Tumhari Pakhi 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Tumhari Pakhi 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pakhi and Anshuman going in the house with Ayaan for lunch. Lavanya sees some women doubting on her saying she is not pregnant and might have lied to Vikram for getting the contract. Lavanya calls Girish and asks his help so that she can look pregnant and no one should doubt her. Girish says they are right, you are not pregnant, he asks her to say I love you. She says go to hell, I will not say. Girish says fine. Lavanya says I love you. Girish says say it with love with my name. Lavanya says I love you Girish. Girish says I love you too jaan, give me ten mins, I will come with the help.

Lavanya comes to know that Vikram is not coming today and he will meet her tomorrow. Lavanya is relieved. Its night, Anshuman is proud to be black belt. He sees

Tanya looking stunning and says wow……… He says wow. Tanya says thank you and says I have spend six hours in the parlour. All this is for you, give me a compliment. She hugs him. She says my heart is racing, what is your heart saying. Tanya sees Pakhi and leaves Anshuman. Ayaan comes and beats Tanya. Anshuman tells Tanya that Ayaan broke two tiles today. He is so happy. He says Pakhi initiated this. Anshuman says we both Ninjas need food, bring the food quickly. Maa ji says Tanya that she did not cook anything as she has not told her what to cook.

Tanya says I forgot to tell you, you should have made anything. Anshuman and Ayaan are waiting for food. Pakhi says be patient, the food is coming. Pakhi says I will go and see. Maa ji says Anshuman will be angry now. Tanya gets worried. Pakhi says give me 10 mins, I will bring the food. Anshuman calls the servants and scolds them. The servants blame Tanya. Pakhi says I will make your fav food, give me 10 mins. Anshuman stops Pakhi and scolds Tanya for being so careless. Tanya says I wanted to make Ayaan’s fav food. Anshuman says Maa ji did you not tell Tanya about our fav food. He scolds Maa ji. Maa ji says I told Tanya about your fav food. She says she said no as she does not like that food.

Maa ji says she told she will msg me later but she forgot, its not my mistake. Anshuman looks at Tanya and scolds her. He says think about Ayaan, its disgusting. Anshuman says lets go out. Pakhi says I will cook. Anshuman says we are going out, come Pakhi, we all will go. Let them cook and eat. Pakhi scolds Tanya for not keeping Anshuman happy. Pakhi says my husband and son should not be hungry.

Tanya messages Lavanya asking her to order food. Tanya stops Anshuman and says I have ordered your fav chinese food. Anshuman says the cooks are here. Tanya says they are hardworking, they cook daily, lets give them a leave today. The servants praise Tanya. Pakhi smiles. Tanya thinks they are doing over. Tanya gets the food and the bill is Rs. 8000. Pakhi looks on. Tanya pays the amount. Sukhi runs and a flower vase breaks worth Rs. 12000. Everyone are shocked. Maa ji scolds Sukhi. Tanya thinks so much loss. Pakhi scolds Maa ji and cares about Sukhi first. Sukhi regrets and apologizes to Pakhi. Pakhi says don’t cry, even I could do that mistake. Tanya acts good and says its fine. Its not a big issue. Pakhi asks Sukhi to do first aid. Tanya gets worried about the budget.

Anshuman wants Ayaan to be like him and have medals. Ayaan says I will try. Pakhi asks Anshuman not to pressurize Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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