Tumhari Pakhi 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update


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Pakhi trying to listen to the voicemail by Anshuman but Ayaan calls her into his room. Pakhi goes to him, Ayaan says that he was getting bored and he wanted that car from that shelve. Pakhi gives him the toy from the shelve and gives him medicine too.

Aryaman listens to the voicemail and close the door of Pakhi’s room. He takes out the sim and place it in his pocket. He opens the door that he sees Pakhi, she asks him what he was doing here? Aryaman says that he came to ask about Ayaan if he is alright? Pakhi says that he is getting better, Aryaman leaves from there.

Aryamn in his room tries to burn the sim card but Ayaan comes and asks him if he is too missing Aryaman uncle? Aryaman says yes, Ayaan asks him to play with him along Pakhi mom and takes him to Pakhi’s room.


tells Pakhi that Anshuman was missing Aryaman. Ayaan says that both of them have to play with him, Pakhi says that Anshuman is not fully recovered so we cant play. Ayaan insists so Ayaan asks Aryaman to find them as they are gonna play hide and seek together.

They play hide and seek and then Aryaman wins, he says that he will take Ayaan for ice cream. Ayaan asks Pakhi to come with them. Pakhi says no but you bring me an ice cream. Ayaan says ok … dad already knows your favorite flavour. They leave.

Pakhi tries to turn on her cell phone but is not able to see anything from her sim card. She searches for it then she finds it and listens to every voice mail by Anshuman. She cries and is shocked to know Aryaman’s reality. Aryaman gets to know that Pakhi now knows his reality.

Pakhi gets down stairs in anger and grabs Aryaman’s shirt and pushes him. She gets angry, and cries alot in front of him. She asks him what Anshuman did bad to you that you killed him? And why you want to kidnap my son? She keep asking what they did to him that he did all of this in return. Pakhi screams and scolds him, she tells Anuja that he is behind Anshuman’s death.
Pakhi says that she will feel good when police will take him to jail, she is trying to call the inspector that Anuja says she knows everything … as he told him already about everything. Pakhi is shocked. Anuja asks Pakhi to pardon Aryaman.

Precap: Aryaman asking forgiveness but Pakhi says no !!

Update Credit to: Cinderella

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