about Aryaman. Lavanya says no. She feels some pain and does not tell to Anuja.

She faints on the road. People rush to her and se she is pregnant. Aryaman sees people gathered. Ayaan passes by. Aryaman looks at that side and sees its Lavanya. He is shocked and thinks what to do, as he was going to kidnap Ayaan. He applies the brakes and sees Ayaan going ahead. He comes to her and asks what happened. The ladies ask him to take her to hospital else she will lose her baby. Aryaman thinks what to do now. He helps Lavanya and takes her. Ayaan comes back and asks what happened to her.

Aryaman asks the people to stop a car. No one helps. Aryaman tries to take lift and stands infront of the cars. Many cars passes and Aryaman tries hard to stop a car and take lift. He lifts Lavanya and runs on the road. He stops a car and takes lift. They take Lavanya to the hospital. Pakhi sees Anshuman back home. Anshuman says you said Maha ji lost chain, so I thought to see CCTV footage to clear my doubt. She says I m sure Maha ji is wrong.

Maha ji comes there. Anshuman sees Aryaman in Ayaan’s room and thinks what was he doing there at night. Maha ji talks to Anshuman and apologizes to him for blaming Aryaman. She got the chain. Pakhi says don’t blame him again. Anshuman thinks its the same night footage, so it means Aryaman spoiled his helicopter and then repaired it, why did he do this.

Aryaman calls Anshuman and asks him to come as Lavanya is in hospital. Anshuman and everyone rush there. The doctor says she is fine, her BP was low, I told her case is complicated, don’t leave her alone. She says its good Anshuman saw her. She is shocked to see both of them together.Anshuman says he is my younger brother Aryaman. Ayaan says Aryaman stopped cares like filmi hero, Lavanya was lying unconscious on the road. Girish thanks Aryaman. The doctor asks them to take Lavanya home as she is fine now.

Anuja says its my mistake, I should have come to you. Lavanya says it happens sometimes. Anuja says its good Aryaman saw you. Lavanya smiles and says yes, its good. Lavanya asks Aryaman to bring medicines. She thanks him. Pakhi sends Anshuman to see does he have money or not. Sandeep catches Aryaman and asks what was the need to take Lavanya to hospital, is she really your sister. Aryaman says humanity is something, I could have not left her to die. Sandeep says risk is increasing every day, do this work soon. If they doubtnon you, you will be in jail whole life and we will lose 20 crores. Aryaman says don’t come to meet me, else we will be caught if anyone sees us. Anshuman comes there and sees Aryaman talking to some man.

Aryaman talks in sleep and says leave me, I don’t want to die, don’t beat me. Anshuman comes there and says Aryaman. He takes out a knife and shows it to Anshuman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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