Tumhari Pakhi 25th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 25th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi missing Anshuman seeing their room and recalling their old moments. She lies on the bed and sees the sindoor box. Saiyyan……………plays…………. She thinks of how he used to fill sindoor. She erases her sindoor and removes the mangalsutra. She looks at his pic and touches it. Anuja and Girish cry for Anshuman, seeing his dead body. The servants also can’t control their tears. Girish consoles Anuja. Bhaisa comes to Pakhi and cries. Pakhi says its very late Bhaisa. Bhabhisa looks on. She says he told me, when I call him, he will leave everything and come to me, but you were right, he cheated me and left. Girish brings Lavanya and she is shocked too.

She walks towards Anshuman in shock and smiles. She says I know you are playing a prank on me, see this

is not a good one, ok fine, I m fooled, now get up Bhai, come on. She starts crying and asks him to get up. Girish hugs her. Pakhi says he made me wait for 18 years and now see he is making me wait till next birth. Bhabhisa hugs her and cries. Pakhi says it’s a long wait, till next birth. Its morning, Pakhi wars a white saree and Bhabhisaa looks at her. Pakhi cries and hugs her. Bhaisa cries seeing Pakhi become a widow. Pakhi says I will get ready and come, press will come. Bhaisa asks why now, can’t we do this later. Pakhi says this is necessary for Ayaan, the world wants to know Anshuman is fine or not, and I want to tell my son that his dad is fine.

She tries to apply the sindoor thinking about Anshuman and cries stopping. She thinks she has to keep Anshuman alive for Ayaan and applies it. Some mantras play in BG. She wears her mangalsutra and applies bindi. She touches Anshuman’s clothes and hugs them crying. She takes few of them and accessories for Aryaman. She thinks about Anshuman and cries. She comes to Aryaman and knocks the door. She says press and media will come in some time, you get ready as Anshuman and meet them so that everyone becomes sure that Anshuman Rathore is alive.

Aryaman is stunned. She says these are Anshuman’s clothes and his look alike phone with duplicate sim, I have his mobile. He says we both are different, I will be caught. She says no, Anshuman spoke less and met everyone with respect, think and talk. He says what will I answer them. She says no one will answer you much in this state, I will be with you, I don’t want Ayaan to have any doubt, you get ready. She says when I met you first, you joked that you are Anshuman and now life did the same joke with me, you have to become Anshuman now for the world and Ayaan. I m asking you to sacrifice your identity, forgive me if possible. She leaves.

Pakhi talks to the media about the happy homes project. She says after this accident, many investors are confused that is this Anshuman or not, we lost one Rathora, but its Aryaman, as we have Anshuman right here, I want to tell the investors not to worry as their money is safe. Everyone is crying. The women talk that its good Anshuman is safe. Aryaman comes there with Ayaan. He sees flowers on his pic. The media questions them. Pakhi, Lavanya and Girish manage the situation. Aryaman too manages and speaks well with respect. The media starts questioning him a lot about the accident and Aryaman and he gets tensed. Pakhi hears them.

The police tells about goons’s jeep. Ayaan tells him that goons were kidnapping him, and Anshuman and Aryaman saved him. Pakhi questions Aryaman how he reached them. Aryaman is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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