Tumhari Pakhi 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 26th March 2014 Written Update

Starts with Anushman asking the man if he recognises anyone he says he can recognise if he sees them and begins to point, he is pointing toward ashok but he says it wasn’t him and he says it will be someone else, Tanya tells him to leave he is about to leave when Ashok stops him and asks him does he recognise him and he begs saying it wasn’t him and Tanya saying she will call the police he does a kasam on his children but no one listens, she calls security and tells them to take him away and keep him locked till the police come, as about to leave Tanya see’s something on ground and tell them to search him and its Anushuman’s cufflinks and calls him a theif! Pakhi stops them and says that she’s not sure what’s truth or lie and she’s sure he can’t

do it,Tanya says even though they found them in his pocket, Pakhi says sometimes whatever you see is not necessarily true and she’s not defending him, but he has worked there for years and has does he think they should give him to the police? And he has not done anything like this over the years, Tanya says he may have done it as a majbori and who knows what have gotten for all over the years, Pakhi says lets agree and he shouldn’t be punished Anushman agrees and they shouldn’t call the police but Tanya says he can’t live in the house he pleads he didn’t do it crying and upset al leave. Pakhi says she knows it was her and blamed it on Ashok and then she admits it was her, she says she has not seen a person like her and Tnya says its her fault to with what happened with Ashok she says tomorrow she may do the same with Anushman and Aayan. Tanya mentions how she blackmailed him and made him feel bad and guilty with what happened and whenever he looks at you he will fell like a bateryer, and says how Ansuman aint even treating her as a servant and only 3 days left and there love story will finish and good people these game finish and how she has the intelligence. Matron comes with a bill, Tanya says 20,000 it must be mistaken but matron says how its right as they replaced the wiring and the heating was left on. Matron says she will them to collect lat, she leaves. Pakhi laughs saying how Tanya said its intelligence in the brain, Tanya says listen crossly and so does Pakhi and says she’s tolerated enough and good people tolerate people like hr and good don’t even ask and its god that did it and he is watching it, and 3 days are left and whoever wins challenge will live in house and now the greed over!

Part 2
Pakhi saying how her intelligence didn’t mention the pawn becoming the queen and not the queen becoming the queen, and the difference today is that I’m still the wife and whose the queens and whose the pawn., Tanya says 3 days are left and she will book her train ticket home, Pakhi says that the moneys left she will buy diesel tank for the month, she says you going to defeat me there’s 3 days left and already snatched him from you, Pakhi says no matter how she used her brain and she not learnt anything from holi the goods victory from the bad and she’s right there’s only 3 days left of the bad and she leaves. Tanya looking. Back inside Anshuman about to sat lighting up cigarette, Pakhi looking on, she says her applying the balm won’t make a difference in their relationship, she messages his forehead. The cigarette burns his hand and she asks if he’s okay and blows his hand he tells her to stop caring, he says its better if they like strangers she says even in humanity and treating the pain won’t make it a relationship he says the small things will still matter and when she leaves he will remember and before she came he will take medication and he will once she leaves, she then says was she a bad habit they stare at one another. In Tanya rooms she’s counting money 25,000 and she got 3 days left when she there’s a knock tells them to come in its the matron asking for money for the groceries and gives hr 6,000 and tells her to get the cheap and tells them to come and talk to the others as they worried. It shows flashback of Tanya hearing Pakhi and matron talking when she was asking about the bhang, and says she will get Ashok work and not to worry. Aayan talking to Grish saying how the sacked Ashok he asking what to when he says Anshuman is there and the y will talk later. Grish asks he not gone work, Anushman asks for ad drink. Grish says when one leaves you and he’s hurt. Lavayna in office telling Vikram divorce papers are signed and she’s not sure if she’s happy or upset he tells her to move forward and thanks him as if wasn’t for him she will still be in that relationship he goes towards her just thanks, and she will take him for a meal but he says he doesn’t want that he wants something else, he forces himself at her. Anshuman saying he staying with pakhi but as stranger and the he promised Tanya but Pakhi got all rights and it’s not right how’s he’s depended on her and he will start afresh when she leaves, he asks Grish if he has done the right thing. He says he doesn’t know as he not been through that, he says he knows. Back at office Vikram saying how they can be friends with benefits, she says how low he is and he’s characterless he says your saying i am when your brother is seeing two girls and your husband had one night stand and you fooled me with a fake pregnancy and she says she’s ashamed for asking him for help and Grish would have killed him she’s about to leave when he says do you remember the contract, she says contract my foot! and she doesn’t want to work with home he says she’s caught in a trap and the contract she can’t leave without finishing the contract and he can do anything and he knows she and her brother care about respect and saying he will call the papers and says how she faked everything and everyone will laugh and everything will be finished and she should do what he said will remain them two and his needs will be as well and he knows how her image is important. Anushman saying how he didn’t make the right decision, and ask if he got the answer he says yes.

Part 3
Ashok at the mansion and, Pakhi tells him to come in but refuses and he apologises and says how he was loyal and now they thrown him out and how Tanya always gave gifts and he should have thought and she didn’t think once before doing it, pakhi says he will come back to the house and once the real culprit is captured then he will come back and says he should pretend he’s on holidays and he will be back soon and she will make him work hard once hes back an and he rest in and she will call him back he leaves, Matron and Sukki go inside. Pakhi saying how Tanya did wrong and the curse of poor won’t let her live!

Precap – Tanya shouting at the matron about shampoo, matron says something bigger than has happnend. Shows Ayan spilling shampoo into sink and floor. Shoes Pakhi and Ansuman fall, Aayan replacing shampoo with something else and says if she doesn’t go bold his name isn’t Aayan Ratore, Anushaman asks Ayan it was him that changed the shampoo to syrup he says yes it was as he hate Tanya and it’s a nanny that gets changed not mother Ansuman looking shocked!

Update Credit to: Shantell

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