Tumhari Pakhi 4th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 4th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 4th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan telling Anshuman that Tanya made him lie. Tanya says he is lying, he is trapping me, this is too much. Anshuman asks Maa ji for the uniform. Maa ji also lies which annoys Ayaan. Pakhi says Ayaan is not lying at this moment. He lied yesterday but not now. Ayaan pushes Tanya in anger. Tanya to save herself shows the papers on which Ayaan did his signature practice. She says I got this papers from Pakhi’s room. She is the one who was hiding this from you.

Tanya tells Anshuman that Pakhi knew about this. Anshuman gets angry on Pakhi and asks did you know this. Pakhi says yes. Ayaan sees all this and says I hate you Tanya. Anshuman says you are fooling me, my son does fraud and you encourage him. He says is this the way to do his upbringing, you are spoiling

him, he will become a criminal tomorrow. He says whats all this, he does not need me, he does my signs. You are digging a pit for him, decide what you want to do. Tanya smiles. Anshuman leaves in anger. Tanya comes to Pakhi and smiles.

Pakhi thinks about Anshuman’s words and is upset. Ayaan comes to her and says sorry Maa, this is happening because of me. Dad scolded you a lot, Tanya is a liar, she has sent me to amusement park, I came to take dad’s sign but heard his words, so went back. Pakhi cries and hugs him. Tanya says great, I did not think Pakhi will also get trapped. Pakhi failed today with Ayaan. Sad for them. She gets happy.

Anshuman blames Pakhi for everything. He is angry on Ayaan for forging his signatures. Pakhi says its my mistake, but that I did not tell you this before, I tried to tell you but it does not mean you don’t feel your mistake. Anshuman asks what. She says Ayaan did not because of your high expectations, he is afraid of you. I explained you not to pressurize him, this happened because of you. He was afraid of your reaction. Anshuman says good one, you are putting the blame on me. Pakhi stops him and says its your mistake, how can anyone tell you, you give everyone an angry stare, sorry.

She says I will explain you, Ayaan came to our room to take your signs, but he went back hearing you about him. He got scared and left. She says I don’t want to spoil him, he did not do my sign, he did your sign. Anshuman says you are blaming me. He says don’t give me excuses, we have to make our kids competitive. Pakhi says tell me what would you do if he comes 4th. Anshuman says I would have not talked to him for some days, and encourage him. I won’t forgive him for gold medal. Pakhi says you might also did this, what did your dad do when you did something like this, he had forgiven you right. Anshuman says I did not give such chance to him, he was not rich.

He used to sell carpets. I earned all this. He says take your example, did you go from here losing, no, you went ahead. Pakhi says but the situations are different, try to understand. You are right, but your way is wrong. She says Ayaan will do everything different, he is different from you. Your situation was different, Ayaan does not know to bear all this. Ayaan is intelligent kid, he should get a direction. He can run but he is afraid that he will fall and you won’t be there to help him. He don’t have to teach to run, but ensure him that we are there for him to hold his hand.

Ayaan needs trust, not pressure. She leaves. Its night, Pakhi gets ready to sleep. Anshuman looks at her. She sees her shawl behind him. She asks him for her shawl. He gives her pillow. She asks him again. He gives his tab. She falls on him and Saiyyan……….plays……… as they have an eyelock. He holds her and gets up. She gives him medicines. She looks at Anshuman and Ayaan’s photo. She leaves from the room. Anshuman looks on. She comes to Ayaan and asks him why are you sitting here, wear this, its cold. She says I looked for you in the room.

Ayaa shows his drawing. She looks at it and says very pretty and why did you put wrong colors. She asks him to make the painting look real by putting right colors. She tells him woodcutter’s story. She asks him to always speak the truth. Ayaan says it was Tanya’s mistake. Pakhi says it was your mistake, don’t blame her. You could have rejected her deal but you agreed to her. Ayaan says sorry, I won’t do this again. Pakhi says tell your parents about everything, but don’t lie.

She asks why did you push Tanya, you should respect her, she is elder. You should be a well mannered kid. Ayaan says sorry Maa. Pakhi says go and sleep now, we will start a new morning. Ayaan asks will dad forgive me. Pakhi says its between you and dad, you should apologize and promise you won’t do this again.

Tanya talks to her dad and tells him everything what happened at home. Pakhi comes to her and shouts on her. Pakhi scolds Tanya and warns her not to play any games with Ayaan. Tanya argues with Pakhi and asks her to leave. Tanya says you have used Ayaan. Tanya calls Ayaan a liar. Pakhi gets angry and says he did all this because of you. Tanya says will you tell Anshuman, do what you want, Anshuman trusts me and will always do. Pakhi taunts her and asks her to see the reality.

Tanya makes tea for Anshuman but Anshuman drinks the tea which Pakhi made. Tanya tells Anshuman that she will win Ayaan’s heart. Ayaan talks to Pakhi. Anshuman says Ayaan loves Pakhi and Pakhi also loves Ayaan. Ayaan is shocked to know that Anshuman and Pakhi are getting divorced.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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