Tumhari Pakhi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
nandini is taking her slefie, jiji calls her, she hides her jewelry and opens the door, its Riya who was mimicking jiji, Riya says you are afraid of jiji so we called you in her voice, nandini says I am not afraid of her, they laugh on nandini.
Riya is recording everything in her camcorder, Riya finds same bangles in jiji, charu and nandini’s hands, charu says veer gifted us this earlier, its same for thee of us, jiji says today is Bhai dhooj, we will put tilak on veer’s head. charu today subadrha had put tilak on bhagwan krishn, nandini comes there with kheer. nandini says we have made kheer for veer specially. Riya puts her camcorder on table and leaves. Veer comes there, jiji ask where is pakhi, he says don’t know, jiji says we have to do ritual in pair,

I have called her but she didn’t come, Pakhi comes there, veer looks at her, jiji makes pakhi sit beside veer, veer says everyone know what is truth then whats the need for all this, veer thinks I don’t understand this Pakhi, one side she doesn’t accept this relation and other side she do every ritual of this relation, pakhi thinks that I will do every ritual of this relation as if Ayan gets to know about truth of this relation then he will be hurt and I wont let it, anshuman is my love only and I love him even more now, veer and pakhi look at each other.

Scene 2
the ritual starts, jiji and Charu put tilak on veer and pakhi’s forehead, jiji gifts pakhi, charu ask gift from veer, veer says I forget it in car, servant brings, veer gives gift to Charu, jiji and nandini. jiji gifts ring to veer, he takes it, jiji says veer will you not touch my feet, veer says yes, jiji says but in pair, Pakhi gets up, they both touch jiji’s feet in pair, nandini ask veer to eat kheer, he ask charu to put tilak first, charu says we have already done that ritual, all are tensed at veer forgetting things. Lavanya comes there and says can I put tilak to my Pakhi bhabbi on this occasion, all are shocked, jiji says lets go from here, we have no time for all this, all leaves, Pakhi comes to lavanya and says you have this right, you called me bhabhi for first time, lets do the ritual with your brother and his wife. Lavanya and pakhi comes to anshuman’s picture, lavanya puts tilak on his picture and then on pakhi’s forehead, otherside some lady puts diamond in veer’s kheer, it is recorded in camcorder lying there. lavanya does pakhi’s aarti and says I miss anshuman a lot, she has tears in her eyes, she says we had gala time on this bahi dheej occasion, he use to come home from far on this occasion for me but today how much I will call him, he will not come, Pakhi says anshuman has not gone far from us, he is with us, Lavanya says kids are alone in house, I will leave now, pakhi see her off. jiji comes in lounge and says to servant to give kheer to veer, he takes it and goes to give it to veer, she says veer is forgetting small things these days. pakhi listens this and is tensed.

Pakhi is in her room and says veer is forgetting things these days, she checks on internet the possible reason for memory weakness, she says maybe veer is taking anti-depression pills which affects the memory, she says maybe someone is giving him those medicines who took my necklace too, Pakhi checks gifts and finds diamond missing from veer’s ring, she is shocked. she says maybe I dropped it in lounge, she comes in lounge, she ask servant to find it, both are finding the diamond, Pakhi finds camcorder there and says Ayan left camcorder on here, suddenly she sees in video someone putting that diamond in kheer bowl from ring, she says this bowl was given to veer to eat, Oh my god, someone is doing it deliberately,
Veer sees kheer in his room and thinks that jiji and charu made it with love but I was angry on pakhi and didn’t even touch kheer, they must be hurt, he sits and is about to eat the kheer.

PRECAP- Pakhi comes in veer’s room, jiji is already there, jiji says to pakhi that I found diamond in veer’s kheer, look he is doing suicide. pakhi sees her bangles and thinks same bangles were in video, she ask jji how do you know about diamond in veer’s kheer?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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