Tumhari Pakhi 28th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi standing alone. Anshuman’s soul comes to her and covers her with a shawl. He motivates her to loive her life happily, turn the papers of the life, and promise him to be happy. She says you are not a paper to turn, you are my life, and I have lived my full life with you. She says no one can take your place in my life, but my aim of life is to take care of Ayaan. I can’t forget you ever. He asks her to promise she will not get sad being alone, will he not have any happiness. He says keep smiling Pakhi, I love you Pakhi. He disappears while she closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and says Anshuman…………..

She sees Aryaman standing with Anshuman’s ashes. Pakhi takes the ashes and hugs it. Its morning, Aryaman’s death news comes in every newspaper. The

inspector comes and says we got a jeep in the valley where this accident happened. He says maybe Anshuman had to take sharp turn to save his car and this accident happened. Ayaan hears this and says they were very bad people. He hugs Pakhi and says they have hit us. The inspector asks does he know them. Ayaan says no, they were kidnapping me, dad and Chachu saved me. Pakhi asks Maha ji to take Ayaan inside.

Aryaman hears this talk. Pakhi says I m sorry, my son is very traumatized. The inspector greets Aryaman, thinking he is Anshuman. Aryaman comes down and talks to him. The inspector says you did not tell us about Ayaan’s kidnap attempt. Aryaman says I was about to say it, we lost a family member and thought to tell this later. The inspector says but this matter is serious, you did not tell us about this, I m sure they are same people who kidnapped Pakhi. He says the people there died, we had their pics, just see and identify,

Aryaman and Girish see the pics. Girish is shocked and says he is Sandeep, my driver. The inspector asks what do you know about him, his details. Girish says no, we kept him in hurry so no details. The inspector says how can you do this, if he was driver, it means you have his helpers in this house, any servant. Pakhi says all servants here are trustable. He says we will not shut the case now, as its kidnapping and murder case. Anuja asks him to find the culprit and she won’t leave him. Aryaman thinks this case is opened, I have to be like Anshuman and not let them doubt on me.

Pakhi stops Aryaman and says you did not us about Ayaan’s kidnapping. She says we knew Anshuman went to take Ayaan from school, so when did you meet him. Aryaman says Anshuman was busy and he did not go to school, so he asked me to pick Ayaan from school, so I did and we met on the way. Girish asks so you removed the moustache. Aryaman says no, maybe hospital people did that. He lies to them and says goons came and wanted to take Ayaan, I don’t know why. We went out from there and then this accident happened and Anshuman died. Aryaman thinks he will be in big trouble.

Aryaman talks to Suman and says I will take 200-300 crores form this house. He says Ayaan was about to tell the truth to everyone, but he felt unwell and I got saved. Maha ji is coming to him with tea. He ends the call and turns to see Maha ji standing at the door. Aryaman scolds Maha ji for being at the door and not knocking. Pakhi thinks about Ayaan’s kidnap and Anshuman wanted to tell her this, and she did not talk to him being busy that time and taking his call light. She gets his voice message.

Pakhi slaps Aryaman and scolds him holding his collar. She says if I can die with my husband then I can get his murderer punished too. Anuja looks on puzzled.

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  1. Divya

    Stupid story.what is the necessary of killing anshumann.is this the result of 18 years of waiting,dnt watch this show.

  2. Agree with u divya
    Pakhi ne 18y anshuman ki wait
    Agar kuch karna tha to aryaman ke sath karna tha ,anshuman ki yaad das lost karde ni thi to story to wese bhi age badhti
    Stupid cvs

  3. ZoMa

    Totally agree…what was the point on killing anshuman it would be better showing he fell of the cliff and he returns but this is stupid this makes me want to believe love never wins no matter what…in the end you are left alone..totall BS

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