Tumhari Pakhi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Anshuman having an eyelock under the bed. Anshuman gets Ayaan’s medal and music plays…………….. He gives it to Pakhi. He stops her and Saiyyan…………plays……….. He thanks her. She says welcome and gets out. He smiles. Anshuman asks for help. She pulls him out and laughs. They have a talk. Pakhi jokes. Pakhi thinks of talking to him about Ayaan as his mood is good. Anshuman says I have much work at office, I will be late today. She thinks of not telling him as she does not want to spoil his happiness.

Maa ji tells Tanya that Pakhi always made seasoned food. Tanya is opposite of it. The bill is Rs. 25000. Tanya says we are Rs.3 000 above the budget. Maa ji praises her. Maa ji says I know you have sent Ayaan to amusement park instead

of school. Pakhi comes there. Tanya gets tensed seeing her.

Pakhi comes to Tanya and asks her to take care of the kitchen. Pakhi sees the vegetables and says its off season, it does not have benefits like seasoned vegetables. Tanya says its my tension. Pakhi says take care of my tension too. She says see the water bill, electricity bill, its in my hands, so don’t waste it. Tanya says Anshuman does not care about these things. Pakhi says yes, as he knows I m here to take care of it. Pakhi asks her to follow what she is saying. Tanya says its my right on kitchen this week, its my headache, its none of your business and about savings, keep your middle class mentality to yourself.

Tanya says I have lots of money, I can do anything. Pakhi smiles. Tanya says I will tell you about my right, I always have a right on Anshuman. She says my dad is more rich than Anshuman. Pakhi says some lines. Pakhi taunts her about having spoilt children. Pakhi says you have to value things. She explains the importance of having food. Pakhi says you don’t even know to count money. I won’t let you rule in my house. Pakhi leaves.

Its night, Anshuman comes home and sleeps. Pakhi changes and comes to talk to him. Pakhi tells Anshuman what Ayaan did seeing his low marks in history and he signed by your name. He is my son and we should take care of him. If he does any mistake, we should explain him, so I thought to share it with you. He did your signs. Anshuman is sleeping and does not hear anything. Pakhi says don’t get angry, I wanted you to know, we should talk to him, why did he do this. She asks are you listening. She sees he slept. She smiles looking at him. She covers him with a shawl. She thinks its good Anshuman was sleeping, I will first talk to Ayaan and understand why he did this. She goes to see Ayaan.

Ayaan is sleeping. She sees some rashes on his face and hands. She gets worried. She calls Anshuman and Anshuman looks at him. He says this happens to him when he eats mushrooms. He calls the doctor. Pakhi says I have not given him mushrooms. Anshuman asks Maa ji and the servants did Ayaan eat mushrooms. Ashok says he did not eat before us, we know he has allergy. The doctor comes and checks Ayaan. The doctor gives him injection. Pakhi can’t see it. She turns. The doctor says he will be normal till morning. Anshuman says its good that Pakhi saw him. The doctor says maybe he had mushrooms in the evening.

The doctor leaves. Pakhi says I did not see him having mushrooms. Anshuman says he might have had it in school, how can this happen. They have to pay for this. Anshuman says I will go to his school and find out before going to office. Anshuman thinks Tanya is sleeping not caring about Ayaan’s condition. Anshuman and Pakhi come to the school and scolds the management for giving wrong food to Ayaan. Tanya asks Maa ji where are everyone. Maa ji says I don’t know. She tells Tanya about Ayaan’s allergy. Maa ji says if Ayaan says where he went, then.

Anshuman comes to know that Ayaan was absent on the sports day. Anshuman and Pakhi are shocked to see the register. Ayaan asks Tanya where are dad and mum. Tanya asks him about his allergy. Ayaan tells her about mushrooms which he had in amusement park. Tanya says you made such a big mistake, now everyone will know, what will you tell dad, you can’t tell anyone that you went to park and bought the gold medal, you have to lie. The principal says it means Ayaan went somewhere else and he ate something which caused the allergy and he lied to you. Your child is lying.

Girish sees Lavanya being uncomfortable with the padding. He says remove it, no one will see at home. Lavanya gets Vikram’s msg and smiles. Vikram asks her to meet him. She leaves her mobile on the table. Girish checks the msgs while it rings again and again. Lavanya takes the mobile from his hand. They argue about it. Girish says I know you are going out with Vikram. Lavanya says yes, he is my business partner, I will go and meet him.

Anshuman and Pakhi come home. Pakhi asks Anshuman not to be angry on Ayaan. Anshuman asks Ayaan where did he go yesterday, on sports day or anywhere else. Ayaan gets tensed. Ayaan lies to him. Anshuman says explain me in detail. Ayaan lies further and Anshuman gets angry on him. Tanya looks on. Anshuman asks where did you eat mushrooms, in school? Ayaan says yes. Anshuman says just shut up, you did not go to school, from where did you bring the gold medal. Anshuman asks Pakhi not to come in between them. Anshuman scolds Ayaan and says we went to your school, they said you did not go to school, where did you go then. Ayaan says amusement park, Tanya gave me the passes. Everyone are shocked.

Ayaan tells that Tanya spoiled his dress and told me not to go to school and gave me the passes asking me not to go to school. Tanya says why would I say, he is lying. Tanya says now he will say I gave him money. he will say I bought the medal. Ayaan says yes, you arranged the gold medal. Ayaan says she has made it eat the mushrooms. Anshuman is shocked.

Pakhi scolds Tanya. Tanya says I can prove Ayaan is lying. She tells Anshuman about Ayaan doing his signatures. Ayaan says I hate you. Anshuman scolds Pakhi for all this, for spoiling Ayaan. Ayaan says sorry to Pakhi and hugs him. Ayaan says I will prove Tanya wrong. Tanya thinks she will see him after marrying Anshuman.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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