Tumhari Pakhi 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
veer is about to eat the sweet when his phone rings. No one picks the phone so he has to go and pick the call. He starts talking leaveing the bowl on table.

Pakhi comes in, jiji has a diamond in her hand. Pakhi says jiji? she says i found this diamond in veer’s sweet. he wqas trying to suicide. i told you that he shouold be save. She says he doesn’t wanna suicide, someone has plucked this diamond from the ring. She notices the bangels and says these are the same ones in the handy cam? she wnats to kill veer? pakhi says why you came here? she says i just came in and found this diamond in the bowl. i am saying you stop playing with his life. i am taking this with me. i dont want him to keep anything with which he can harm himself.

Pakhi recalls events from

the beginning. she says why would she kioll veer ? she loves him. I dont know whats the truth. is this all a lie all her love and everything.

Kumu says to ria you have got me admitted in aq co college? ria syas you can study there its not a big deal. Nandani tries to overhear them just she can’t. she says i will tell jiji that something is going on between the two.

Pakho goes to veer and says i wanna talk to you about something important. he is face is on the other side, she says sometime the people we think are our wellwishers are stabbing us in the back. i know you love barin jiji but she doesn’t love you. she hates you and wants to kill you. i know you dont trust me but i have a proof. look at this when she goes to front his eyes are close.
She shoves him but her falls on the sofa. she is scared, he wakes up. he says whats wrong? he says why did you shove me/ She syas i wanna talk about something important. someone knocks the door. Its nandani. nandani says why you took so long? sorry to disturb you. she says look jiji we didn’t think we would disturb them. they were spending some time alone. pakhi notices that they are all wearing same bangles. Pakhi says you are all wearing same bangles. She says this mean its not jiji? it mightb be charu or nandani. nandani says he brought the same design so there will be less cost of making. He says i did this to make you all even. Jiji says its his birthday we will celebrate it. This time you are home. he says we will discuss that later first we have to get you people some bangles. Come on. jiji says why dont you come with us pakhi? She says its ayan’s time to come from school. He says come on before i forget it too.

pakhi syas i have to figure out who wants to kill veer among these three. She goes to their rooms and rummages everywhere. She drops some sindur and finds a chit in it which says ab389. she wonders what is it? she finds the same number in nandani and charu’s room as well. she finds a photograph behind which the number is written.

pakhi asks ashok to give her the name tags on the diwali gifts. she wonders what is this ab389. She goes through the name cards. Ria is playing with ayan. They are fighting. She teases him. pakhi says what are you both doing. ayan says she is teasing me,. pakhi finds a sender’s name ajay bhandari. she says is that the same AB? She calls on his number and says i wanna meet you. He says i am busy. She syas i am veera pratap’s wife. He says okay at 3 pm. she says okay i will come to your adress.

precap-pakhi finds charu stealing veer’s pistol. she tells veer. he says you are torturing me and thats enough. now you will torture my family as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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