Tumhari Pakhi 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anshuman and Pakhi talking waiting outside the house. She asks is he happy or else he would have said. She says you did not kiss me as I came here after long time. She asks why are you worried for PDA, why are you shy, fine….. He holds her hand and she smiles. He draws her closer and he holds her and goes closer to kiss her. He kisses in her cheek and Ayaan sees this. He closes his eyes as they finally kiss. Pakhi smiles. They have an eyelock. Ayaan smiles seeing them. Anuja asks Ayaan to call his parents. Ayaan says how, dad is kissing mum. Pakhi and Anshuman see him and move back.

Pakhi hugs Ayaan. Ayaan teases Anshuman. He asks them for a kiss. They go to kiss him and he moves back. They hold him and kiss him. Anuja brings the aarti plate and welcomes them. Girish,

Lavanya and the servants look happy. Pakhi dons her pallu and Anuja does tilak to them. They touch her feet and takes her blessings. Pakhi does her Ghar Pravesh with all rituals. Lavanya thanks Pakhi for coming back and forgiving them. Pakhi hugs her and says she is so happy for her good news. Everyone laugh.

Pakhi meets the servants and asks their welfare. Anshuman smiles. The servants are happy seeing her back. Ashok says welcome back. Sukhi says we will also have Diwaali as its like Ram brought Sita back. Girish says lets have pakodas and tea as its rainy season. Anuja goes with Pakhi to help her. Pakhi says I always missed this relation. Anuja is happy with Pakhi and says she is not my bahu but my daughter. Ashok smiles and says I m feeling happy today. Anuja asks Pakhi to go and give the pakodas to Anshuman.

Pakhi comes out and gives the pakodas to Anshuman. She pulls his cheek as he says thanks. She leaves. He holds his cheek. Anshuman comes from upstairs and says its good you brought tea and pakodas. She says I just gave you, don’t lie. He says I m not lying. She says I pulled your cheeks too. Anuja comes and says he becomes irritated when he is hungry. Pakhi brings tea for him and he says tea was good, pakodas was also good, I had it. She says then why did you tease me. She leaves.

Anshuman comes back and says you did not come to me with pakodas. She says fine, again, now you won’t get it, I gave you twice. They argue. She says don’t play this prank. He says I did not eat it. He leaves and another one comes with the plate. He moves back as she goes to clean the chutney. Anshuman comes and she is shocked seeing the twins. Anshuman is shocked too.

Anshuman holds him and checks. He says OMG. Everyone laugh and come there. Girish says see how they are shocked. He says he is not Anshuman, but his younger brother Aryaman Rathore. Ayaan says he looks like you dad. Anshuman says my younger brother? Anuja says yes, I was pregnant when I left this home, your dad took him, I cried but could not find him.

She says when I met you, I thought he is with you, then I found out he is not here, Girish found him out. Aryaman says I will change clothes. Anuja says I did not know his name, I thought its Deepak, but your dad named him Aryaman, he has sent him to Anaath Ashram, as he doubted me for this child. She says we found him out by much difficulty. She says Girish himself brought him, we were shocked seeing him, if your dad saw him, I would have been proved innocent.

Lavanya says it was so fun, Aryaman had the pakodas and Anshuman got scolded. Pakhi says sorry, I did not know about him. Aryaman comes down with his dressing style changed. Anshuman hugs him. Lavanya says we can’t identity even now. Anuja says you are looking different. Aryaman shows his and moustache. Everyone smile.

Aryaman is stealing. Pakhi catches him and shouts Anshuman……….

Update Credit to: Amena

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