Tumhari Pakhi 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 31st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling Anshuman about the finger prints experts. Tanya acts innocent nd says I also want to know who did this. Tanya makes an excuse and leaves. Tanya goes to the spot and cleans the hand marks. She is shocked to see Anshuman and Pakhi looking at her. Ayaan tells that it was Tanya who did this. Anshuman is shocked. Pakhi says it was you. Tanya says no, why will you do. Pakhi says you have hidden this, you did this for challenge. Pakhi says you cheated Anshuman, he trusts you so much, you have broken his trust.

Tanya says Anshuman listen to me, I can explain, I did not do anything. Pakhi taunts her and smiles.Ayaan and Pakhi tease Tanya. Ayaan says dad is very angry, he will not leave Tanya. Pakhi says even I m scared, Anshuman hates liars and the people

who cheat him. Pakhi says Anshuman was so much angry. Ayaan says I will go to Lavanya’s house as I don’t want to face dad’s anger. Pakhi says why should we worry, we are innocent.

Tanya says I m going to talk to Anshuman. Pakhi says oh fine, give me Rs 12000 which you have wasted. Tanya says it was not of Rs 12000. Pakhi says I know it was if Rs 6000, but you said 12 to Anshuman right. If you want Anshuman to know it, I will tell him, else we have a deal. Tanya leaves. Pakhi and Ayaan smile. Tanay brings the money and gives it to Pakhi. Pakhi taunts Tanya and asks what will you do now. She says one more day is left. It looks like you are losing the challenge. Tanya leaves in anger.

Anshuman comes to Tanya and scolds her for throwing the ration out of the house to win the challenge. He says how can you fall so low. He says how can you do this. Tanya starts crying and says we are not we now. Tanya fools Anshuman in her words and says I did all this for you. I did not want to get into this, where were you to help me. She cries and makes him feel guilty. She says what happened in holi, I don’t even want to say, I thought to leave everything, you were with me, but you made me stuck in this and you did not care, the one who wins stays in this house, me or Pakhi. I have done this for you. I adjusted a lot. Did you ask me once how I m managing the budget. She says you want to lose to Pakhi, I wanted to win for you. She says your heart has changed, you want Pakhi to stay in this house, fine I will go.

Anshuman says no, I want the game to be fair, your way is not right. She asks what you did was right? She says I was wrong. Anshuman holds her hand and says I m sorry, I was angry. He says please don’t feel you are alone, I will always be with you, you and I are we. Tanya says its ok and hugs him. Anshuman leaves. Tanya smiles and says I feel love for you, you are so innocent. Lavanya sees Girish and goes to talk to him. She is shocked to see its Vikram.

She says you here? Vikram holds her hand and says I was waiting for you. She says please leave. He says you changed, you used to call me at your home and now you don’t like me coming here. She says leave me and pushes him. He gets closer to her and says I would have done anything, but I won’t do, as that’s not my style, come to me on your own, else you and your family will have to pay. He threatens her and leaves. Lavanya cries and says I was so wrong, what will I do now.

Pakhi and Ayaan are playing. Anshuman comes to them. Pakhi says are you happy now, she cried and you have forgiven him. She says I am surprised that if I could not prove, you would have kicked me out of the house. It was Tanya’s mistake, will you not do anything. This is your real face, you said you did bad with me and want to repent. Anshuman says listen to me….. Its his imagination. Pakhi asks what happened. He says apply oil to Ayaan’s hair. Anshuman says both are right and I m grinded. Ayaan talks about Sameer of Nadaan Parindey. Ayaan asks Anshuman to scold Tanya as she did a mistake. Anshuman agrees.

Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Anshuman, Pakhi and Ayaan make Tanya feel a stranger. She feels lost in between them. Anshuman is caught between them. Anshuman wants to talk to Tanya but Pakhi does not let him. He says you wore nice dress. Tanya says thanks and smiles. Anshuman tries to tell Tanya that kids will do what they see, so to teach them, we have to do good things. He says Ayaan will do what he see. Ayaan nods yes. Anshuman says if Ayaan does anything wrong, he should be sorry. Tanya asks what you want to say. Anshuman says say sorry to Pakhi. Tanya is shocked. Pakhi smiles.

Tanya says sorry. Pakhi asks her to say it again as she did not hear it. Tanya says I m sorry. Pakhi teases her and says repeat it. Tanya says I m sorry Pakhi. Pakhi says fine, are you saying by heart? Ayaan asks Maa ji to give breakfast. Ayaan asks for chocolates. Maa ji says its over. Tanya scolds Maa ji and acts infront of Anshuman. Maa ji says money? Tanya says you should have asked me, don’t give me excuses. Tanya leaves saying I will give money to Maa ji. Ayaan thanks Anshuman and he smiles.

Maa ji talks to Tanya about budget. Tanya says I have my ATM cards. Pakhi cuts her cards. Tanya says from where will we get money. Tanya comes to Anshuman and says I want Rs. 25000.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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