Tumhari Pakhi 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 28th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya speaking against Pakhi. Ayaan says stop it, I did all this. I have thrown all this here, what will you do now, will you kick me out of the house now. Don’t tell anything to my mum, she is my mum. Ayaan says my mum is true, I will kick out the one who speaks against my mum. Pakhi asks him to go to school. Ayaan says I won’t go, they will make you leave the house. Pakhi says no, you go and I will be here, I promise I will be at home. Ayaan hugs her and leaves for school.

Anshuman talks to Pakhi about Ayaan. Pakhi says Ayaan did not do this. Anshuman says I m sure he did this. Tanya says Ayaan did this, he was acting and played games with me. Maa ji says he is a kid. Tanya says no, he is supporting Pakhi. He has saved Pakhi but he took the blame. Anshuman

talks to Pakhi and says why is this happening with me. I did mistakes, I brought you here and make you come close to Ayaan.

He does not love the one I love, why did I do that this is happening with me, what should I tell her, to forget all the promises. He says I can’t tell her this, Ayaan does not want you to go and he can’t bear Tanya, what should I do now. He says I was right before, I did not had any emotional attachment before with Ayaan. He drinks wine and says then you came in our life and everything changed, Ayaan my son started loving me, shared his problems with me, we started having food together, I got my son.

I felt my childhood is infront of me. He says I saw myself in Ayaan. He thinks about Ayaan’s words. He throws the wine glass and says now everything changed again, as I can’t agree with Ayaan this time, he wants you and Tanya to leave, I don’t want this, I will lose my son again. I m helpless.

Pakhi says Ayaan is close to you, he feels his right on you, he loves you a lot and expects love from you. She says I did not do anything, when you opened your arms for him, he came closer to you. I promise you that Ayaan will never go away from you. I will not let him go far. She says before I go from this house, I will make your relation more strong. She smiles. Anshuman says why are you so good Pakhi. He is about to hug her and she stops him saying we are strangers and can’t have a touch relation as they can’t be strangers then. Lets be stranger, it will be better.

Vikram calls Lavanya and she removes the sim and throws the phone. He calls on the landlone. Lavanya cries and cuts the call. She disconnects the phone. She closes the door and windows. Anshuman gives Rs. 12000 to Tanya. She says this challenge does not mean to me. He says Ayaan accepted his mistake. Tanya says he is a kid and I don’t feel bad, he will like me in few days, I will wait. Anshuman says I will go now. Tanya says I will also come with you. Pakhi makes Ayaan’s name on thread cloth board. They leave.

Pakhi hears Maa ji and Sukhi talking to Ashok. Ashok asks for food. They tell Pakhi that Ashok needs money, his wife is pregnant. Pakhi says I will help and leaves. The servants feel Pakhi is so good. He says we want Pakhi to win the challenge. Anshuman thinks about Pakhi’s words. He thinks why is Pakhi doing all this, she wants to go and bond me with Ayaan, its not for the challenge, whats going on in her mind.

Lavanya comes to meet Anshuman. Pakhi says he is not at home and Tanya is also out. Lavanya says I was alone at home, if you don’t mind, can I sit here for some time. Pakhi says come, ots your house. Lavanya is tensed. Pakhi asks is everything fine. Lavanya says nothing and asks her to stay with her. The phone rings and Lavanya is shocked. Pakhi says I will see who is it. Pakhi tells Lavanya its call for her. Lavanya gets worried thinking its Vikram’s call. She takes the call and asks who is it. Pakhi says Vikram. Lavanya talks to him. Vikram says so you have switched off the cellphone and landline also. He says I know you were here, I know you and what you can do.

He says I want to remind you that you have to decide, either you will come or I will see the Rathores infront of the media. Pakhi asks Lavanya is everything fine. Lavanya says I m going home and leaves. Pakhi meets Ashok and gives him money. She says I know you need money for your wife. Ashok thanks her. She asks him to come back on job soon. Ashok starts crying. She says it’s a good time that you are becoming a father, be happy and smile. Ashok says we all know about the challenge, Tanya has bought us by giving gifts and we are afraid of her. He says what she is doing is not right.

He tells her that Tanya is ordering low standard food. She says now they should know that we know everything. Pakhi comes home and meets Ayaan outside the house. She hugs him. Ayaan says I was waiting for you. She says I went for some work. She says I know you did not do anything and you took the blame to save me. She hugs him. Ayaan says it will be good if you win the challenge, dad will love you. Pakhi thinks she has Anshuman’s memories with her, she just wanted Anshuman to know Tanya.

Ayaan says Tanya has thrown the ration, we know but how will we tell everyone. She says I want a prank from you and hugs him. She says our mission is Tanya Band Bajao. Anshuman and Tanya come home. They hear Pakhi talking to fingerprints experts. Pakhi says its good news, someone has thrown the ration, now we will know who did it. Anshuman says Ayaan did it. Pakhi says no he did not, we can get to know now. Tanya gets tensed.

Tanya cleans the mark. Pakhi says why did you cheat Anshuman. Anshuman scolds Tanya. Tanya blames him for everything. She cries and says you were not with me. He says sorry. Tanya smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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