Tumhari Pakhi 4th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 4th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 4th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman talking to Mr. Rana and Tanya. Pakhi goes to see Anshuman but Lavanya stops her saying Ayaan is waiting for food. Mr. Rana says there is only one solution to tell truth to Pakhi. Lavanya and Anshuman stops Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana says my daughter’s dreams are at stake. Tanya says Anshuman loves me, let me give one chance to him. I love him a lot and I trust him. Mr. Rana says fine, I m doing this for you, but I m giving only seven days to Anshuman to send away from his life and to save his respect. As after seven days, there will be a press conference at his home and he will tell everyone that he is going to marry Tanya else I will announce that you are a big cheat.

Mr. Rana says the seven days will help you decide what you want to make your life,

heaven or hell. Mr. Rana leaves. Tanya asks Anshuman not to worry. Anshuman says I know Mr. Rana, he is stubborn, what will I do in seven days. Tanya says don’t worry, I trust my love, I m with you, I will help you in making Pakhi go. Anshuman hugs her thanking her for her support. Tanya says I love you and leaves. Lavanya looks at Anshuman and says today Tanya managed, but after seven days how will we manage Mr. Rana. Either you will get everything else nothing.

Pakhi talks to Girish and have a laugh. Girish asks Lavanya to wait for him. Girish leaves with Lavanya. Pakhi thanks Anshuman for the surprise and says I want to go outside with my husband. She says you said we should celebrate, lets go. Anshuman says that time it was my mood, but not now. She says I want to talk to you about Tanya, lets go. Anshuman and Tanya come near water and they put their feet in water. Anshuman asks what about Tanya. She says don’t meet Tanya as she loves you. Anshuman says so you are jealous. Pakhi says no, I m worried about Tanya. Her heart will break.

Anshuman thinks to tell everything to Pakhi. Anshuman says it can be that even I love Tanya. Pakhi laughs and says you can’t love her. Anshuman praises Tanya and says I love her. She says you don’t. She says love does not need explanations. Anshuman says you don’t know me, its hard to understand me. She says I know you somewhat so I m saying you don’t love Tanya. She slips and he holds her. Saiyyan………….. plays……………… She says I can say it confidently as you will hold someone’s hand when you leave mine and I m sure that you won’t leave my hand. She hugs him. Bairi jiya tumpe piya……………… bol dil se……………. plays……………..

Lavanya says Girish thinks I won’t have anyone in my life. She says I don’t want anyone. Girish asks Bua did Lavanya had food. Bua says no. Bua says she is in her study and she said no one should disturb her. Bua says I was thinking everything was fine before I came with Naina, I will leave with Naina. Girish says you and Naina are mine, I want to get Lavanya with love, she will come to me, see how I make her have food. Lavanya asks Girish for his laptop. Girish gives his laptop. Lavanya says no one should disturb me. Girish says Lavanya is busy and won’t have food. Lavanya asks the maid to bring food for her. Bua smiles.

Girish sounds confident that Lavanya will accept him one day and smiles. Pakhi tells Anshuman there is a surprise. She asks for his hanky. He gives her. She says thanks and blindfolds him. He says this is really childish. She says its a surprise, don’t try to see and cheat. Anshuman waits talking to himself. She makes him eat icecream. He says whats this, icecream. She says Ayaan also had it and nothing happened to him. She says I know what is good for him, I made this at home. Anshuman says I don’t have a habit to have icecream in cold weather. She says try it and makes it eat. Anshuman says she will be hurt when she knows the truth, her heart will break, how should I stop her.

Pakhi asks Anshuman are you worried about anything. He says why do you think so. She says see the cigarettes, what is it that is troubling you, maybe I can help you. He says no, its normal. She says its not normal, I know something is troubling you. Ayaan comes. Pakhi smiles seeing him. Ayaan says can I sleep here. Pakhi says why not. Anshuman says no way, go to your room. Pakhi asks why. Anshuman says he kicks in sleep. Pakhi hugs him and says Ayaan will sleep with us. Ayaan is happy.

Ayaan, Pakhi and Anshuman sleep. Pakhi slaps Anshuman is sleep. Anshuman does not get space to sleep and falls on ground. Pakhi asks why are you sleeping on the floor. He says its fun. Pakhi says Ayaan was kicking me and I came this side, I m sorry. Anshuman says I told you. Pakhi says come. Ayaan slaps Anshuman. Anshuman gets up and thinks he is getting close to Pakhi, how to make her go in seven days, have to do anything.

Pakhi is shocked to see Anshuman and Tanya closer. Anshuman is shocked to see Pakhi in his office.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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