Tumhari Pakhi 6th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 6th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 6th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi taling to Girish. She says I wanted to go for a walk with you. Girish asks whats the problem. Pakhi says I m not understanding what am I doing, Anshuman knows everything about Tanya and he likes her, its wrong what I m doing. Tanya speaks against Pakhi to Anshuman. Tanya says I doubt this is a challenge or anything else, she won’t go from here, she is playing a game. Girish inspires Pakhi and asks her not to think about others. He says you have to prove right thing right. Tanya says she is trying to prove me wrong, if I leave you, this property will go to her.

Girish explains Pakhi what the nature does and asks her to think about Ayaan. Pakhi says I m in the house only for Ayaan, I know Ayaan loves me a lot, so I want him to love Anshuman. Anshuman tells

Tanya that Ayaan and I can’t forget Pakhi, she did a lot for me. She is not like the one who plays games with others. Anshuman supports Pakhi. Tanya talks about Ayaan.

Tanya changes Anshuman’s clothes in the car and have a planning ahead. She asks him to race with her on cycling. Tanya and Anshuman have a romantic scene in the hill side. Tanya hugs him and asks him to imagine their life. He says can’t. She laughs with him. He asks what happened to you. Tanya is so excited and cheerful. She plays some riddles with him. She says I love you and you too love me. She asks him to ask her anything. He also asks a riddle. She laughs and says are you hungry, lets go. The servants are dancing at home. Ayaan is making them dance. Ayaan scolds them and plays music. Pakhi comes home and sees this. She is shocked. Pakhi talks to Ayaan about his act. Ayaan gives her a rude reply. Tanya taunts Pakhi and laughs on her.

Ayaan tells everyone that he will do what he wants. Pakhi asks the servants whats going on. Maa ji says Ayaan made us dance for two hours. Tanya talks to Ayaan and tries to win his heart. Ayaan scolds her and Tanya is shocked. Lavanya and Vikram are talking on the road. She asks Vikram to act as if he is her boyfriend. Girish’s friend sees Lavanya and Vikram together and hears them. Vikram also acts. Lavanya is happy that her plan succeeded. She says now the man will tell Girish about us. Vikram says I m happy I could help you. She thanks Vikram.

Ayaan plays game. Pakhi comes to him and gives him a gift. Ayaan sees the gift. Ayaan opens the gift and sees a water gun. Pakhi challenges him. Ayaan comes out of the room and Pakhi fires water on him. She laughs and says I won. Ayaan is still upset. Pakhi asks whats the problem, whats in your heart. She hugs him and asks him to talk to her. He runs. Anshuman asks Ayaan what happened. Ayaan runs out. Pakhi says I don’t know what happened. Tanya says Ayaan is annoyed with Pakhi.

Pakhi says I don’t know what happened to him, he is annoyed. Ayaan cycles in high speed. Lavanya sees him and shouts Ayaan as he meets with an accident. Anshuman and Pakhi look out for Ayaan at home. Anshuman says lets go and find him Pakhi. Lavanya calls Anshuman and scolds him. She tells him about Ayaan. Anshuman says I m coming. Lavanya brings Ayaan to her home. Pakhi and Anshuman come there. Lavanya gets angry. Ayaan gets angry on Pakhi. Pakhi asks what happened, I m sorry, tell me what happened.

Ayaan says you are a liar. Pakhi asks why. Ayaan says I know everything. Pakhi asks what. Ayaan says you lied to me, I know about your divorce and you are going to leave me. Everyone are shocked. Ayaan asks is this a lie. Pakhi says Ayaan…… Ayaan is annoyed and says why did you break my trust. Ayaan says don’t go Maa.

Ayaan says I won’t stop you, if you go, I will become a bad boy again and not call you Maa. Everyone looks on. Ayaan says tell me you won’t go. Pakhi cries. Ayaan says if you go, a Nanny will come. You are Maa, you don’t leave me. Ayaan says Kunal’s parents also took divorce and he stays sad, parents never thinks about their children, they are bad. Ayaan says go if you want to, leave now. He pushes Pakhi. Anshuman says Ayaan and holds Pakhi. He says Pakhi did not ask for divorce, its not her mistake. I filed for the divorce. Ayaan looks at him angrily.

Anshuman says I know Pakhi loves me but I love Tanya. Ayaan supports Pakhi. He says I don’t want dad. I won’t go to that house. Ayaan makes a mission with Girish. Girish says we have to make Tanya jealous.

Update Credit to: Amena

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