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The Episode starts with Everyone having a laugh meeting Aryaman. Girish gives Aryaman’s file to Anshuman and hugs him. Aryaman looks at Pakhi and Anshuman. Anuja says I m lucky to have my family back. Pakhi says don’t get emotional. Anuja hugs her. Ayaan comes and asks him to give helicopter which from Singapore. Anshuman says yes go and play. Aryaman comes and sees the helicopter flying. Ayaan says it got damaged, can you make it fine. Aryaman asks for a kiss. He says now I will repair it as Ayaan kisses him. He does some magic and says some filmi lines. It flies again and Ayaan is very happy. He says you are genius, how did you do this.

Lavanya and Girish see the helicopter. Girish gets back sprain and shouts. Aryaman says I will see and gives him a jerk which makes Girish fine. Ayaan

says you are great Chachu. Girish thanks him. Lavanya says I will keep a driver with you. Girish says I won’t. Lavanya says I will find a good one. Girish says lets go home and talk. They leave. Aryaman tosses a coin seeing them. He smiles and keeps the coin back.

Girish brings a new tv for their home. Lavanya says keep it down, you have back pain. He gets ache again and says nothing happened, I m fine. She says stop it now, I will take you to doctor. She takes him to the room to apply ointment. Anshuman holds Pakhi and she falls on him. They laugh. He asks whose cheeks did you pull. She says thank Lord, I did not kiss him. They laugh lying on the bed and are happy to come back home. She says you did not tell me about Maa. He says did you not become sure by seeing the sindoor box. Saiyyan……………plays…………..

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He says I love you more than you love me. She asks why, He says I identified you by seeing you in ghunghat. He says I troubled you a lot. He says you can repay for that and they laugh as she falls on him. Ayaan comes and says I will sleep here tonight. Anshuman says fine, now your mum Is back. Pakhi says we have to talk a lot and asks about his school. Ayaan says nothing, I had holiday, all my friends went in marriages, but I don’t have anything to say as I did not see any marriage, please re marry. Anshuman says so you will tell the world that mum left dad and he brought her back and you got them married.

Ayaan says lets do Chachu’s marriage. Anuja brings milk and says yes, even I want that. She asks Ayaan to come with her. Ayaan says no, I will sleep her. Anuja says Aryaman should be married now, its his age to marry. Aryaman goes to the study with a torch at night and looks at the drawers and cupboards. Anshuman says don’t sacrifice him for entertainment. Pakhi says no, mum is right, I will get a Devraani to control. Anuja says yes, I want grandchildren. Anshuman says find out is he married. Anuja says I would have not allowed him alone if that was the case.

She says Aryaman worked in marriage bureau, we need to ask her that is there any girl in his life or shall we find any. Pakhi says lets go and ask him. Anuja asks Ayaan to sleep as she will pick him tomorrow from school. Anuja and Pakhi knock his door and go inside to see room empty. Pakhi says lets see in hall. Aryaman looks for the his file which has his documents. They hear some sound from study. Aryaman hides. Pakhi comes there and shouts Anshuman.

Aryaman pushes her and runs. Anuja opens the lights and he stops. They are shocked to see him. He has something in his hand. He gives the watch to Anuja and leaves. She is shocked and says my son is a thief. Anshuman comes there and says yes, he is a thief. He did this many times before. Anuja asks how do you know, who told you. Anshuman says Girish gave me his file, which has all documents, about his going to jail and releasing.

Some girls meet Aryaman and they ask for DNA to prove he is Rathore. Anuja gets angry and says no need to prove he is my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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