Tumhari Pakhi 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 5th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya talking to Lavanya about Anshuman. She shows her the wounds on her leg saying Ayaan pushed him and I fell. Lavanya is shocked. Girish tells them about Krishna story and taunts Tanya indirectly. Tanya says Ayaan hates me. Lavanya says we have to send Ayaan to hostel. Anshuman wakes up in the morning, he sees I m sorry dad on the bathroom screen and smiles. Anshuman sees Ayaan in the bathroom and tells Pakhi that there is a cockroach in the bathroom. PAkhi screams.

Ayaan scares Pakhi of cockroach. She screams. Pakhi asks Anshuman to kill the cockroach. Anshuman smiles and says you said you killed many cockroaches. She says yes, many, now your turn. Anshuman says its near you. He says Ayaan is the cockroach. Pakhi and Anshuman laughs with Ayaan. Anshuman hugs

Ayaan. Ayaan says I m sorry dad, I won’t do this again. Anshuman forgives him. Anshuman says apologize to Tanya as she is hurt. Ayaan says I won’t. Anshuman says fine, till you don’t apologize to her, don’t expect I will forgive you. Anshuman gets angry and leaves.

Pakhi asks Ayaan to apologize to Tanya. Ayaan says I won’t tell her sorry. Pakhi says if you love us, then you have to say sorry. Ayaan says I won’t and runs. Tanya comes to Anshuman with tea. He makes special tea for him. Anshuman says I know you are hurt by Ayaan’s behavior. I m sorry. Tanya says I want you to forgive Ayaan. Pakhi also comes with tea and thinks what happened to Tanya, why is she acting so sweet.

Tanya and Pakhi taunt each other while laughing infront of Anshuman. He looks on and is sandwiched. He does not like the tea which Tanya made and wants tea from Pakhi. He says Tanya, you made it good, but I don’t drink this flavor, thanks. Pakhi smiles looking at Tanya. Ayaan says sorry to Tanya. Tanya says no need to say sorry. Anshuman is happy with Ayaan. Pakhi says lets go Ayaan, we are getting late for school. Anshuman tells Tanya that Pakhi convinced Ayaan to say sorry to you. He praises Pakhi. Tanya gets annoyed.

Pakhi says I m so proud of you Ayaan. Ayaan says I said sorry for you and dad. Anshuman says Ayaan apologized and he should like you, as after Pakhi leaves, you have to take care of him. Tanya says don’t worry, I will take care of him. Pakhi won’t let me go near him, I will win his heart after she leaves, he will forget Pakhi. Anshuman says he won’t forget Pakhi as he loves Pakhi and Pakhi also loves him a lot. Ayaan says why do dad trust Tanya as you don’t lie to him, he scolded you, I did not like it. He says Tanya can never become good, send her back from here. Pakhi hugs Ayaan. Ayaan says will we become a happy family again. Pakhi says who am I to make Tanya leave as Anshuman gave her a place in his life.

Anshuman asks Pakhi to give him towel. She gives him. He sees her lingerie in the towel and panics. She tries to take the lingerie and he is disturbed. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He sees the lingerie and says your…… She says did you see. He says no, I did not see. She hides her face. He says take it please. Tanya comes and sees them in this odd scene. Tanya says how cheap. Lavanya is with Vikram and Vikram gives all the credit to Lavanya. Lavanya smiles.

He asks why are you not happy. She says I m happy. Vikram says I see silence in your eyes, you are so talented, why is something missing, it looks like you want to forget something. Lavanya says no, nothing like that. He says if you don’t want to share, its fine with me. He says I m always there to help you. Lavanya says I need your help. She says you met Girish right, nothing is fine between us, she tells him everything about Girish’s affair and his child Naina.

She says Girish has cheated me, I need your help. He asks how. She says I want to make Girish jealous, will you become my boyfriend to show Girish. He agrees and smiles. Ayaan comes home and bumps into Tanya. He falls and Tanya leaves not caring for him. Ayaan says bad aunty, don’t have any manners. I have to do something against her. Tanya comes o Anshuman with lunch. Pakhi also comes with a tiffin. Anshuman says you both again.

Tanya says I made your fav food. Pakhi says OMG, I can’t guide you always. Tanya asks what do you mean. Pakhi says Anshuman can’t eat that food. Tanya asks what, why can’t he eat. Pakhi gives medicines to Anshuman. She says doctor asked Anshuman to take medicines before food. She says his stress level is high since you came, he will be fine after you go. Pakhi says Anshuman needs organic food which I brought, but your efforts are good. Pakhi says I will leave now. Ayaan gets Tanya’s hair dryer and blows. He puts talcum powder in the hair dryer and smiles. He gets Anshuman and Pakhi’s divorce papers. He is shocked to read about it. Ayaan says mom and dad are getting divorced?

Pakhi asks Ayaan not to trouble anyone. Pakhi tries to make Ayaan happy. Ayaan is still upset. Pakhi and Anshuman asks what happened. Ayaan cycles in high speed and meets with an accident. Lavanya sees him and shouts Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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