Tumhari Pakhi 5th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 5th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 5th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mr. Rana and Tanya talking about Anshuman and seven days left for him. Ayaan tells Pakhi about Anshuman’s smoking habit. Ayaan says I will also smoke like dad. Anshuman talks to Tanya hiding from Pakhi. He says I m talking in bathroom with shower on, she does not leave me alone, she always knows what I m thinking, she knows I m tensed, she might be coming here. Tanya laughs. Pakhi knocks the door and asks what are you doing. He says I m having bath. She says come out soon, I have to talk to you. Anshuman says did you hear her. Tanya says we will talk in office. Anshuman ends the call. He comes out and sees Pakhi. She says did you have bath. He says I m going on.

She says but you said you are having bath. He makes excuse. She says don’t explain. He asks

what did you want to say. She says you won’t smoke from now, for Ayaan’s sake, you are his idol, Ayaan said he will smoke like you. She says stop smoking, its affecting badly to Ayaan. Anshuman says fine. She says do you want your habit to harm us. He says no. She says thanks for quitting smoking, I will support you at every step, I will always be with you, we have lots of time. Anshuman says I have only seven days. Pakhi brings the sindoor box and he fills her maang. He goes to have bath.

Lavanya returns the laptop to Girish. She says if you don’t sign the divorce papers, I don’t care, I don’t need you. I failed in our relation but soon I will touch new heights of success. Girish says best of luck. Lavanya gets a call from her work. Naina cries and Lavanya goes to her. She thinks Naina is Girish’s daughter. She still lifts Naina and thinks what to do about her presentation. She removes her shoes and gets an amazing idea.

Pakhi comes to Anshuman’s office and asks him not to smoke. Tanya says who will care if not wife, right. Pakhi says I won’t disturb both of you, I m leaving, eat on time, carry on. She leaves. Anshuman says see how she is after me always, I m fed up of her, its her mission to be after me. Tanya gets close to Anshuman. Pakhi comes back and is shocked to see Tanya so close to Anshuman. Tanya sees Pakhi and massages saying is this better. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi and smiles. He says I was stressed, I m missing your massage. Pakhi smiles as she did not understand their closeness. Pakhi asks Tanya to have lunch with Anshuman. She leaves asking Anshuman to take care.

Anshuman says I don’t like cheating Pakhi every day, when Pakhi comes to know about my plan, she won’t forgive me, she won’t talk to me. Tanya says so you are stressed that she won’t talk to you. Anshuman says no, are you crazy, what are you saying, I m trying to say if Pakhi comes to know, she will go to Press and she will create an issue. He says look at me, I m having lunch made at home. Tanya says if this lunch box reminds you of Pakhi, lets throw it, problem solved. Tanya asks him not to feel guilty as planning and plotting is part of business.

She says think being away from her. He asks how. She says lets us to Shimla, tell Pakhi that you have to go to Delhi for two days, then we will think how to get rid of Pakhi, we have only seven days right. She hugs Anshuman. Pakhi thinks about Tanya and Anshuman. Ayaan comes preparing for his school trip. Pakhi talks to him. Ayaan says I will bring gift for you. Pakhi is happy. Anshuman comes home and says do my packing, I m going to Delhi for a business meeting. Pakhi asks so sudden. he says its important work. She asks when are you leaving. He says today evening. She asks is there anything bothering you. He says nothing. She says when I came in office….. He says anyways pack my things.

Anshuman is leaving. Pakhi and Ayaan say bye to Anshuman. Pakhi says this is the first time you are leaving me alone. Anshuman says its a matter of two days. She says I will miss you, will you miss me. Anshuman thinks I m going to keep you out of my mind. She says I will talk to your photo. He says I will leave now. She says I will pray that I get your every problem and you be successful that you become happy. Anshuman sees her goodness. She says I wish you succeed. He says thanks and leaves.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman. She sees plane crash report in newspaper and gets worried..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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