Tumhari Pakhi 27th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 27th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 27th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Girish and Anshuman drinking wine and having a talk. Girish says some shayari lines. He asks Anshuman not to plan life asthere is nothing bigger than fate. Lavanya hears him. Anshuman asks where did you go. Lavanya says I went out for some work. Anshuman says I will leave now, take care. He leaves. Lavanya looks at Girish. He says I did not tell Anshuman anything, its your life, live as you want, why should I claim my right on it. He leaves. Lavanya thinks how Vikram tried to misbehave with her.

Anshuman sees Pakhi sleeping and thinks why is she sleeping till now, does she have fever. He checks her temper and says no, its not there. Pakhi wakes up and they are closer. They have an eyelock. She says good morning. I slept a lot today, I did not had any worry

today, Tanya is doing good work. Tanya talks to Maa ji and asks her to bring her shampoo. Lavanya thinks about Vikram’s words and is worried. She gets Vikram’s call and she rejects. Girish looks on. He says I m going for concert and thinks how they used to be before. She cries and says all the best Girish. He leaves.

Lavanya realizes her mistake and is upset. Lavanya cries getting Vikram’s blackmailing call. Ayaan plans to trouble Tanya by mixing gum in shampoo. He smiles. Anshuman slips in the bathroom. Pakhi hears him and runs to him. He says who did this, how can anyone put shampoo on the floor. Pakhi comes to him and she slips. Both of them fall. She asks why did you do this. He says get up and keeps falling. He sits like her. She says we have to go out. Pakhi and Anshuman keep falling and have a laugh. Anshuman holds her hand and thinks of his words that they will be strangers. Saiyyan……………plays………………

He says I will get up on my own. Pakhi leaves his hand. Bairi jiya tumpe piya machle………….. plays………….. Anshuman and Pakhi come out. Tanya asks Maa ji to bring the shampoo. Anshuman stops Maa ji and checks it. He says its Maple syrup. She says I did not do this. Anshuman looks at Ayaan. Ayaan hides his face and runs. Anshuman runs after him and stops him. He says why did you do this. Ayaan says yes I did it, as I hate Tanya. She is bad and you always support her.

He says I don’t want to live with her. I want to be with Pakhi. Anshuman says you should understand. Ayaan says Tanya can’t become my mum, sorry, as you don’t love Pakhi, I don’t love Tanya, can’t you see what I m going through. He says you can’t change a mother. He cries and runs. Ayaan comes to his room and closes the door. Ayaan sees Pakhi’s pic and touched it. He says I love you Maa. I hate Tanya.

Tanya is angry on Maa ji for not bringing the shampoo. Maa ji tells her everything and says come with me, it’s a big problem. Tanya asks what happened. She shows her the items. Tanya scolds her and says how can you get spoiled items. Tanya says bring good standard food, if Anshuman sees this, he will not leave you. Tanya says return all this. Maa ji says it can’t be returned. Tanya says its your mistake. Tanya says I will manage now. She leaves angrily and says its enough, I can’t bear this anymore, I will end this challenge drama.

Tanya stops Anshuman and ties a tie. Pakhi makes Ayaan eat food. Tanya asks him to come home soon as she wants to go out with him and Ayaan. Anshuman says I will try. He leaves for office. He shouts whats all this. Everyone run out to see. Tanya says who did this, I have ordered all this, who did this. Ayaan smiles. Tanya asks Maa ji what is all this. Maa ji says I don’t know. Tanya asks who did this, tell me the truth. She says fine, don’t tell, when I come to know then see what I do. Sukhi says we don’t know. Tanya cries and says see Anshuman, everything is ruined. Anshuman says why will anyone do this.

Tanya says yes, Pakhi has done all this. Anshuman is shocked. Tanya blames Pakhi and scolds her. Ayaan gets angry. Pakhi and Tanya have an argument and blame each other. Tanya scolds Pakhi and calls her clever. Pakhi says I did not do this. Anshuman looks at their fight. Tanya says I don’t want to play this challenge, it does not mean anything to me, she is cheating me. She says Pakhi have lost. She says ask her to pack her bag and leave from this house. Everyone are shocked.

Anshuman talks to Pakhi and is angry. He says I will lose my son again. Tanya says I will make Pakhi leave. Pakhi says I promise you Ayaan will never go away from you, I will make your relation with Ayaan strong. Anshuman says why are you so good Pakhi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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