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The Episode starts with Pakhi reminding Ayaan about Anshuman’s words. Ayaan says he remembers everything about truth being the most powerful. She says my parents died when I was small, no one told me that feeling I will be cry a lot, I understood that whoever comes in this world, has to go one day. Ayaan says my mum is very strong. She says no, I m not strong, as I felt my son is not strong, I felt if this happens with you, you will not be able to bear it and will get ill. She says I was wrong, you are very strong. She says yes, we both are very strong like dad. She says if I say you I lied to you then. He says you never lie, if you say then maybe for my good. She cries and says when I tell you the truth, you will be very hurt. I m also very hurt and want you to take care of me. Ayaan says fine,

I will take care of my mum.

She says my strong son, the one you saw on stretcher in hospital and fainted thinking it was your dad, he was your dad…….. Ayaan is shocked. She says Anshuman is no more, he has left us. She says I was very afraid, doctors told me not to tell you as you will get very ill. She says so I was scared and lied to you, I made your Chachu your dad but it’s a lie, I don’t want to tell my son a lie, I don’t want you to take a support of weak bridge. She says your dad loves you a lot and wants you to be more strong. Ayaan moves far from her. He goes to Anshuman’s pic and looks at it.

Ayaan thinks about Anshuman and says dad, Lord called you as he likes you a lot, I will not cry as I m very strong. He says Maa made me strong. Pakhi hugs him and says my son is very strong. Ayaan thinks of Anshuman and his memories. Ayaan says I love you dad. Ayaan asks Pakhi not to cry, as dad will not like it. They cry hugging. Anuja asks Aryaman why did you not stop Pakhi from telling Ayaan, if anything happens to him. Ayaan comes and says Chachu. He brings Anshuman’s huge pic. Aryaman and Anuja is shocked.

Anuja says he is not Chachu, he is your dad. Ayaan says no Dadi, I know all the truth now, Lord took away my dad, he will take care of my dad very well. I m his strong son and will not cry. Ayaan thanks Aryaman for helping him and becoming his dad, but no need to do acting now, as he knows the truth now. Pakhi removes Aryaman’s pic and keeps Anshuman’s oic there. She puts flowers on it and Ayaan prays. Pakhi holds Ayaan’s hand.

Aryaman argues with Pakhi and asks what will this effect on Ayaan. Pakhi asks Maha ji to take Ayaan to his room. Pakhi says yes see what effect happened, my son has proved Ayaan is Anshuman’s son. Aryaman says she ruined Ayaan’s life. Pakhi says who are you to interfere in my personal matter, he is my son and I know how to do his upbringing, don’t blackmail me about him, you tell your truth to police. Anuja says police, Pakhi why did you call police here.

Pakhi says I m sorry Maa, I can’t forgive this man. He is responsible for Anshuman’s death and Ayaan’s state. She says I got late news about Anshuman’s death, else I would have fought for him. Anuja defends Aryaman. Pakhi says my family is bearing the punishment by his crime, you are a mum, how can you nt understand, was Anshuman not your son, he loved you a lot. He took the burden of your annoyance, did you not forgive him till now. Anuja cries.

Anuja says I love him a lot, he made me Devki from Anuja, gave me respect, but what should I do, even he is my son. Pakhi says I m sorry, but think about humanity, Aryaman is not human enough to get relations and love. She says when he got love from us, what did he do. She says Aryaman should be punished. Anuja says I request you. Aryaman says do anything, tell Ayaan, I don’t care, what will you tell the world why you did this, the world will spit on you and call you characterless. Pakhi says I don’t care about world.

She says my eyes have happiness that I told my son the truth. Today you will be punished by the police. Aryaman says its easy to say this at home, lets see what you tell everyone, I knew this, so I called the press, lets see what you tell the media, then I will see your courage. She says fine, if you want your truth to come out. Anuja asks are you mad to bring house matter out. Aryaman says she called me Duryodhan and this is Kalyug, so Duryodhan will win. Sukhi comes and says media reporters came for the press conference. The media questions Pakhi what she wants to say. Aryaman asks her to say it. Pakhi tells them about Ayaan’s mental weakness and he would have died if he knew Anshuman is dead. She says I have hidden that we have lost Anshuman Rathore in the accident. Aryaman gets angry.

The inspector arrests Aryaman for Ayaan’s kidnapping and Anshuman’s murder. He says you are doing a big mistake. Anuja cries seeing Aryaman arrested.

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