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The Episode starts with Anuja being shocked to know Aryaman is a thief. Pakhi says maybe he went on wrong path being alone and without a family, but now everything will be fine, he will need time to adjust. Anshuman says Pakhi is right, he did not get guidance, we all will guide him now, I will talk to him and explain him to forget the past. He says don’t make him feel he has to change, he is different, he is bad, don’t tell this to him. Anuja says he did not get mum’s love, not good upbringing. Pakhi says go and sleep now. Anuja asks Anshuman to take care of Aryaman and not get angry on him. She goes with Pakhi. Aryaman smokes and Anshuman lights his cigarette. Anshuman says time changes everything and tells how much his dad did for them, then they became super rich.

He says whatever

is mine, is yours, our family is together today, money is not more than relations, ask what you want, Pakhi has all the keys, but don’t do this again. Aryaman tosses and laughs. Its morning, Pakhi asks Anuja not to worry, as everything will be fine. Anuja says we have to find a good girl for him, he should have a good life. Pakhi says Lavanya is also with us. Ayaan is upset as the helicopter broke. Pakhi says I will bring new one. Ayaan says I want that only. She says I will get it repaired. Pakhi comes in the study room to see visitor card of Ayaan.

Anshuman comes and falls in her lap romancing. She smiles. He says leave me, I m getting late. She says Maa and he gets shocked. She runs. Anshuman comes on the breakfast table. Pakhi says Anshuman likes joint family. Anuja says the importance of having a wife and asks Aryaman. Anshuman tells about Aryaman’s marriage. Anshuman fills sindoor in Pakhi’s maang. Saiyyan……………..plays……………Anuja says see Anshuman and Pakhi, its pure form of husband and wife, now you also marry Aryaman.

Anshuman says Maa will convince him 100% for marriage. Pakhi asks Aryaman what kind of girl she likes. She asks do you like anyone. Aryaman says no. Pakhi asks shall we find anyone. Anshuman says marriage is best thing of life. Aryaman says do whatever you all want. Pakhi says fine, we will find a girl. Anshuman gets a call and says amazing news, I m very happy, we got the dream project, I m so excited, it will be so much work, I will go and do the loan formality. She asks why loan. He says its big. She says we should raise funds from market. He says its good to have a qualified wife. Aryaman says I think a wife should deal only with house and kitchen. He leaves.

Anuja talks to Pakhi and says how did he talk to you, and he has such thinking about women. Pakhi says its fine, many men think so to limit women at home, he will adjust soon. Lavanya brings some women for Aryaman. The ladies says we came here to meet him, where is he. Pakhi says he is at home and calls him. Lavanya says they have a potential girl at their homes, so talk to them well. They say Anshuman. Lavanya says no, he is Aryaman.

He greets everyone. They see he is like Anshuman, handsome, good looking, mu daughter liked Anshuman, but he got married to Pakhi, so she can marry Aryaman. They ask is he single or married in childhood. They ask them to do the DNA test and know he is real Rathore or not. Lavanya says we have proof, his birth certificate. Aryaman gets angry. They leave. Lavanya talks to Aryaman and apologizes to him, you are my brother and we all know this, forget this. He thinks it’s a small thing, they make blood tests at their family doctor nursing home, so I can make them sure that I m their brother.

Pakhi says people did not know him before, so they are questioning him, we can do the test. Anuja says no need, we will get many proposals. Aryaman says I m ready for this test. Pakhi smiles.

Aryaman does the DNA test and change the blood, as he is just Anshuman’s look alike, and not his brother.

Update Credit to: Amena

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