Tumhari Pakhi 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Aryaman scolding Lavanya. He says women should be in control and yells high. He leaves. Anuja and Pakhi pacify her. Lavanya says how did you not tell anything to him. Anuja says he is this because of me, he did not get family, not mother, not good upbringing, but you understand him. Lavanya sayts you can’t cover his mistakes always. Anuja says you both are same for me. Lavanya gets annoyed and says you proved it now. Girish tries to explain Lavanya. She says my brother scolded you too, I did not feel good, I m sorry. He hugs her. He says we should not feel bad, mum was right. She says I felt bad. He says we will keep a driver if you are annoyed. She smiles and hugs him thanking.

He asks how will you call him. She says I have his number.The servants talk about Aryaman

being bad mannered and says Lavanya did not get scolded by Anshuman and Girish. Sukhi says I heard Aryaman stole a watch and is a thief. Anuja hears them talking that there is nothing same between Anshuman and Aryaman. Aryaman talks to Sandeep and tells his anger on Lavanya. Sandeep says why do you care, leave it. Aryaman says fine, our plan of tonight is final. Sandeep says I will be ready tonight. Aryaman takes Ayaan’s pic and stabs a knife at it.

Anuja walks in his room and sees him smoking. She thinks he has become wrong all because of me, he did not get my love. Aryaman says he won’t need anything from now on. He waits for 11pm. He tosses a coin and laughs. Its night, 11pm, Aryaman comes to Ayaan’s room and calls his name. He tries to wake him up. He sees Ayaan is not there and pillows are kept at his place. He gets angry. Pakhi catches him and says we know you will come here, we know your plan. Ayaan and Pakhi cover him with blanket and says we know you were coming at 11pm.

Anshuman comes form outside and she is shocked seeing him. She says you here. Ayaan says dad..,…. She sees who is it. Ayaan says Chachu. Pakhi cups her mouth being shocked. She stands by Anshuman. Aryaman says actually…….. Pakhi says sorry, we did not know its you, we thought its Anshuman. Ayaan says sorry, dad comes to meet me when he comes from office, so we planned to punish him. Pakhi asks Anshuman he was coming at 11pm. Anshuman says you here. Aryaman says I came to see Ayaan and his helipcopter. Anshuman thanks him. Aryaman leaves.

Anshuman and Pakhi laugh and hug. Saiyyan……………plays…………. Aryaman comes back to his room and smokes. Sandeep puts torch on him and he goes to meet him in the lawn. Sandeep asks why did you come alone, where is the kid. Aryaman says his parents were there, I could not bring him. Pakhi praises Aryaman to become Ayaan’s friend, they look cute together. Sandeep asks Aryaman to bring the kid and do his work soon. Aryaman says I will bring him, we will kidnap him. He gets angry.

Pakhi says but Aryaman wants time to adjust, I know its new relations and he will take time. Anshuman asks why, what happened. She says nothing, He says Lavanya called me and told about Aryaman. Pakhi says its not Anuja’s mistake, she loves them equally, what is stuck in between them. Its morning, Maha ji loses her 2 tola gold chain and the servants gossip. Sukhi says we are old here and I think Aryaman did this. Maha ji says yes, I heard he was a thief before coming here. Sukhi says don’t take my name, they leave. Maha ji says Sukhi iss right, Aryaman might have stolen my chain, but how to tell against him, I will tell this to Pakhi. She said once that wrong is wrong. She goes to talk to Pakhi.

Pakhi is cooking in kitchen. Pakhi says I m taking lunch for Anshuman to his office. Maha ji tells her about losing her gold chain and she suspects Aryaman stole it. Anuja comes and hears this. She scolds Maha ji. Pakhi is shocked. Anuja says he is owner of this house. Maha ji says Sukhi told me sorry. Anuja says I will see Sukhi. Anuja says servants are like this, they gossip about everyone, they talk about Aryaman, he did not stay here, he grew in orphanage, don’t tell anything against him. She leaves angrily. Pakhi looks on.

Aryaman takes Ayaan out for cycling and calls Sandeep asking him to come on time to kidnap Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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