Tumhari Pakhi 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman expecting high from Ayaan. Anshuman asks Ayaan to say he will bring the gold medal. Ayaan says I will try. Anshuman says you have to win the gold medal. Ayaan says I will bring the gold medal. Anshuman hugs him. Pakhi looks on. Anshuman says no one can stop you. He makes Ayaan wear his gold medal and asks him to see and think he has to win tomorrow. Ayaan leaves. Pakhi says I did not know you were so passionate about sports. She says its good to know. Anshuman says I want Ayaan to become like me, always winner. He has to be number one. Pakhi says its good to expect but not good to pressurize the kids. Ayaan comes to his room and thinks about Anshuman’s words. Ayaan feels burdened about Anshuman’s expectations. He says if I come 4th again, then what.


says my practice is less. He removes the gold medal and thinks. He says I forgot to take his sign on my book. He gets 4/10. He says dad will kill me if he sees this marks. Anshuman tells Pakhi that there should be a pressure else there will be no winner. Pakhi explains him not to force Ayaan, he will become what he wants. Anshuman looks at his night dress. She gives him. He says I m like this as my dad made me like this. Ayaan thinks of making Anshuman sign on it. He goes to Anshuman with his history book. Anshuman is irritated seeing so many pillows on the bed.

He says I m taking about Ayaan’s future, he should be habituated to win, then he will never lose. He says if he loses, then he can’t win. Pakhi says he is my son. Anshuman says Ayaan’s fees in in lakhs. Education is important. They have a cute argument. Anshuman says competition is necessary in today’s world. Ayaan hears this. Pakhi says the competition should be healthy. She says every child is different. She says its our duty to know his talent and encourage him in his interest field. Pakhi says don’t pressurize Ayaan. Anshuman says Ayaan has to come at number one, else I will not forgive him. Anshuman leaves. Ayaan is upset and thinks dad will not sign it, I have to do his sign.

Tanya comes to her room and is angry. Tanya praises her beauty. Pakhi asks Anshuman not to be angry on things. Anshuman says do you care. She comes to him and he asks what are you doing. She removes the tag of his t shirt. They have a laugh. Tanya sees them laughing and knocks the door. She says I want to talk to Anshuman. Pakhi looks at Anshuman.

Tanya tries to woo Anshuman with her beauty. She goes closer to Anshuman and pushes him on the bed. She says I m trying to become your wife. She says lets have romance. Ayaan is trying to sign like Anshuman. He finally does it right. Ayaan is trying to hide the paper on which he tried to sign. Ayaan falls and shouts. Anshuman is shocked. Anshuman and Pakhi run to Ayaan. They aks him how did he get hurt. Ayaan cries. Anshuman asks him what was he doing there. Ayaan is tensed. Anshuman does his first aid.

Pakhi scolds Tanya for not taking care of Ayaan. Tanya asks Ayaan to go to park instead of school.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan


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