Tumhari Pakhi 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 27th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tanya getting angry seeing Anshuman and Pakhi hugging Ayaan. Pakhi comes to Tanya and they have an argument. Pakhi laughs on Tanya and says kids find out fake love. She says your fake thing will not work on Ayaan. Tanya says I don’t need your advice, pack our bags. Pakhi says lots of time left, you did not win the challenge. Pakhi taunts her and leaves. Anshuman talks to someone on phone and notes a phone number on a tissue paper. He sneezes and uses the same tissue and throws it in the dust bin. Pakhi laughs. He says I will call him again. Pakhi says I remember the number. He asks do you know, then tell me. Pakhi teases him and laughs.

She tells him the number. She says I see and hear everything, but don’t tell anything. Ayaan is practicing for tiles

breaking competition. Anshuman says its important day for me, I have to crack my imp deal, win the gold. Anshuman polishes Ayaan’s shoes. Anshuman teaches Ayaan how to polish the shoes. Pakhi smiles. Pakhi says I did not know you know this. Pakhi slips and falls on Anshuman. Saiyyan…………plays as they have an eyelock. Anshuman says why do you always fall. Ayaan says not always and she falls only when you are there as she knows you will hold her as you did now.

Anshuman and Pakhi makes Ayaan wear the shoes. Anshuman says go and get the gold. Pakhi says just give your best. Ayaan says I m participating because of mum. Anshuman says fine, win the gold, all the best. Anshuman leaves. Tanya sees him leaving and is angry thinking how to ruin Pakhi’s plan. Ayaan wants to tell Pakhi about his test results. Girish calls Pakhi and says Naina is not fine, can you come over. Pakhi says I m coming. She tells Ayaan she needs to go, perform well. She says we will talk later. Pakhi asks Maa ji to send Ayaan to school. Tanya says at last I got the chance.

Pakhi comes to Girish and takes care of Naina. Lavanya is not at home. Tanya bumps into Ayaan and says sorry for making the milk fall. Pakhi asks Girish to bring hing in water. Ayaan says it fell on me, how will I go on sports day. Tanya says now its spoiled. Ayaan says you wash it now. Tanya says what. Pakhi applies the hing on Naina’s stomach. Naina becomes quiet. Girish thanks her. Pakhi talks to him. Tanya tries to make Ayaan stop from going to sports day. Tanya asks him to go to the amusement park and enjoy without any tension.

Pakhi tells Girish about Anshuman expecting a gold medal by Ayaan. Pakhi sees Girish’s photos torn. Girish says Lavanya was angry and did this. Pakhi says is everything fine. He says yes. She says I will leave now. Tanya gives the passes to Ayaan. Ayaan says no, mum asked me to participate in sports day. Tanya says Pakhi will not tell you anything, think about your dad’s anger. She says take this, I will talk to Anshuman.Tanya convinces Ayaan and he takes the passes from her. Tanya smiles.

Tanya gives her money and is happy that Ayaan is going against her. Pakhi sees Ayaan practicing Anshuman’s signs. Anshuman loses the deal and is very angry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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