Tumhari Pakhi 6th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 6th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 6th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lavanya talking to Mr. Raichand showing him her designs. Lavanya talks about Naina but stops saying thinking Naina is Girish’s daughter. Pakhi applies sindoor and smiles thinking about Anshuman. She thinks about Tanya and little bit doubts on Anshuman. She says it won’t be anything like that, I know, but I have to talk to Anshuman. Lavanya thinks of getting the project. Lavanya says I have experienced it myself. I have designed this by my personal experience as I m pregnant, who will understand better than me. She tries to explain Mr. Raichand that she is really keen to get the project. Lavanya gets the project.

Pakhi wishes Ayaan all the best for the debate competition. Ayaan says I m little bit nervous. Pakhi kisses him and says all the best, you won’t

lose. She hugs him and says bye. Ayaan leaves for school. Ashok says Ramesh wants to go to post office, he will go making food. Pakhi says he can go, I will make food today. Pakhi reads the newspaper and is shocked to read about plane crash in Shimla. She runs to her room. Anshuman thinks about Pakhi’s words and her best wishes. Anshuman and Tanya are together in a hotel. Tanya gets closer to Anshuman.

She asks why are we leaving in different rooms, we can stay together. After seven days, your room will be my room. Anshuman says right. He checks his phone. She says I have switched if off yesterday, don’t bring the world between us. Anshuman says my office and business, I have to be in touch. Tanya says think about your priorities. Anshuman says yes, no connection with the outside world, lets think what to do to shoo away Pakhi. Tanya hugs him.

Pakhi calls Anshuman and the call does not connect. Pakhi gets worried. She prays to the Lord saying I m worried though I m sure he is fine. Anshuman gets food with the newspaper. He asks for cigarettes. Tanya takes the newspaper. Tanya says concentrate, I m doing this for us as I want to come in your life. Anshuman says I will call to wish Ayaan all the best. She says I did not see you like this before, you are a good dad, call him. Pakhi wishes to get a call from Anshuman and prays.

Anshuman gets Pakhi’s call. He receives the call. Pakhi is relieved hearing his voice. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says I was worried. He asks why are you worried, I was in meeting. Tanya hugs Anshuman. Pakhi says I will come to take you. Anshuman says what does that mean, I will come soon. He says the flight was late. She understands that he is lying. She is shocked. He says I want to talk to Ayaan to win him. Pakhi hears train sounds. Pakhi says Ayaan left, is your work going on good.

Tanya takes the call and cuts it. Anshuman and Tanya talks. Pakhi hears everything. Tanya purposely tells everything so that Pakhi can hear it. Pakhi says it means Anshuman is in Shimla, he lied to me. Anshuman says she might be knowing I lied to her. He says I m not liking this. Tanya says you are overthinking. She says she won’t know anything, relax. Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words and thinks the hotel is near the train track. She says its Hotel Heritage Palace.

Pakhi reaches the hotel. Tanya asks Anshuman not to take tension. Pakhi asks the receptionist in which room is Anshuman Rathore. She gets to know the room number. Tanya makes Anshuman busy in her talk. Anshuman is fooled by her. Pakhi goes to see Anshuman. Tanya opens the door and Anshuman and Tanya are shocked to see Pakhi. Pakhi is stunned.

Pakhi talks to the media. Tanya tells Anshuman that Pakhi will tell everything to the press. Anshuman is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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